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Coimbatore Blasts and Kerala political parties

Confederation Of Human Rights Organisations (KERALAM ) issued the followng statement on September 19, 2002:
Chief Minister AK Antony's statement that the Kerala police had opposed Abdul Nazar Madani's parole without consulting him justifies the stand that we had been maintaining from 1998 on Coimbatore bomb blast case.

We always held that it was under Union Home Minister L K Advani's direction that arrests were conducted throughout South India in the name of "Coimbatore terror" and in violation of federal system of governance. People belonging to all South Indian states, including Andhra and Karnataka, were arrested as accused in Coimbatore blast case. This was a calculated Sangh Parivar scheme to create an impression of "Muslim terrorism" in whole of South India, especially in Kerala, where the BJP does not have effective foothold. As in Coimbatore bomb blasts, there were deeper conspiracies and vested interests of power politics behind the case investigation and arrests--all of which are not yet known. The top police officials of Kerala were able to take an "independent decision" to oppose Madani's parole because both UDF and LDF have been using Madani's arrest since 1998 for narrow power-vote bank interests, and without identifying the real Sangh Parivar political schemes behind it. Questions as to who control Kerala police, and from whom do they take directions in matters related to Coimbatore blast case had once again came into the fore now.

Both the ruling-opposition fronts of Kerala must come forward to take effective measures by rectifying their mistakes at least now. By initiating both legal and official joint efforts, they should question as to how nine Keralites, including Madani, were incarcerated in a prison outside the State for the past 55 months without bail or valid evidence, and at the crest of baseless rumours and propaganda spread by Sangh Parivar. While welcoming Chief Minister Antony's statement that Madani's bail was not a closed chapter, we request him to instruct police officers not to take "independent decision" any more on matters related to Coimbatore blast.
Major portions of Tamil Nadu SIT charge-sheet, running into around 18,000 pages, contain references to Madani's "terror speeches" delivered in Kerala ten years ago and the cases pending in Kerala Courts on it. However, Madani was exonerated by court verdicts in at least in six such cases after his arrest in Coimbatore blast--which was deliberately unmentioned in the charge sheet by TN police. 

Therefore, the Kerala Government must either withdraw all such pending speech-cases or constitute a special court to ensure its speedy trial. The fact that no case was initiated against Sangh Parivar leaders like Uma Bharati, who made more provocative speeches than Madani in Kerala during the same period, shows the Sangh Parivar influence within Kerala police force.

Kerala Government must institute a special investigative team to probe into the back ground and evidence upon which nine Keralites, including Madani, were arrested as accused in Coimbatore blast case. 

In August last week, the "Havala" case accused Surendran had given a confession to Mumbai police and court that he had given more than Rs. 100 crore for the Coimbatore bomb blasts. Details of this confession as to whom did he give the amount, and why he was not yet included as accused in Coimbatore bomb blast case warrant thorough investigation. 

Kerala government's interference to protect the rights of all innocent Malayalees facing violations of different governments outside the State is in tune with the federal system. It is because of the unwillingness of both UDF-LDF governments to take up this responsibility that the exact reasons behind the murders of two prominent industrialists of Kerala--Rajan Pillai and Thakhiuddin Wahid in 1995 at Tihar jail and a Mumbai street respectively--is still shrouded in mystery.

The nine Keralites including Madani who remain as accused in Coimbatore blast case during the past 55 months are facing nothing but blatant rights violations of State terror from Sangh Parivar. 

We, therefore, urge all the concerned not to limit or belittle this into parochial interests of power-party politics and by equating it as poll promises or broken poll promises. Since staging violent protests on this issue in Kerala will be cited as evidence by the State against freeing Madani, we urge all the concerned to keep away from such actions. Violent actions will only abet the Sangh Parivar interests.

Mukundan C. Menon (Secretary General) 
Dr. Abdul Salam (Secretary)

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