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Donít let dreams of intelligent Muslims die

I am a student of science and completed my 12th standard with 85% marks from Hyderabad. I applied for my admission in MBBS course in Al-Ameen minority college in Bangalore. First they took Rs 500 for the entry form and then conducted an exam on 14th July. Then again they conducted an interview for my parents and myself, and asked me few Islamic and some other questions related to science, which Alhumdulillah I answered. My parents said that we can give Rs 8 lakh by selling our house and can even pay the yearly Rs 1.5 lakh fees only as per their inquiry. They gave us hope that they will accept me as a student by saying that I have secured good marks in the test and even my 12th percentage was good. 

While leaving, they said they will give us a call after the board meeting which was on 27th July. Meanwhile, we kept waiting for the call. When we inquired we came to know that the seats are over which were given to the rich NRIs for Rs 15-20 lakh. They are least bothered about the marks but money only matters. They openly bargain for Rs 15-20 lakh.

I would like to know the sole purpose of those so-called Muslims to inaugurate a minority college? Its purpose is to ensure that each and every Muslim gets an education at low cost in their institutes. But they are deviating from this purpose. People say that Muslims are educationally backward that this backwardness has pushed them to become the poorest of the poor among Indians. If such fraud institute in the name of minorities ask for such huge amount then who will study? Donít they know how many people dream to become doctors, engineers etc.? But what can they do except killing their dreams! But I cannot dare to kill my dream because my first and the last love is Science. If institutes have this greed of money then how can one expect Muslims to develop and get educated? Muslims say that there is a need for women doctors to solve the problem of hijab for our sisters, I wanted to contribute to this. I dreamt to do research and find out the mysteries of science in the Holy Quran. I even dreamt to serve my community and thought that I will strive and see that no Muslim should cry because of pain and agony but............still I have hope in ALLAH.

If you people really want to give the seats to the rich NRIs then please for the sake of Allah do not accept the forms of others and do not keep them in hope. This really hurts every Muslim which I cannot bear. My kind request to the so-called minority institutes is that please do not let the DREAMS OF INTELLIGENT AND SINCERE MUSLIMS DIE! 

Your purpose is to serve the community and if you canít then please delete the name of minority because this gives a false impression of being a true follower of Islam.

Fouzia Zaheer, Bangalore (Karnataka)

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