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Judicial Horror

Muslims and Kashmir issue
I liked your piece on the observation visit to Kashmir. It's essential that Indian Muslims should get actively involved in the Kashmir issue. There is absolutely no reason for them to be defensive or apologetic on Kashmir. Great work. Congratulations.
Karamatullah Ghori 
Toronto (Canada)

Scholar School: truth hurts
First page lead article of the your esteemed MG this fortnight (16-31 August) pertaining to a burning social issue is reflective of our common ingrained prejudices and self defeating traits. The myopic reporting is definitely not a credible example of upright journalism. The 'advertorial' kind of reporting smacks of so many pertinent human frailties at large. 
The simmering social climbing enthusiasm seems to be lurking behind the biased trash. MG raft is feared to be entrapped in some political crumbs thrown by professional Islamic activists and thereby the insidious aftermath is before everybody for posterity. 
If non-Muslim press needs a sort of crash course on Islam, then what about Muslim press' dire need for elementary basic course in professional integrity !!!! 
MG which is the last hope for the distinct Muslim journalism calls for a fresh outlook so as to overcome anachronistic malaise and self promoting pranks. 
Iqbal Warakhwala, Dubai
[The writer is husband of the principal of Scholar School]

True spirit of religion
Apropos the report by K Kawaja "Attacks against Muslims do not represent Hinduism" comment of revered Jagatguru Swami Adhok Shajanand, Shankracharya of Puri, at a symposium in Washington (MG 1-15 August).
The crossing of limit by politicians in India and exploiting the sanctity of pious religions has caused a great setback to the entire humanity. Genocide in India like Gujarat, Meerut, Maliana and other parts by politically crimnalised forces on both sides is not the service of religion or humanity. The Shankaracharya rightly warned the self-styled adherents of Hinduism and urged them not to defame the name of Hindu faith by indulging in irreligious acts for their petty selfish ends. The Muslims too have exploited the spirit of religion under the influence of motivated leadership. All should be honest with their respective faiths for peaceful co-existence.
S Shafiq Ahmad
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

Muslim families to convert
Its an alarming news for us, 101 families of Cheetah Mehrat Muslims to be converted from Islam to Hinduism on 20-21 September 2002 at Masiniya village, Ajmer district of Rajasthan under the banner of VHP and RSS. It is very shameful for us. We are trying to prevent this but are not hopeful of administration and government help. About 150 to 200 sub-sects of Muslims have converted since 1982 in Ajmer, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Suratgarh, Churu and Ganganagar. Please join us and save the Muslim Ummah .
Waseem Irfani 
Sec. Gen., Muslim Yuva Manch,
Nimbahera-312601, Dist. Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)

Poor cows or Holy Mothers! 
Anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat may have generated bitter feelings among Hindus and Muslims, but the villages of India are not prone to much acrimony save the gravest of the provocation by those residing in urban India. However, the cultural ethos of our country is still truly reflected in the age old traditions and bonhomie among villagers. A casual visitor to a village can get his thirst quenched preceded with jaggery or some sweet.
I am sure that even in this vitiated atmosphere you are not questioned about your religion or caste prior to quenching your thirst. In spite of sustained efforts by panderers, our secular fabric has withstood the onslaught and one sincerely prays for its toughness. This had been possible only due to mutual respect for each others feelings. 
In this respect one should try to control his tongue and palate and avoid eating food items which may hurt religions feelings. However, it is beyond comprehension as to why protected animals like ‘Neelgai’ are allowed to be killed. Presently, one is encouraged to kill them in view of their destructive potential to agriculture. It is sheer hypocrisy that to justify their killings ‘Neelgai’ has now been categorized as similar to a horse instead of ‘Gai’ (Cow). One wonder as to why so many human lives were lost earlier for killings of ‘Neelgai’. 
These apparent vociferous champions of Hindutva have done nothing to alleviate the sufferings of poor cows, who are left to fend for themselves by their affluent owners and being simpleton get squeezed to the last drop of milk by these callous persons. 
The cows are called mother but the cruelty shown towards them, if they ever try to get a mouthful of vegetables, fruits etc. compelled by pangs of hunger, is seen to be believed. Why not make a nice barn for these animals so that they may live in peace and should not be a traffic hazard. Owners who let their cows to wander on street must be heavily fined for their selfish attitude. Further, owners must be refrained from selling unproductive aged cows and should be severely dealt for this criminal act. 
Dr Salman Sultan
Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Mullas, please reform..
Mullas are a totally confused lot. They mostly live in the past and their thinking, and even the acts, do not match the needs and requirements of present times. They outrightly reject the great philosophical movements of 20 century, like modernism, pragmatism, post-modernism, socialism, capitalism, or feminism, on a single argument that these are all Western and KUFR ideas and therefore Islam is against all such philosophical movements. These short-sighted minds could not even think of bringing Islam closer to such modern trends of civilization. 
A few Muslim leaders who dared to follow Islam and the modern thoughts were labeled Kafirs by such Mullahs. The result is that they are totally cut off from the Muslim masses, who while following the real human concept of Islam, also do not want to be lagging behind the civilized world. 
The time has come that we Muslims throughout the world get rid of these orthodox Mullahs whose Islam is totally against the real teaching of Allah. This type of Islam serves the interests of such dejected lot only and keeps Muslim Ummah in the condition of being muddle-headed begging lot, and poor nations. 
Mohammad Khalid

