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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 October 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 

The Shia Muslims in Lucknow called a meeting on August 9 at Chhota Imambara and threatened the Mayawati government that entry of tourists to any of the historical Awadh buildings will not be allowed if the encroachment of waqf properties were not removed.

Ajmer: The week-long 790th annual urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti began on September 9. About 50,000 people visited the mausoleum of the great sufi saint who is respected by all communities. The visitors also included those from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the fifth time presented a sheet to the mausoleum and said that the teachings of the great sufi saint to whom people of every community are attached, guided the people to national unity and brotherhood. He wished that the urs would put an end to the ongoing widespread violence throughout the world.
Human Resources Development Minister, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi also paid a visit to the mausoleum and presented a shawl.

New Delhi: Well-established Unani pharmaceutical company, Rex Remedies Private Limited Delhi has been given the top most certificate "Good Manufacturing Practices" for preparing research-based best and standard medicines and for giving it an international standard. Rex Remedies is the first Unani Company of its kind to receive this certificate.
Hakeem Abdul Haleem, chairman of Rex Remedies said that the credit of this success goes to public trust and maintenance of standard by the company. He also said that for the last two years the company had been preparing the medicines on GMP standard. After getting the GMP certificate we are going to launch Unani medicine in international markets, director Sales and Marketing, Rex Remedies, Hakeem Shamsad Ahmad said.

Malda: In Bharat Sewa Ashram of Tajpur village of Malda district in Bengal, the activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have converted a Muslim and 5 Christian families to Hinduism. District president of VHP, Parmeshwar, who was present on the occasion has said that 15 members of 6 families have changed their religion by their own choice but these 15 have other stories to tell.
Sakiruddin (now Samiran) who is a labourer, says that he along with his wife Bano Begum (now Bandana) and children changed their religion on August 16 on the assurance that his children would be given free education in the Ashram.
Michael (now Raja Hansabda) said that members of VHP told him that he would receive many facilities if he changed his religion.
However, the head of the Ashran said that the Ashram had not role in the conversion move and that it was done at the request of VHP.

Dubai: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan has extended financial support for a big project for Islamic research in India. According to information, a branch of Reyaz-based Abdul Aziz Ibn-e-Baz Islamic Research Centre has been set up in Delhi which has already started functioning. Saudi Arabia has also provided monetary help to Jamia Imam Ibn-e-Taimiah, situated in East Champaran district of Bihar. Spread over a stretch of 24-acre land, 1500 students are getting education here. Dr Muhammad Luqman Salfi, a close desciple of Shsaikh Baz is the founder of Ibn-e-Baz Research Centre in India. Two magazines, Tooba and Al-Furquan are published from Delhi branch of the centre. The centre 
has also published 50 books on modern subjects in Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi.

Bharatpur: Muslims have strongly opposed the decision of Rabri Devi Government to close Bihar Urdu Academy. Bihar is the first state of India where Urdu was recognised as the second official language. Here Urdu is taught up to 12 standard as a regular subject.
"The decision to close Bihar Urdu Academy, which promotes Urdu in the state is very sorrowful", said Dr Syed Ahmad Khan, convernor of Urdu Day Celebration Committee organised by United Muslim of India. He demanded in a letter to the government to withdraw the order to this effect. 
Maulana Muhammad Haroon Saqib Qasmi said in a press release on September 9 that the decision was biased. He said that the Academy was serving the nation and the community by translating various scientific and cultural literatures of other languages in Urdu. A movement would be launched under Protection of Language campaign if Bihar Government does not change its decision, he said adding that there would be no further support to the ruling government by Muslims and lovers of Urdu.

Mysore: In order to stop any further trouble, curfew continues to be in force in KR Nagar town of Mysore where indents of arson and communal violence occurred on a large scale on August 14 on some minor ground. Both the communities clashed with one another and a furious mob set fire to several vehicles and shops. There have been no reports of any fresh incident after that.

Jaipur: In a meeting convened by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on August 26 it was decided that imams of the mosques should tell Muslims about the importance of modern education along with religious education. About 100 imams participated in the meeting called in view of the preliminary drought condition and to urge people to avoid wasteful expenditures. Since the Muslims community lags behind in education, it was felt that there is need to create educational awakening.

Mau: About a dozen people were injured in a Shia-Sunni conflict on August 30 over a graveyard land in Bargaon town of Mau district (Uttar Pradesh).
According to available information people from both sects were having differences for a long time over a graveyard. The graveyard land was measured on August 30 but later talks between the two groups took a violent turn which led to wielding of sticks and pelting stones and bricks at each other in which about a dozen people sustained injuries. Police force was deployed to control the situation.

Mumbai: Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Santacruz (E) Mumbai has recently published a new book Sowing Hate and Reaping Violence - The Case of Gujarat Communal Violence. The book is a joint venture of noted scholar Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, Shama Dalwai and Sandhya Mhatre. 

Hyderabad: The Commissioner and Director of School Education, Hyderabad has recently issued orders sanctioning Urdu medium parallel sections in 4 DIETs at Medak, Nellore, Adilabad and Karimnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh. The capacity of trainees has also been increased from 40 to 75 in the Urdu section of each DIET.

Mumbai: "Recital of national song Vande Matram should not be made compulsory for Muslims", Ameen Khandwani, chairman of Maharashtra State Minorities Commission said on August 23. He said that though Muslims respected the national song, it cannot be made compulsory for Muslims to recite it as it contained lines which spoke of worshipping one’s motherland while Islam allowed worshipping of only one God. 
It could be recalled here that the Shiv Sena and BJP together had created an uproar over the opposition to reciting Vande Mataram during the general body meeting of the Malegaon Municipal Corporation in the monsoon session of the Assembly.

New Delhi: The historic monument Qutub Minar has no electricity for above four months. Neither any plans have been made to restore electricity to the tallest minaret of the country which symbolises the cultural identity of the capital. The electricity of the Qutub Minar was being maintained by Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation since 1989. DTTDC has refused to pay the monthly bill of Rs 15,000. The BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, which used to distribute electricity to the minaret says that the electricity metre which was destroyed by fire in May has still to be re-installed. The DTTDC general manager, SK Singh says that it is not just a matter of applying for new electricity connection from any agency adding that "since the corporation did not get any financial support from the Central or Delhi government, it was not possible to bear the cost of illuminating the monument."


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