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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 October 2001

Mazar desecrated in Jahazpur
Bhilwara: In yet another incident of religious sacrilege in Rajasthan, a mazar (mausoleum) has been desecrated at Jahazpur by unidentified miscreants.
Sudhanshu, the collector, who visited the mazar of Adamali Shah, said that additional police force had been deployed there. The mazar was repaired, he added.
In the last two months, there have been as many as six incidents of sacrilege in the State, including the demolition of an old Qalandari mosque situated at Swai Bhoj temple complex at Asind and desecration of another mosque and burning of a holy book at Pander.
This was one of the four mazars in the town at an old fort, at a height of 450 feet, where two constables had been maintaining round-the-clock vigil since August 15, the collector said. He did not explain as to how the desecration happened despite the vigil.

Govt. recognizes Riaz ITI
The Indian government has granted recognition to Riaz Industrial Training Institute (ITI) of Madrasa Riazul Uloom, Sathi, Champaran (Bihar) on 24.04.2001 under NCVBT scheme. This has brought unbridled joy to local people of the area. The Institute is being run under the supervision of Imarat-e-Shari'ah Educational Welfare Trust. In 1997, Dr Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai, former governor of Bihar and Bengal and presently an MP, had inaugurated it. The institute started functioning under the patronage of Maulana Syed Nizamuddin and Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi. It provides education to both girls and boys.
Being a minority institution it was very difficult for it to get recognition. In spite of utmost efforts, there seemed no hope of recognition. Ultimately a case was filed in Patna high court.
The high court examined all documents and directed both Bihar and central governments to issue immediate orders for its recognition. Indian government officers accused Bihar government officers of negligence.

Tribals reconverted to Hinduism
Seventy-three tribals, including 12 women and 30 children, who had reportedly embraced Christianity some times ago, have been reconverted to Hinduism at a religious function in Rourkela, Orissa, sources said. The tribals attended a yagna at a temple.

AP to open 200 Urdu primary schools
Hyderabad: AP government has planned to open 200 Urdu Primary Schools in the State in 2001-2002. K Sri Hari, state minister for primary education, has said that the government had granted permission to open 7351 primary schools for the academic year 2001-2002, of which 1043 were Urdu medium schools, which is equivalent to 14.24 percent of schools. Out of these, 838 Urdu schools have already been opened, he said.
While answering a question about the deteriorating conditions of the schools of the State capital, the minister said that the government has decided to implement the Hyderabad School Project for building up new school buildings and for repairing old school buildings. He further said that the government has taken various steps for promotion of Urdu language and that Urdu was given the status of second official language in the districts having a sizeable number of Urdu speaking people.

Urdu Centre established
Patna: ‘Urdu cannot survive as a live and dynamic language for a long time without teaching it at grass-root level. Urdu speaking people have to prove by creating an awakening and Urdu literacy drive that Urdu can survive.’
These words were expressed by Prof Jabir Husain, founder and patron of Urdu Markaz, Azimabad and chairman of Bihar Legislative Council, on the occasion of inauguration of ‘Urdu Literacy Centre’ at Golakpur. He said that for any language to survive it is necessary that it is included in its educational system. Keeping this in mind the centre has been established, he said.
He further said that in the first group of 14 years and below age group and in the second group those in the age group of 15 to 35 years would be taught Urdu.
Prof Husain laid stress on especial preference for backward class women and children of Urdu population and said that concrete steps would be taken by Urdu Markaz for getting admission for the boys and girls to primary schools and madrasas.

One million to embrace Buddhism
New Delhi: Leading Dalit leader, Ram Raj, said that one million Dalits would embrace Buddhism during a rally in the capital on 4 November. All India Confederation of SC-ST Organization chairman said that five lakh people have already presented their names.

Nine Muslim pairs married
Udupi: Nine Muslim pairs, in a joint marriage function were married in Adyawar village in Udupi district of Karnataka.
The function was sponsored by Abdul Jalil, managing director of Halima Subju Trust, Adyawar. He gave shirt piece, wrist watch and 20 grams of gold to every pair.

Priest, son beaten up
Ahmedabad: The All India Christian Council has claimed that a priest and his son were beaten up by some Hindu fundamentalists in Pipalwada in Vyara taluka of Gujarat.
In a letter to the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, the council’s executive committee member, Samson Christian, demanded action against the police men concerned who allegedly refused to register complaints by the priests.
Natheniel Logoraj, a social worker and priest, and his son were beaten up by miscreants when they were going on a motorcycle in the neighboring Jhavda village, Christian claimed. Some people in a Hindu religious procession threw colored water and mud at them. On their way back, the same processionists blocked their way and beat them up.
A nun, Mary Stella, and another person Sanjivbhai, who had come to their rescue, were also beaten up. When Logoraj went to the Vyara police station to lodge a complaint, the police refused to register it. Instead some persons including local Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders visited his house and abused him and threatened him.
In a similar incident, a pastor, belonging to the Protestant Christian Church, and his associate were manhandled by a mob in Badadra village in Zambua district of Madhya Pradesh, sources said.