EC’s upright decision
If National Election Commission's unanimous decision to hold elections in Kashmir and not to hold elections in Gujarat is to be compared, it would be found that holding elections in Kashmir under all odds is a national compulsion, while the same national compulsion demands that Modi and his BJP should not be allowed to exploit the whipped up communal feelings against Muslims, on the basis of a staged communal riot. The whole world was witness to the carnage. To hold elections in such a polarised and disturbed state would be gross subversion of the democratic electoral process. Election Commission as per its statutory mandate cannot legally become a party to communalised electioneering. Besides, postponement of Gujarat election is ‘national sentiment’ at this moment and neither the Prime Minister nor his deputy hold the monopoly to proclaim, what is the 'national sentiment'. Practically all independent state Commissions, the National Commission for Human Rights, the National Commission for Minorities, and the National Election Commission, even some with BJP appointees heading them, have come down heavily against the BJP's state sponsored communal riot in Gujarat. They have every right to differ in their opinion with the assessment of the Central and State governments, about affairs of the troubled Gujarat state. In a constitutional democracy, their judgments have to be respected and accepted with full grace and dignity by the executive. They are all part and parcel of this nation and their 'patriotism' cannot be routinely questioned, just if they hold opinions other than the ruling coalition's majority partner. Caretaker Gujarat Chief Minister Modi's unwarranted fulminations against the National Commission, is the rarest of rare happening in independent India's 55 years history. It only highlights Hindutva militants' disdain for and inability to fit into normal democratic processes.
Ghulam Muhammed
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

The Election Commission has taken a bold decision by unanimously rejecting Gujarat government’s request for early Assembly elections since the situation is abnormal for free and fair elections. 
National and international print and electronic media have given wide publicity to the state-sponsored terrorism and dance of death and destruction in Gujarat. Gopala Menon’s documentary film "Hey Ram — Genocide in the land of Gandhi" reveals the scale of terror which caused wide spread loss of life and property in Gujarat. 
It is also being seen in Muslim countries and America.NHRC Chairman Justice JS Verma described the Gujarat carnage as nothing short of a war in terms of sufferings and miseries undergone by the affected. He said that as a Hindu he felt ashamed. On the contrary, Narendra Modi, Godse’s true disciple, says that Gujarat is quite normal. Modi and his Sangh Parivar are followers of Hitler’s propaganda Minister Goebbles who believed that a lie repeatedly told becomes truth.
In fact, Gujarat is far from normal and situation is really war-like. Even today 30,000 Muslims are languishing in camps. The relief work is nominal. Private NGO’s have been doing relief and rehabilitation work despite harassment by police and administration. Victims are being forced to leave the camps. Law and order situation is at its worst. The murderers, arsonists, rapists and criminals have not yet been brought to book. 20,000 Muslims have taken refuge in neighbouring states. They should be brought back. In such a situation Muslims would not be able to vote fearlessly in early elections.
G Hasnain Kaif
Bhandara (Maharashtra)

Election Commission’s decision to postpone the election in pogrom-hit Gujarat is a welcome step for all peace-loving people. It will definitely give peace a chance in the state where the situation is still far from normal and the wounds of communal divide are yet to be healed. 
The EC’s decision would foil BJP’s plan to cash in on polarisation in the state following the anti-Muslim riots. That is why BJP is agitated over EC’s decision and fears that that the anti-Muslim feelings it had aroused during the Gujarat pogrom will die down with the passage of time.
The people of Gujarat must act wisely and vote out the Modi government which is guilty of committing serious misdemeanours.
Obaid Ahmad
Okhla, New Delhi-25

