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New look MG welcome
I wish to express my deep appreciation for your commitment towards the Milli Gazette. It is not only that you are maintaining high standards with respect to the contents and exposition of this publication, but you are also trying to ensure that it reaches the readers in good shape and clean form. The use of polythene cover protects it from wear and tear, dirt and dust, moisture and stains etc., and also avoids too much folding of the pages.
Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, Hamdard University

I have been receiving your esteemed fortnightly the Milli Gazette. I would like to congratulate you on its excellent contents and quality. I particularly appreciate your effective and hard-hitting editorials on issues that concern the community the most. I pray for the continued success of your publication in the service of Ummah.
AR Kamruddin 
Secretary General, Darul Umoor, Bangalore

The publication is informative and worth reading. 
Koothradan Ahmed Kutty, Jeddah

Small savings can be big help
Zahid Ali Khan’s article "Small savings can be big help" (MG16-30 September) was very constructive and inspiring. His suggestion to institute state and national level MILLI FUND by collecting 1 or 2 rupee per head per month from every household is very appropriate. He should put forward a practical scheme for collecting and administering this fund because if successful the MILLI FUND with +20 crore Rs./month inflow can actually make Indian Muslim community alive and respectable.
Meraj Shahab

Strengthen Ummah’s unity
Apropos M Baquer Hussain Shaz’s letter (MG 16-31 August), I would like to quote from your editorial "Salaam Shri Kalam" (MG 16-31 July ), "The legal Islamic position is that whoever says (he or she) is a Muslim. No questions asked. Islam does not allow anyone to look closely into other people’s lives." As is well known, there is the US and Zionist conspiracy and a systematic campaign to project Islam for all that it is not. They leave no stone unturned, miss no opportunity, spear no effort or money to paint Islam in the most horrid of the colours and also to divide Muslims the world over. The Muslims should realise this and do everything to defeat the evil designs of the anti-Islam forces by not doing anything that goes to fragment further the already divided Muslim community. 
AH. BH. Hashmi.
Kondhwa, Pune (Maharashtra)

Naipaul on Saudi Arabia
I read Ghulam Mohammed’s piece on Naipaul’s views of Saudi Arabia with horror. Dignifying such rank prejudice about Jews and Brahmins by publishing it not only lowers the tone of the Milli Gazette, but also reinforces every stereotype about prejudiced, narrow minded, and uneducated Muslims that exists in India. Was it really necessary to publish this rubbish?
Zafar Al-Talib, Sydney

Solution for Kashmir problem?
You guys have shown your true colors by publishing such anti India articles in your Milli Gazette which you claim to be a voice of India's Muslims. If indeed it is so there will be serious repercussions for this country. You guys don’t think a damn before publishing articles against India and her security forces. I think the only resolution to the Kashmir dispute that will leave Hindus and Muslims at peace will be the completion of the partition namely, transfer of territory of Kashmir to Pak and the exchange of Hindu and Muslim populations staying in the wrong countries presently. ONLY this will solve all our problems.
Niranjan N Prabhu

Short of books in Gujarat jails
We, about 100-125 persons, have been lodged in two jails of Gujarat—Nadiyad Sub-Jail and Baroda Central Jail, in connection with SIMI case since December 2001, and undergoing all kinds of difficulties and hardships of a prison life. Also, we are carrying on ‘tabligh’ work in line with Hazrat Yusuf’s preaching. May Allah give us courage and strength to do this job with complete devotion. We are provided in these jails Urdu, Hindi and English books and magazines in addition to Gujarati ones, but these books are not proving useful to enable us extend our work further. Moreover, in the absence of newspapers, we are cut off from the outside world. Please send copies of the Milli Gazette so that we would be benefited.
Muhammad Jameel Siddi
Ward no. 12, Baroda Central Jail, Baroda-390001
Ziauaddin Siddi
Nadiyad Sub-jail, Nadiyad (Gujarat)

Suggestion for MG
I go thru your website quite often and have observed two things which I would like to put across. Your online news or articles are almost late by one month which needs to be reviewed. You should add one section where we can find profiles of different categories of Muslim candidates. As you know very well that most of the manpower recruiting agencies are Hindus where you hardly find a good profile of any Muslim candidate. Pls. look into it, if we can provide some jobs to Muslims for the sake of Allah (swt).
Gholam Mustafa

A challenge before Muslims
The recent decision of Mayawati, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, not to file a fresh notification in the Babri Masjid demolition case has proved that she is trying to save LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others. Mayawati is playing with the sentiments of Muslims. The Muslims of UP should now realise that they had done a big mistake to give support to Mayawati in the recently-concluded assembly elections of UP. This type of decision by Mayawati was expected. Now it is a challenge for Muslims and particularly for those Muslims who are associated with the Bahujan Samaj Party to be ashamed of their act and teach a lesson to Mayawati. They should learn from Arif Mohd. Khan and resign from the party in order to show their protest.
A N Shibli 
Abul Fazal Enclave, Okhla, New Delhi

