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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 October 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 

Maharajganj: In a recent incident in Narkatha village, Maharajganj district of UP two people were done to death. It is said that one Sanjay Yadava had been missing for some days. Later his body was found in a drainage on August 21. Villagers accused that Rashid and his son had a hand in Sanjay’s death. A crowd attacked both father and son and beat them to death. Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) was deployed in the village and 30 people were arrested. Some families are reported to have left the village fearing further trouble, sources said.

Rai Bareilly: Addressing a meeting at Rai Bareilly (UP) on August 24, national president of Apna Dal Sonelal Patel said that 90 per cent people of the country are being exploited by a mere 10 per cent people and that it was due to illiteracy. He said that Hindus and Muslims in the name of religion were being made to fight with each other and that it was done by communal forces to strengthen their vote bank. He said that people should be aware of such forces. Various local leaders attended the meeting. While criticising communal parties, he had a dig at the Congress, saying that people know the aims and objectives of communal forces. Hence these are not as dangerous as the Congress which is trying to harm Muslims behind the curtain and secretly. Addressing Muslims he warned them to become alert otherwise Congress as well as communal forces will make life difficult for them.

NCTE Jaipur has sent its letter to Nayab Abbasi Girls Degree College in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh for introducing B Ed course while Ruhel Khand University has approved five vocational courses for the college. These include: 1. PG Diploma in front-office and housekeeping management, 2. PG Diploma in textile printing, 3. PG Diploma in restaurant operation and catering management, 4. Diploma in interior designing and 5. PG Diploma in tourism and hotel management.

Aligarh: Speaking at the Annual Day Function of General Education Centre (GEC) of Aligarh Muslim University, organised by Short Evening Courses Club of the GEC, income tax commissioner and eminent short-story writer SM Ashraf said that university education does not mean specialisation in one subject only. Rather its aim is to develop the entire personality of students and to infuse better discipline in them. He said that it was necessary for a good citizen to have knowledge of every sphere of life. He appreciated members of GEC for this venture. Dr Arif H Rizvi, coordinator of the GEC said that the more a man was developing qualities in himself in this competitive world, the more he was distancing himself from human values. In this background Short Evening Course Club is representing the ideals of GEC in the true sense.

Lucknow: In view of the increasing cases of polio in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Mayawati has laid emphasis on creating polio awareness on large scale in sensitive districts. She has issued orders to officers on duty for pulse polio drive to identify the children and give them polio drops. She was addressing a meeting regarding polio campaign at her official residence in Lucknow on August 29.
To remove misconceptions of minorities regarding polio, she has suggested seeking the help of public representatives, imams of the mosques, religious leaders and institutions. Forty five districts are seriously affected by polio where efforts are needed to control the viruses, she said. She also said that the number of polio affected children in the year 2000 was 178 while it has gone up to 287 by August 26, 2002 with the highest number of 31 cases in Azamgarh followed by 24 in Ambedkarnagar district. Ninety per cent of the polio affected children belong to minority community. 

Behrampore: The case of a Muslim constable honestly fulfilling his duty with a long beard took a serious turn after the superintendent's order to shave off his beard.
On September 3, Murshidabad additional superintendent of police Shankar Singh asked Muhammad Akram Ali Sheikh, a constable at Hariharpara police station at Murshidabad district in Bengal to shave off his flowing beard within 24 hours. Akram who joined the state police in 1979, refused to do so saying that "I am not a legal expert . But I know that the (police) rules and regulations were formed by the British rulers in 1943. We now live in Independent India and our Constitution guarantees religious rights for all citizens." He had to pay the price as he was suspended by Singh on September 5. In should be noted that Akram had been keeping beard ever since he returned from Haj in 1996. It is strange that during the past eight years no one objected to him though he served his police service under three senior IPS officers. He even renewed the picture on of his official card with a bearded look.
However, eight Muslim policemen reached the minority commission complaining that they had been refused to keep long beards and were threatened with punitive action on defying the order. The commission recommended amendments in the Section 684(A) of the Police Regulation of Bengal, 1943, to allow Muslim policemen to keep their beards on religious grounds. 
Meanwhile some other Muslims also objected to it saying that it was an infringement of religious sentiments.
The victory is now Akram’s as he received withdrawal orders of the district police authorities on September 13. However the order has come along with transfer order. Akram will now be on duty at the intelligence department of Murshidabad police.

Kanpur: A news item published in some Hindi newspapers regarding Muslims being fed up with aged qazis (Islamic jurists) and demanding appointment of young qazis in their place has set the tongues wagging. The news has caused concern among Muslims as it could give rise to a new controversy and create a cleavage among them. It may also give a chance to anti-social elements who leave no stone unturned in exploiting such opportunities for their petty gains. A majority of Muslims are of the opinion that politicising the issue would be undesirable for for a city qazi. Religion is not a platform for such recriminations. They also refuted the claim that qazis go to 5 star hotels for talking to government officers and have no interest in Muslims’ issues. There have been occasions since 1992 when these qazis have not only saved the city from disastrous riots with their wisdom, experience and expediency but they have also restrained the youths from taking any hasty and wrong steps. It is the trust of Muslims in qazis which compels government officers to consult them on occasions whenever there is a danger to law and order.

New Delhi: The 4ht Research Scholars’ Ghalib Seminar on Analysis of any one ghazal of Ghalib, organised by Ghalib Institute New Delhi was held on August 31. Inaugurating the seminar Syed Muzaffar Hussain Burney, former governor of Haryana said these seminars not only encourage research scholars but also provide a chance to listen to views of new generation. Prior to him, director of the institute Shahid Mahuli said that research scholars’ seminar was different form other seminars of the institute and that it was gaining worldwide popularity.
In his presidential address, noted Persian scholar Prof. Ameer Hasan Abidi said while referring to Ghalib that his poetry reflected different cultures and that Ghalib was highly influenced by Iranian poets which could be observed in his Persian poems. He also said that Ghalib originally belonged to Akbarabad though he is commonly known as Delhwi.
Several scholars form Jawaharlal Nehru University, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Patna University, Lucknow University, Osmania University, Delhi University and Patiala University participated in the seminar and presented their theses and analyses on Ghalib’s poetry.

Bahraich: In a notice issued recently by the Registrar of Arabic and Persian Madrasas, it has been stated that registration of all the affiliated and non-affiliated madrasas in Bahraich and Shrawasti districts of Uttar Pradesh is compulsory with the Office of District Minorities Development Commission in Bahraich. All the madrasas and principals of madrasas have been given notice in this regard.


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