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United Economic Forum brings succour to riot victims

New Delhi: The United Economic Forum, a Hyderabad-based NGO and some other NGOs have been engaged in repairing scores of houses, setting up small businesses, opening schools and building colonies for the people in riot-affected parts of Gujarat. The United Economic Forum has by now spent $500,000 on relief and rehabilitation work, informed Bashiruddin Babukhan, a prominent social worker and a former minister in Andhra Pradesh. 

The secretary of the Forum, Ghiasuddin Babukhan along with Ahmad Sayeed Engineer and Aliudddin Hyder Engineer visited Baroda, Panchmahal, Dahod, Anand, Kheda, Sabarkanta and Mehsana districts of Gujarat between August 2-9 and inspected the relief work being carried out there. The pace at which the relief work is being done and help from foreign countries pouring in, the entire affected parts of Gujarat could be rebuilt within two to three months, says Babukhan.

By now $156,000 has been spent on the repair of 15,000 houses. The team has sanctioned four more projects for the repair of 150 houses in Mehsana, Karchiya, Lamipura and Baroda districts. The repair of these houses would cost $25,000. The demand is being made to repair another one thousand more houses in 25 villages in two districts.

The Forum has established 1850 small businesses for the rehabilitation of riot affected people in the state, a total of $ 120,000 has been spent on them. There are demands for 1000 more businesses to be established which would cost $85,000 for which more funds are needed. The Forum has given an interest free loan amounting $10,000 to AFMI Charitable Trust, Baroda Scheme to set up medium scale businesses. The scheme is doing well. The money taken by the Trust has to be returned in 24 monthly installments. 

The Forum has bought a building at Godhra for opening an English-medium school. Two schools opened by the Forum in Baroda district have started functioning. The Forum has distributed 90,000 note-books among riot-affected students. It has also given an order to stitch 1,000 uniforms for these students. The stitching of uniforms would cost $ 3,700 and hopefully they could be procured within one to two weeks. 

On the sponsorship of Kul Hind Majlis Tameer-e-Millat, Hyderabad, the Forum has purchased a piece of land at Karchi village to build a colony. Twenty-two new houses would be built at that piece of land. The Tameer-e-Millat has donated $ 20,000 to the Forum to build the colony . The colony would be named Tameer-e-Millat Hyderabad Colony. The construction of three new colonies at Chota Udaipur, Rajgadh and Devgadh Baria has been delayed due to certain official procedures. But within one to two weeks the construction work would be started. There is a demand for more new colonies (700 houses) at Anand, Sehra and Sanjely in Panchmal district, at Edar in Sabarkanta district and Baroda town. But due to paucity of funds we are unable to undertake more projects, says Babukhan. 

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