Eyeball to Eyeball
Kindly allow me the courtesy of your columns to ask Indian intellectuals and saner elements as to what has India achieved by positioning her almost a million strong troop in a threatening posture on the borders of Pakistan? Did it help the BJP win elections in Uttar Pradesh or else where? Has the cross border terrorism– as they call it–ceased in Kashmir? Has Pakistan been coerced into yielding any concessions beneficial to India? Has it helped India promote its case and cause of "fighting terrorism" in the comity of nations? Has it done, in fact, any good to India, except incur colossal expenditure on the forces and deny Air India’s 23 flights much shorter routes by flying over Pakistani territory? The negative fall-out of this senseless act has cost India both in terms of economy and world opinion. Pakistan, on the other hand, has played her cards admirably well and has cashed upon this Indian belligerence to her maximum advantage. It is time the Indian leadership realised its folly and came to the negotiating table for talks with Pakistan.
Riaz Jafri , Rawalpindi

Anti-corruption campaigners
One of the likely reasons why Almighty Allah sent rains instead of fire in a part of HIS earth, Gujarat, where most self-worshipping masses allowed history’s most coward and cunning creature called Modi (to call whom a man is an insult to mankind) and his like, not only to sow seeds of bloody hatred in human hearts but also to reap history’s ugliest harvest and that too in the name of religion, is that, there are, even today, not only some truth-tellers and truth-writers but also truth-publishers like the Baroda Gujarati weekly SAYAJI TIMES. It does not feel shy in calling a kettle a kettle fearlessly. Hats off to all such selfless servants of global human brotherhood. Jai Jagat. (Not Jai Hind, which too is a narrow-minded slogan)!!!
Verily God does not like corruption in any form.
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150 (Gujarat) 

Islamic Institutions
The BJP government is bent upon destroying peace, brotherhood and democracy from our beloved country. The diatribes of different leaders of Sangh Parivar—Prime Minister’s Goa speech, RSS’ advice to Muslims for winning Hindus’ goodwill, Ashok Singhal, Praveen Togadia and Giriraj Kishore’s fulmination of Muslims, and Narendra Modi’s accusation "Hum Paanch, Hamare Pachchis"—all shows their devious intent and the course which the nation is to take in future.
Our madrasahs are being targeted because these are the only source to impart religious teachings to our children. School and College syllabuses in India are not allowed teachings of any religion. It can be taught in private institutions only, hence the compulsion of establishing more and more madrasahs. Due to Muslims living under the poverty line, these schools are run on a meager budget by collecting donations.
Are they not aware of the history of madrasahs in our country? Great sacrifices were made by Ulamas of madrasahs. The British government hanged thousands of these clergymen for their fight for Independence. Some communal chauvinists for the partition of the country blame Muslims in India, since Mohammad Ali Jinnah had demanded the bifurcation. In fact the Sher-e-Punjab Lala Lajpat Rai had in the year 1923, raised the voice for the division on religious grounds. Veer Savarkar had propounded the two-nation theory before Jinnah did, at the session of the Hindu Mahasabha in Ahmedabad in 1938. The RSS has now demanded trifurcation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir on religious ground. Mr. Vajpayee and his team may lacerate the nation’s soul with the ideology, which led to Partition. The historic and bitterest truth is that Gandhi and Nehru had left Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (another star product of a Madrasah) alone to resist the partition of the country.
MI Ansari
Bhiwandi (Maharashtra)