It made interesting reading to see the Indian Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani once again trying his cruel ways to execute the well-exploited Goebbles theory, but now before the international community. During his recent visit to the UK he bragged that India considers itself in a continuing war, though an undeclared war, with Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir region despite there being no formal hostilities. 
For the Indian Muslims, Advani should have been the last person to utter such words. In the heart of the every peace loving Indian and the oppressed minorities, especially the Indian Muslims, LK Advani happens to be a criminal of the highest order who has been waging a continuous war against everything Muslim in India since decades. A war that had been undeclared till the recent genocide of Muslims in Gujarat exposed everything. 
It pains us to see a ‘hate figure’ who has been caught live by every means of media committing crimes against the centuries old Babri Masjid, killing Muslims amidst his Rath Yatras, protecting killers of Gujarat Muslims like Modi, getting rewarded for all his evil achievements. And least as the Deputy Prime Minister of the so-called largest secular democracy waffling before the world community against Pakistan. He may be right against Pakistan. However Pakistan has been duly checked and restrained. But what about Advani himself? 
Who and how will Advani be checked, restrained and punished for his open and well-documented crimes against the Indian Muslims? 
Peace will increasingly elude India if criminals like Advani go unpunished and till the time justice is not prevailed.
Aamir Sayed
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Bin Laden, where are you?
Board Examinations for the 4th standard!! You've got to be kidding!! What are these people going to think of next Commando Training for Kindergarten? I think the guys who make all these monumental decisions need to get themselves another job - something that will utilize their unfulfilled creative (?) potential. The Marquise de Sade would have been proud of this one. Little children are being burdened in a country where a person can become a state's Chief Minister on the sole basis of being a buffoon, or the wife of one. Bin Laden, where are you when we need you?
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai

Satyamev Jayate becomes casualty 
Our country’s freedom was due to integral efforts of all Indians. It was hoped that the hard earned freedom will lead to prosperity for all irrespective of caste, creed or religion but instead of strengthening of cohesive forces, divisive forces, which played dubious role in our freedom struggle, are occupying centre stage. It is really astonishing as to why Vajpayee could not gather enough courage to implement his Raj dharma in case of Gujarat. Even journalist of the stature of Arun Shourie is maintaining enigmatic silence while persecution of journalists continues. The suave spokesman Arun Jaitely so shamelessly dismisses the Ahmedabad Forensic Laboratory report. As a Hindu, I feel ashamed that Truth has become a casualty in the land of "Satyamev Jayte". 
Sudhakar Sharma 
Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

To fool the nation
In the name of ‘nation’
Is our ‘patriots’ fashion
After all what is a nation?
If not those who reside therein!
But how will they at all confess,
Whose only aim is to satisfy passion?
Passion to become demi-gods of nation
With the approval of the Jr.Mr.Bush
Who forgot how his father Sr. Bush
Had got a toppling push!!
All those who seek a U.S. nod
Have no fear of the Real GOD
Who always sides with justice
Every ‘Pharoah’ should take notice
Who get terrorised by their shadows
Because they never want to do justice
S. Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150 (Gujarat)

Hindutva brigade
The people of Tanda have become agitated with the recent happenings in the country. The demolition of Babri Masjid and anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat have lowered India’s image in the eyes of the world. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc are the real evils who should be severely punished. The problem of Jammu and Kashmir should also be amicably solved at the earliest.
Shahi MAR Ansari
Tanda-224190 (Uttar Pradesh)

Judicial Horror

I have read Mr. M.K. Sherwani's book. I rate it as a very poor exposition of the case against the secular order in our country though it has been full of flaws from the very beginning, primarily because the existence of the Hindu strand in our freedom movement and the impact of the Partition on the Hindu psyche did cast a shadow on the precept of the Constitution. However, Mr. Sherwani 's case is illustrative more of the slow-moving judicial process. Citizens have faced prosecution by the executive for much less and it is to the judiciary that they look upto for redressal of wrongs. The book should, therefore, have been called 'Judicial Horror' and focused on the inordinate delay and consequent harassment of a citizen.
Syed Shahabuddin
Ex-MP, President, AIMMM

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