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India and war on Iraq

At long last, India finally got the hang of what war on Iraq means, and how Israeli ambitions can overtake even the US monopoly of power in the world. Foreign ministry for the first time, since the BJP hardliners' new found friendship with Israel became the kingpin of its foreign policy, has come out against any attempt to attack Iraq.

There seems to be a free for all to attack Arab countries and secure oil assets as conqueror's booty. US secretary of defence has already declared that what Israel conquered in a war, is its own in perpetuity. The so-called occupied territory and all its resources are for Israel to keep. A French Jewish commentator, Laurent Murawiec, appearing in a Pentagon committee, had openly urged US to attack Saudi Arabia, usurp all its oil fields, and confiscate its bank assets in all countries of the world. All, in punishment for not having allowed its territory to be used by the US on its planned war on Iraq.

All these manoeuverings are the frightening signs of the new rapacious global use of brute force either by the US or its main ally, the Israel to grab the world in the best tradition of Hitler, no less. If under one pretext or another, Israel attacks Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all Iraqi and Saudi oil fields will automatically become the property of Israel; just as all resources of Palestine have been virtually usurped by the conquering Israel. So the ultimate law-giver of the world has already declared.

It is only a matter of time, as to who shall make the first move? Bush or Sharon? Whatever be the short term initiative, the threat of the 'worst case' scenario for the rest of the world, will remain, till the alarmed allies in Europe work out the unraveling of the old world order and try to muscle in their own share of the loot. As a matter of fact, even US is threatened by Israeli ambitions and its capacity to defeat all Arab countries combined in any armed conflict and then become a world competitor to the US monopoly of power.

It is an open question, if India's ruling parties, deeply embroiled with their self-serving agendas and their fratricidal internecine wars, can muster the foresight and courage to rise to the occasion and frame initiatives to secure India's freedom and ensure that its interests remain protected. While we are busy with Kashmir and Gujarat, the world around us may crash to completely alter our policies and priorities.

Ghulam muhammed

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