Curfew continues in Kashtwad
Jammu: Curfew was imposed in Kashtwad town of Doda district for an indefinite period. The curfew was imposed on 24 August because of deteriorating situation, sources said.
The curfew was clamped down in the town for an indefinite period when Muhammad Irshad succumbed to injuries and the situation became critical. Irshad was allegedly hurt in police custody. He was admitted to a Government Medical College in Jammu.
In view of violence the administration had imposed curfew for an indefinite period. The police said though the situation was tense, but it was under control. They have been keeping a tight watch over the situation in the town.

Gold Medal for Hafiz-e-Qur'an
Prof Asifa Zamani, head of the Department of Persian, Lucknow University, has announced that the youngest children who have completed reading of the Qur'an (nazirah) in 2001 and those who have memorized the Qur'an the same year would be awarded 'Qari Syed Wadood Al-Hai Nadvi Gold Medal' along with certificates in September 2001 for their encouragement, by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Project for Waqf properties
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Waqf Development Corporation(WDC) will take steps, at the instance of UP government, to protect Waqf properties and develop them in order to make them economically self-sufficient. The Corporation will develop 61 properties of Shia Wakf Board from commercial angle, costing crores of rupees. Blue prints of a big commercial complex on the Kala Imambara land in old Lucknow are ready.
According to the list prepared by the corporation, Karbala Dayanatuddanla, Masjid Nasiri Astabal, Char Bagh, Shia Graveyared, Girdhari Lane, Rekab Ganj, Waqf Masjid Sakeena, Ashrafabad, Masjid Hussaini, Glai Parcha Chowk, Waqf Imambara Masjid Qabristan, Thakur Ganj etc are included in this project.
The General Manager of WDC, S.A Farooqi has got all these properties surveyed. According to him, in addition to Shia Waqf Board authorities, incharge of the concerned properties will also be consulted in their development.
Such development projects are being undertaken in other districts also like Bijnaur, Saharanpur, Pratap Garh etc where 16 projects of commercial complex on Waqf lands costing approximately Rs.16 crores are already under way.
All the Waqf properties everywhere are in a very bad shape in the absence of proper maintenance which again is because of shortage of funds. The corporation is keen to prevent further deterioration and hence this development work to make the Waqf Boards self-sufficient.

Interference in institutions
Moradabad: A representative delegation of the office bearers of Minorities Educational Institutions Welfare Association (MEIWA) submitted a memorandum to the higher government authorities. Apprising the authorities of the objectives of the Association the delegation submitted copies of the 6-point memorandum to the District Magistrate, Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Distt. Inspector of Schools, District Minorities and Welfare Officer and said that Minorities have been given the right to set up and manage their own educational institutions under section 30/1 of the Indian Constitution. But while framing the policy with regard to educational institutions of minorities different departments ignore their constitutional rights. The memorandum demanded stoppage of their interference.
Other points in the memorandum were: abolition of administrative schemes introduced by the government for minority inter-colleges, schools to be given the opportunity to explain and clarify their action or position in case of any inquiry against them, list of deserving students for minorities scholarships to be demanded only after 30 September as prescribed by the Department of Education and not immediately as is being demanded by the department, any inquiry about scholarships of deserving students should be made according to the school records, and finally, invitation of Association's representatives to any meeting held by the Department of education and supply of decisions or any other relevant information to them.

Kalyan Singh wooing Muslims
Agra: Former UP chief minister, Kalyan Singh, who at one time was made UP chief minister for the second time by BJP as reward for his strong anti-Muslim feelings is now busy in treating Muslims as his biggest supporters and trying to prove himself as their well-wisher.
While addressing a rally in Agra after a two-day National Executive Committee meeting of his Rastriya Kranti Party, he said that even now Muslims hate him. This is a part of BJP's well thought out and deep conspiracy other wise he was never enemy of Muslims. He said that BJP leaders are deliberately ignoring Muslims so that they may not be able to rise as BJP rivals socially and politically. On one side he left no stone unturned in wooing Muslims and on the other side he called Samajwadi and Bahujan Samaj parties as 'Samaj Dushman parties'.

Madrasas decry GoM report
In a meeting called by Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Madaris-e-Gujarat, the Group of Ministers’ (GoM) report on internal security was examined. The report had declared Muslims and their religious madrasas as great dangers to national security. According to the report, a network of Islamic madrasas, harboring Radical Islamic militant organizations, financed by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries has spread in the country. Fundamentalist Islamic organizations are deep-rooted in these madrasas which have become dens of fundamentalists etc.
The meeting considered the portions of the report dealing with Muslims and madrasas as unrealistic and baseless. It said that madrasas were centers of education, literacy and moral services and not militancy grounds.
The meeting felt that the related portion of the report was part of propaganda of Sangh Parivar. It further said that the fundamentalist forces were trying to weaken and ultimately divide the country with their aggressive motives and disruptive activities. ‘They are targeting Muslims and madrasas, which reflects their anti-Muslim mentality,’ it said.
The meeting also clarified that anti-Islamic organizations had misinformed the government, because the madrasas spread all over the country did not teach militancy. It requested Gujarat and central governments to take justifiable steps about Muslims and madrasas and not to do anything which may create feelings of insecurity among the largest minority of the country.
The convention demanded the government to obliterate the objectionable portions of the report regarding Muslims and madrasas.

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