Present viewpoints with decency
I find that in explaining a rule or practice in Islam, the writer of letter or article, instead of presenting Muslim point of view with wisdom, conviction and persuasion, they become derogatory, abusive and critical of practices prevailing in other societies, 
communities or other faiths. This is not a correct approach. On the contrary it will be counter productive. For example, to say "veil prevents rape" is no argument. Veil is not a chastity belt. Also to ask a question if they want Muslim women to walk semi-nude in fashion shows or allow their bodies for commercial exploitation in ads is no argument. It is for the writer of the letter or the article to present the Muslim point of view with decorum and dignity leaving the other person to judge for himself / herself. We must present our case in such a way that we make our foes our friends and not make friends our foes. That was how the Holy Prophet presented the Islamic point of view to his foes and won them over. The editors of the magazine have also to make sure that the letters or articles published by them, no matter who the writer is, do not provoke somebody to mock at Islam.
MZ Chida , Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Mayawati succumbs before Manuwadis
In political and social terms, the demolition of Babari Masjid for India stands as devastating as the 9/11 attacks on New York World Trade Center Towers for the US. Both acts of wanton destruction were deliberately aimed at symbolically injuring the self-esteem of the targeted victims, beside tremendous loss of innocent lives. It is doubtful if Al Qaeda had any windfall in its fortunes as the direct result of this attack; but Sangh Parivar seems to have reaped immense political mileage from a well-organised campaign against the Muslims by poisoning the community with derogatory and communally inflammable slogans branding Muslims as "Babar ki aulad." If India has been like the US, a country of law, all charged in Babari demolition case, would have been behind bars in no time. However the charade of tampering and playing with law has been the hallmark of Indian polity and as such Mayawati’s most audacious attempt to give a public burial to a case involving some of the India's politicians’ including the Deputy Prime Minister of India LK Advani, should come as no surprise. After all, Mayawati and Kanshi Ram for that matter, who have slogged a lifetime cursing the Manuwad, in their greed for power and pelf at any cost, have finally and fully succumbed to the same Manuwadi forces in smoothening Advani’s final anointment as the next Prime Minister of India. Now it remains for the opposition to mount a united challenge to lawless elements in the country to see that the majesty of law and the constitution is restored, and their own credentials as standard-bearers of secular, democratic and pluralist polity is cleared with the vast silent majority of people of India.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Muslims and concentration camps in Gujarat
The genocide carried out in Gujarat has irreversibly shaken my faith in humanity. The brutal ways being invented for inflicting unimaginable pain before burning innocents alive, the maiming and hacking of their bodies, the shocking crimes against women lead to just one thought, how can a person inflict such agonies on a fellow human? How can these acts be considered the revival of Hindutva by these fanatics? And, to top it all, the indifference shown by the government is appalling. The PM was busy issuing contradictory statements and later their clarifications. The defence minister saw nothing unusual in the assault on humanity, for him these things have been the norm since the independenc. The allies of the NDA are too hungry grabbing the power to feel the pricks of conscience. There’s no one to console the victims of this pogrom who are living in sub animal conditions in the concentration camps aka relief camps. Having lost dear ones, justice for them is an elusive dream. Never has the world witnessed such state sponsored ethnic cleansing of a community in a democracy. This makes one ask, of what use are our democratic credentials in the face of such anarchy? And, now, to add insult to injury, the "Party with a difference" has nothing else to think of except firmly entrenching itself in the seat of power. 
Sudhakaran , Katra, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Railway Minister, pls. take note
I would like to bring to your kind notice the fact that in spite of being industrially backward, Azamgarh has always been a great center of learning. It has not only a number of Post-graduate colleges and a medical college but also internationally famous Darul Musannefeen Shibli Academy (estd. in 1915). Azamgarh has always been in the forefront of freedom struggle and this can be appreciated by the fact that Shibli National college was originally established as ‘National School’ by the great oriental scholar Allama Shibli Nomani in 1883. This was two years prior to the formation of Indian National Congress.
Azamgarh has been associated with another great centre of learning — AMU, Aligarh. AMU has highest number of staff and students from Azamgarh. Azamgarh is not connected to Delhi via Aligarh, and this has hindered its development.
The Railway authorities should take urgent steps to start a direct train to Aligarh in order to facilitate educational as well as business standards of Azamgarh. Also, Lichvi Express may be allowed to pass a few days in the week via Azamgarh with a halt in Aligarh.
Salman Sultan
Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Community leaders refrain from squabbles
The development work (sanitation and infrastructure) in our localities, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, are at a standstill. It is suffering a lot. Reasons could be different. 
But one of the main reason is the differences between our area MLA Pervez Hashmi and the area councilor Asif Mohammad Khan. Our Muslim leaders and Muslim people in power should not forget that we Muslims are being tormented worldwide, especially India. Therefore in this situation it becomes the sole responsibility of community leaders to adopt a helpful and positive attitude towards the masses. The people of the locality should come forward to settle the differences between our respected MLA and respected councilor if we want any work of development in our area.
Shamsul Arifin , AFE, New Delhi
 shamsr@rediffmail. com  

Terrorist attack on Swaminathan temple
We strongly condemn Tuesday's shameful attack by the terrorists in the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar, and present our condolences for the death of so many ordinary citizens. Our sympathies are with the injured and the relatives of the deceased. We hope that the Gujarat Police and the security forces would be able to arrest the guilty and give them the severest of punishment, whichever religion or community they belong to. We appeal to the ordinary citizens of Gujarat and the rest of India to maintain restraint and pray for the peace and communal harmony to prevail in all the places. We have to fight this menace of communalism and terrorism together.
Yousuf Saeed, Sadia Wahidi, Sabia Khan Shastri, Adil H.Warsi, Lehar Sethi Zaidi, Fozia Bano, Mariam Fatima, New Delhi


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