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EDITORIAL: 1-15 September 2001
Murder for ‘blasphemy’

India - Israel bonhomie
Last month, Jane’s Defence Weekly and its allied publications published new, and more serious, details about the ongoing development of the Indian, rather Sangh Parivar’s love affair with the zionist entity which is better known as ‘Israel.’ Not just selling military hardware, Israel is now actively participating in the Indian security programmes, especially in Kashmir. A number of Israeli security experts and training groups are already in Kashmir according to these reports.

Sangh Parivar was the main advocate of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel. When a like-minded, ex-Sanghi became India’s prime- minister-by-fluke a decade ago, his former colleagues paid him a courtesy visit. The self-claimed chanakya asked his guru if he could do something now that he was firmly enconsed on the gaddi. Nothing, except the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel, said the guru and the chela was quick to oblige. This shows how important it is in the thinking of the Sangh to work with the zionists in pursuit of supposedly common goals.

Do these two groups really have common goals? Very doubtful. The Israelis are working as commission agents of the US imperialists. In the sixties and seventies they worked for the US to contain leftist movements in South America and Africa by cooperating with the likes of Somosa and the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and now, according to Jane’s, Israel’s area of interest extends from Central Asia to Indonesia with a view to fight ‘Islamic fundamentalism.’ Which means that the new contract awarded by Uncle Sam to the zionist lackies is to fight Islamic movements all over the world of Islam right upto Indonesia. With its meagre resources and ever-extended hand for American largesse, Israel cannot have such grandiose objectives as its national policy. Is it in any way beneficial to the Sangh, or to any group in the Third World to take part in such treacherous schemes which will not harm only a limited segment of the region. In fact, if tomorrow, even the Sangh becomes strong enough to challenge the new sole super-power’s hegemony, the US priority will be to hit it into submission. In the best interests of India, South Asia and the whole Third World intimate relations should be avoided with dubious entities like the Israelis whose ‘homeland’ stands on stolen land whose real owners and inhabitants were cruelly and recklessly driven out to live in refugee camps on all sides of the borders of what is ‘Israel’ today, only half a century ago. Such an unethical entity does not deserve friendship and cooperation and that too from forces which claim to love their country and its heritage which is alien to such unhuman and unethical practices. Those who are unaware of the zionist treacherous methods should refresh their memories of what the Israelis were doing in Srilanka only a decade ago - they were helping, arming and training both the Srilankan army and the LTTE and at times training both sides in same camps in Israel. This has been detailed in Strovsky’s By Way of Deception.

Murder for ‘blasphemy’
The thoughtless act of sending a Pakistani doctor to the gallows for ‘blasphemy’ will be used as another stick to beat Islam and Muslims with. The most important part of this episode, according to media reports, is that the accused, Dr Younus Shaikh denies the charges and hence there is no case against him. Even in normal circumstances there is no place for such penalties in healthy and confident Muslim societies.

When and if the accused denies the charges there is no case against him because the Shari’ah allows repentance, rather it orders the authorities to give a violator a chance to repent (istitabah) even before a trial.

There is a lot of confusion about the suitability of this ‘law’ which was seldom invoked by Muslims all these fifteen centuries since the advent of Islam. Jews in Egypt, Morocco and Muslim Spain used to publicly abuse the Holy Prophet (pbuh), like Ibn Al-Najrilah whose outpourings were addressed by the great Andalusian scholar Ibn Hazm in his Risalah ibn al-Najrilah, but no action was ever taken against such persons because Muslims were confident that such abuses reflected only one's mental derangement. Philosopher Ibn Al-Rawandi of Baghdad (died 910 CE) was a great detractor of Islam used to publicly abusing the Holy Prophet, pbuh, but he was never tried by any court or touched by any person... Even the Prophet, pbuh, did not kill such persons in his life-time and there were many in Makkah and Madinah. Then why this insistence to give Islam a bad name by people who pay only lip service to Islam? We urge Pakistani authorities to spare this hapless man and abolish this 'law' altogether which goes against the nature of the religion of mercy.

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