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Hindutva: "patriotic" depredations

Bharat will ever remain a land of miracles, of midgets and monsters, of maggots and mummies, of ghosts and ghouls, of vampires and werewolves, and apparitions and zombies, of voodoo and witchcraft, of video-conferencing among Manu the misologist, (James) Mill the imperialist, and Mussolini the fascist, the holy trinity of Hindutva. (They all are there, transcending the barriers of time and space, authentically incarnate in their descendants known as HinduTaliban or saffronazis.)

In this Bharat, the uncivilised savages claim the mantle of culture and the traitorous vermin parade as sentinels of nationalism. Those who have historically continued dishonoring the tricolor pose as its votaries. Those demeaning and defying the Constitution right and left, masquerade as its defenders and knights errant. They constitute a fiendish freak show that pretends to be "popular" for being fiery and foul.

President Kalam too was pressed into the service of this noisome charade. His perfunctory and superficial visit to Gujarat, instead of being a humane and constitutional response to the Indian Holocaust 2002, was viciously downgraded and unscrupulously trimmed into a garden walk. The amount of conspiratorial planning involved in making it an anti-septic and sanitized fly-by-night pleasure trip is as staggering as the volume of money and management (tricky bandobust) expended on this puerile and putrescent frivolity show. It is a shame that Dr Kalam was made into a non-entity in this craftily forged and visibly vacuous tableau. Places and persons he should have seen were screened out or slammed.

This daring enterprise of saffronazis in twisting the democratic organs of state to their own ends successively and successfully, thus disfiguring and destroying them in the process, voiding them of their original intent, and vitiating them beyond repair, is an ill omen, and a serious threat. It sets a precedent. It enlists the President as a passive partner, if not an accomplice (voluntary or duped), in the heinous crimes of a political party. Whether or not the President was a willing tool is immaterial. The point to ponder is the malodorous mayhem of the executive, the ruling party (BJP), and the woeful helplessness and spinelessness of the legislature (Parliament), which was conveniently adjourned sine die to let the BJP escape unscathed from embarrassments galore, the petrol pump robbery being only the latest.

The National Disaster Alliance, in all of this, lived up to its name quite ably, as junior members of a bandit gang, acquiescing and applauding as choir boys and cheer girls. How parliaments make swine and vermin of men, who are destitute of morals and devoid of human attributes, is no more in the realm of magic, neither in that of magic realism. It is a demonstrable artifact of history past and present, a ruse to control the "rabble", a device to keep an oligopoly permanently entrenched in power, a stratagem to ensure longevity for the squalid status quo, a tawdry and tattered legerdemain to serve as a mendacious camouflage and meretricious peep show for the crimes and corruptions of the privileged predators and ferocious Praetorians. Democracy has always been subverted by the prevaricating non-believers even as they swore loyalty and dedication to it. They have ever been the snakes in the garden.

As Omafume Onoge, a Nigerian scholar, observed, the prospects of establishing a stable democracy are little when government obs [and government patronage] are among the main avenues to personal wealth. This is the key to massive corruption that Bharatiya bureaucrats and politicians indulge in with impunity and can never eschew even if repeatedly exposed. That BJP outdid every other party in such a short time in its crop of crimes and mountainous harvest of corruption, making fortunes out of bribery and kickbacks both at the party and governmental levels, must be credited to its special talent for and historical practice of treason and turpitude. That it believes it deserves to continue pillaging India still more with its voracious rapacity, tear India to bits with its massacres of minorities, and erase their distinct identities, is abysmal shamelessness and diabolical immorality. It is Hindu fascism's lust for power run amuck.

After Tehelka expose, after Kargil scandal, after Coffin-gate scam, after petrol pump theft distributed as largesse among its own, after innumerable acts of humongous malfeasance and staggering simony, after the slaughter of Christians, after several pogroms against Muslims topped in savagery and brutality in Gujarat (Hindu Rashtra Laboratory), and after serial and brazen violations of the Constitution and its prescriptive norms, that BJP still continues to hold power, is a miracle indeed, but a miracle that scalds, scars and shames India as a rampaging anarchy, a miserably failed state, a permissive society, a recklessly adrift polity teetering on the brink, and a nation embracing suicidal disintegration.

Having silenced the Press via intimidation and vendetta, the HinduTaliban have given notice of what the Hindu Rashtra would look like. Having sued Mr Lyngdoh and the Election Commission for, hold your breath, displaying the tricolor upside down, the Nero Maddies have punished them for daring to visit Gujarat on an investigative mission and averring that snap polls there, in the circumstances obtaining, are neither feasible nor desirable. In short, they would be infructuous, and violative of the function of polls as an instrument of popular assertion. For not conceding the perfidious and Procrustean imperative of saffronite mobsters, viz., election as a naked and expediently opportune power-grab, they would have the EC go to jail, in order "to strengthen democracy" that is soaked in the blood of 3,000 torched- raped- looted Muslims, democracy as degraded and desecrated by the saffronazis.

