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The BJP at the center is bent upon destroying peace, brotherhood and democracy from our beloved country. Instead of solving the problems of the people’s misery, they are spreading hatred against the minorities and particularly the great religion of Islam.

The Prime Minister had further ignited the fire by his most deplorable speech in Goa when the genocide was on its peak in Gujarat. Later the VHP leaders Ashok Singhal and Giriraj Kishore also spat fire on Muslims. Oppressed Muslims in Gujarat, returned from the refugee camps were asked to go back from the native villages unless they discard their faith. Are we really living in 21st century, civilized society, modern era and a secular country?

They have targeted our madrasahs, simply because these are the only source of imparting Islamic teachings to our children. Very cunningly and regularly they devise plans to attack Islam from new angles. School and college syllabuses in India are not allowed teachings of any religion. It can be taught in private institutions only, hence the compulsion of establishing more and more Islamic madrasahs.Since Muslims live under the poverty line, these schools are run on a meager budget by collecting donations.

Are they not aware of the history of madrasahs in our country? Great sacrifices were rendered by the Ulema of these very Madrasahs. The British government had hanged thousands of these clergymen for their fight for freedom. Shamelessly, during the war of freedom, many Bharatiyas indulged in spying for the rulers and many begged for pardon to release them from jails. Soon after the independence one of their pariwar killed the Rashtrapita.Mahatma Gandhi What right they have to question the loyalty of others?

Madrasahs in Afghanistan might have produced militants. That country has a unique background in the world culturally and geographically. They are different people. They had defied British Empire and destroyed Russian Imperialism. The self styled super the America knew the "ground" reality and therefore rained fire from the skies. After the complete destruction of the Communism from the earth, western countries fear Islam, the true religion of Allah. It stands for a culture which is devoid of corruptions, deceits, obscenity and falsehood. It rejects the caste system, exploitation of the poor and oppression of the people.

Why should we make the rogues our friends? We had no relations with Israel during the Nehru regime. What change have we found in their brutal attitude towards the Palestinians, so as to embrace it as our buddy? Ours is a secular democracy inhabited by different communities. Our dire need is harmony, fraternity and solidarity among the people. Eradication of poverty is the other burning issue being confronted.

Some communal chauvinists for the partition of the country blame Muslims in India, since Mohamed Ali Jinnah had demanded the bifurcation in 1938. In fact, the Sher-e-Punjab Lala Lajpatrai had in the year 1923, raised the voice for the division on religious grounds. Veer Savarkar had repeated it in 1938 at Ahmedabad. The RSS has now demanded trifurcation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir on religious ground. Jinnah was a staunch Congressman. He was also President of the All India Congress Committee. We do not know what transpired between Jinnah and other Congress leaders to blast their solidarity. The historic and most bitter truth is that Gandhi and Nehru had left alone Maulana! Abul Kalam Azad (another star product of an Islamic Madrasah) to resist the partition of the country. 

Why are we treated as lambs by the wolves? May God kindly let sanity prevail and save our motherland.

¯ MI Ansari, Bhiwandi

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