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Removal of minorities names from voters list
By Zafar Agha

Behold! Another conspiracy is taking shape against Muslims of Uttar Pradesh. News have been received during the last few days from Rampur and many other districts that names of Muslim families are missing in new voter’s lists for the forthcoming elections.

This is a very serious matter because this is not simply a matter of chance but a well planned conspiracy being hatched by BJP and R.SS. Now their tentacles have spread so far that Indian bureaucracy is under their control. Even otherwise news had been making round from 1970’s onwards about Election Commission that election machinery was under their control. Now, most of the staff and managers on election duty are either members of the Sangh group or its sympathizers. In addition to this, members of the Sangh group have penetrated almost every branch of administration, including census department which collects all statistics about the country’s population. Their attitude is such that they visited all other houses of my locality but did not take the trouble of visiting my residence. Obviously they knew that a Muslim family lives there and when that family will not be mentioned in the census list, it is not at all difficult to remove its name from the voters list.

The news regarding Muslim families names missing from voters lists is making rounds in many districts and states for quite some time but these days such news are mostly coming from UP. Obviously, there are two objectives of this strategy. Firstly, the ratio of Muslims population should be reduced in the overall population of the country, and secondly, the names of as many Muslims should be removed from the voters lists as possible.

The most important problem for Sangh group is how to deprive Muslim voters from their voting rights. This is a very serious problem because a common man in this country may very well enjoy many constitutional rights but, in ordinary life he has one important right i.e the right to vote or to elect or remove a government. Now this RSS group, which includes BJP also, wants to deprive Muslims of their voting rights by hatching different types of conspiracies. The names of Muslims occupy the top place in the list containing the names and communities or classes who are prepared to be deprived of their voting rights. Dalits and other backward classes are also targeted for being deprived of their voting rights but for the present Muslims are their main targets for being deprived of voting rights for the UP elections.

The main reason for all this at present is that elections in UP are to be held shortly. The Sangh group feels that the earth is slipping from under the feet of BJP in UP, the most important state of India. The Sangh group, which includes BJP also, is extremely worried lest it may lose UP elections scheduled to be held early next year. And if BJP loses UP, the central government at Delhi will become shaky. This thought is giving them sleepless nights and they are trying their best to somehow or the other make BJP win the UP elections. For this they are prepared to employ any means. The first step in this plot is to somehow eliminate as many names of Muslims, ‘Dalits’ and other backward classes from the voter’s list as possible so that the numbers of these voters, who are generally opposed to BJP etc, may be reduced to the maximum possible extent. In other words, the Sangh in collaboration with BJP have planned to somehow hijack Indian democracy so that the Indian masses may not be able to remove BJP from power through elections.
It should be borne in mind that removal of BJP’s likely opponents from voters list is the first step of their conspiracy. The second stage of this conspiracy is to manipulate Hindu-Muslim tension and possibly organize riots in the states where elections are to be held. For example, preparations are in full swing to create Hindu-Muslim tension in the name of Ram temple. On the occasion of these elections, on one side their strategy is to rouse Hindu emotions in the name of Ram temple and to attract them towards BJP and on the other side, to spread rumour and create tension in and around Muslim localities just a couple of days before election day so that heavy police patrolling could be effected so that many people, specially Muslim bodies, may not dare to step out of their houses for casting absence, BJP supporters may cast their votes in favour of BJP candidates.

Another conspiracy has already been hatched to conceal this conspiracy in a different way. The government of UP has recently announced that Muslim backward classes will also be given reservation out of the quota of other backward classes. Firstly, this is not something new and secondly, a government which wants to destroy mosques and close down ‘madrasas’ on some pretext or the other, how once an expect of such a government to give reservation to Muslims? As a matter of fact the objective of this announcement is that there should at least be some logical reasons or bases to verify the bogus votes to be cast on behalf of Muslims and other backward classes who may not step out of their houses on account of the fear because of heavy police patrolling.

Another important objective of this new reservation policy is that the impression should be propagated through false opinion polls that normally are held and shown on the eve of elections that this time such and such percentage of backward classes of Muslims and other communities are inclined to cast their votes in favour of BJP which is because of the new reservation policy. Subsequently, when the elections are over, it should be shown in bold letters on TV and newspapers that in these elections such-and-such percent of Muslim votes were cast in favour of BJP and in this way BJP got the majority.

But there is no cause for worry. Muslims and other backward classes should carry on agitations along with their leaders for inclusion of their names in the voters list. Fort this purpose they should ‘gherao’ offices of election commissions. Again, the difficulties created on the eve of elections by creating tensions and police’ bandobast’ should be ignored and people should came out fearlessly, including womenfolk, and cast their votes against BJP.

Backward sections of India should remember that they have only one strong weapon at their disposal i.e the weapon of vote which the BJP and Sangh group is trying to grab from them. Educated people should educate the people about these sinister conspiracies. Teachers of institutions like Aligarh Muslim University can play an important role in this movement. These people should remember that if this weapon of vote is taken away from them, they will be destined to lead a life of slavery. (Translated from Urdu)

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