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Unauthorised representation

Your report, "Acrimonious beginning of Hindu-Muslim talks" (1-15 August) raises the following questions 

1.Has the National Commission for Minorities met all its responsibilities, specially with reference to rehabilitation of homeless and jobless Muslims of Gujarat, so as to organize a so-called historic meeting between hindu fanatics of VHP and Bajrang Dal and timid, sycophants and self-proclaimed Muslim representatives.
2. The extremist hindu leaders and the Ulema, who are too mild to maintain self-respect and dignity of Ummah, are not at all commonly accepted leaders of mainstream of both communities, hence the very status of this so-called meeting becomes questionable.
3. Can any cordiality be maintained without discussing the issue of Babri Masjid, Guajrat and propagation of hatred against Muslims, by elements of hindutva. 
4. You did not reveal the absurd ridiculous and meaningless remarks of “BJP Moulana” Wahiduddin Khan) about the baseless, self imagined and non-existing claim of Wahiduddin Khan about propagation of hatred against majority community by the minority community.
He said so when a Muslim participant asked to end propaganda of hate by the minority community. Only such remarks make him an apple in the eyes of hindutva elements .One fails to understand how you call this “vision and wide sympathies.” How such remarks can be regarded as firm opinion of so-called Islamic scholars.
5. May I say that by propagation ideas of people like Wahiduddin Khan and Asghar Ali Engineer you are sure to disassociate your MG from Muslims of India. 
6. It needs no confirmation to the claim that although Moulana Wahiduddin Khan’s scholarly status is beyond any challenge yet his vision and thinking has been rejected by the Ummah. Can he honestly think that he is accepted as representative of his community?
7.Maulana Kalab-e-Sadiq’s claim that he was asked by the chairman of the MPL board to attend the meeting is also questionable. Can he get it confirmed by Moulana Rabey Hasani? 
8. Jamil Ilyasi’s sycophancy and his tradition of always remaining close to seats of power Mian Mazhari also commands no respect from Muslims. How Ilyasi & Mazhari can be allowed to respect us?
9. Parveen Togadia and Giri Raj Kishore are the leaders of just 10-15 percent members of Hindu Community, who believe in volatile and hostile terrorism of hindutva. The VP of Minority Commission, made them leaders and representative of entire Hindu community of the country. It is the way of serving minorities?
10. The so-called Ulemas calmly and quietly heard the disrespectful and humiliating remarks about making changes in the Holy Quran. What sort of tolerance and vision is this?
11. How can the organizers believe that the Hindu leaders who are the root-cause of the present conflict can arrive at a peaceful solution? 
12. Can the intentions, integrity and sincerity of the organizers be trusted, who did not invite any true representative of Muslims of any region, leave alone the whole country?. Don’t they know the importance of MPL Board, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and All India Milli Council? 
13. Parveen and Kishore are regarded as terrorists and they should be asked to meet Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel. Who else are fit to face Togadia and Kishore? 
Finally, may I add that your report is not comprehensive as you have not mentioned the venom spitted by men from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal and you also failed to bring to the light the timid and submissive attitude of Muslim participants in the meeting.
I may point out that it would have been better if you have mentioned me as a freelance journalist of Urdu and English.

Rasheed Ansari
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

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