The bureaucracy, the police, the judiciary, the Press, the academic and research institutions have mostly been browbeaten, battered, brainwashed and bribed, and rendered compliant through theocratic terror and ethnic brigandage. Violence (vigilante, state, paramilitary) and vaulting venality have worked well in tandem to curb dissent and punish independence. Those refusing to side with the saffron brigands, their lumpen marauders and storm troopers, their Gauleiters and uncivil vulgarians are blacklisted as "enemies" and reprisals are visited upon them by the scourge that is saffron.

Election to suit the whim and augment the fortunes of a political party in a state that is still smouldering and reeking of dead bodies, where thousands of the homeless pine for a safe place to sleep at night, where relief and rehabilitation are deemed subversive and seditious, where peace is a synonym of the graveyard, where equity and amity sound like imprecations in the ears of Hindutva gangsters, where hundreds of children have been orphaned and hundreds of women widowed, - cannot be the duty or obligatory function of the Election Commission.

The Rashtra Sanharak Sangh (Destroyers of the Nation) or the Rashtriya Shatru Sangh (Enemies of the Nation), a fascist outfit devoted from its inception to fascism, revanchism and ethnic terrorism, spawning a litter with different names, has established its sway with massive propaganda and pervasive penetration in all segments of Indian society. Through terrorism (protection racket, vandalism, etc.) and economic extremism perpetrated at the behest and for the benefit of the foreigners (LPG) it has acquired incalculably voluminous funds at its disposal.

The violence and hatred it thence spews, the arms it distributes to illicit Hindu paramilitaries, the farrago of lies it disseminates via its venomous pamphlets, engenders a climate of permanent fear and anxiety, intimidation and violence among the minorities. It impugns and injures their rights as citizens in a deadly way. India can have no differential degrees of citizenship, one for the patrician parasites and privileged predators and the other for those who produce the national wealth by the sweat of their brow and yet remain impoverished and starved through mechanisms designed to cheat and despoil them and keep them permanently helpless and subjugated as just hewers of wood and drawers of water.

The selling of national assets to foreigners, the so-called TNCs, mortgages the nation to the white imperium which has a bottomless greed and is genetically addicted to war and violence. But the HinduTaliban have had no qualms in swindling the nation and stripping it of its assets. Of course they are the beneficiaries of kickbacks and illicit hordes of money safely stashed in cash and kind, in many cases also abroad. That is why Fanon called the conduct of such leaders of newly emergent nations invested with a "police dictatorship" and "profiteering caste", according to Andrew Smith, just "brothel keeping of the comprador class."(Reading Wealth in Nigeria: Occult Capitalism and Marx's Vampires in Historical Materialism, Vol.9, p.43).

Gujarat, the minorities' Inferno, may well have had its official epitaph: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. The mystery of mysteries is: Why was not Dr APJ Kalam shown the acts and scenes in Gujarat of which all saffron hoods have repeatedly declared themselves to be proud. A pogrom long prepared for, a conspiracy long hatched, a perfidy long in gestation, vaunted as the exemplary achievement of Hindutva cowards, turned out to be, once again, a gross monument of their impotence and a stinking dung heap of their cowardice. It is such cowardice and impotence that Hindutva has been celebrating and propagating with moronic pride and beastly passion.

As to its nexus with capitalism, which in its globalized form looks more occult than ever before, let us hear Samir Amin, who in his analysis of global economics, says that we are in the realm of "the contemporary world's witchcraft." India, under Bharatiya Junglee Party, of needs must wallow in the mire of astrology, palmistry, karmakand, abracadabra (Hing Chhring Phut), Vedic slaughter, and shamanism. These serve to keep people intrigued and lost. These serve to keep them from rebelling. These induce them to keep looking for answers to their problems in the mist-enveloped regions of the occult and the obscure. That is the only way ruling usurpers can ensure their safety from the fury of the people. But the universal colonization called globalization, resembling and partaking of witchcraft, is a topic for another day.

Meanwhile India sliding inexorably into hell with Kargil, Coffin, Petrol Pump, Gujarat, economic enslavement, plunder of its assets by foreigners, relentless robbery by its saffron rulers, countless suicides-bride burnings-demolition of mosques and monuments, would be showered with more of the occult and the odious. India was wounded as a civilization by its ignominious caste system, inhuman and immoral. 

Mughals gave India a coherence of polity and territory, and a sense and substance of nationhood, for the first time in its long history. Instead of being celebrated, they were hated for this monumental venture of nation-building both by the British invaders, their Hindu flunkeys, and their relicts. This would explain the saffros' abiding sense of inferiority, haunting sense of incompetence, and an obsessive sense of cowardice and impotence.

India is inescapably set for demolition by its saffron sporting reprobates stalking the land as "cultural nationalists". If only they knew they had little of culture and nothing of nationalism because they never fancied or believed in either. They escaped civilization. Therefore, culture was for them, too distant a mirage, too transcendent an idea, beyond their comprehension and farthest from their grasp. Nationalism was, for the saffron retardates, too complex a notion, too difficult an undertaking.

IK Shukla

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