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RSS rule throughout the country a la Advani
By R.K. Anand

There is no gainsaying the fact that for the present RSS ideology has permeated the administrative machinery of the whole country and RSS rules the country through the deputy prime minister, Lal Krishn Advani. No body can claim that his or her power and authority will continue for ever but the poison instilled in the minds of youths of this country by BJP and RSS through leaders like Advani will continue to affect the Indian society and polity for a long time.

The biggest question that the country presently appears to be facing is whether Advani wants to turn the whole country into Gujarat? The way in which he has eulogized Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi and described him as the unique chief minister born in the last fifty years will greatly encourage the followers of Golwalkars and Veer Savarkars of the country. It appears that the deputy prime minister wants to see a Narendra Modi in every state of India so that the whole country should follow in the foot steps of Gujarat where a brother does not trust his brother and where the RSS ideology produced in its factory-cum-laboratory has engulfed the whole state like volcanic fire.

I can say with authority that the plan prepared by RSS ideologues is that the minds of youths ranging from 16 to 24 years should be poisoned against the composite Ganga-Yamuna culture and civilisation of this country. They should be educated and trained in such a manner as to hate the secular values and throttle the five thousand year old customs and traditions of this country which are associated with our communal harmony, unity in diversity and mutual and peaceful co-existence and through which we have been able to keep this country united. 

It is not that RSS has cast its spell on more than a billion of our people because even today 90 percent people of India are opposed to its policies. But when respect for man and humanity is no longer there, when neighbour refuses to recognise his neighbour and ones own citizens should become foreigners, even a small junta of satan-like persons is sufficient to set the whole country on fire. Gujarat is a witness to this satanic game where a few thousand misguided youths trampled humanity. The number of peace-loving people was far greater in comparison with the mischief mongers but the few thousand misguided youth had neither the fear of the Constitution nor of law because the guardians of law were themselves parts of group of killers and murderers and were fully backing and goading those who were playing with fire and blood.

Today our peace-loving people, seniors and youths, intellectuals and politicians, in fact all citizen of our country have the great responsibility of awakening the people of our country. They should light up the lamps of peace, love and reason which have been extinguished by the tempests of communalism and fanaticism. Every citizen of the country should know that the merchants of communalism have opened their fronts on all sides by misguiding the young minds of this country. We can smash these fronts by creating consciousness among the people. We need not use lathis, swords and bullets for breaking their fronts. Rather, we need to publicise and propagate on a large scale the ideals and principles for protecting and sticking to which Gandhiji staked even his life, Ashfaqullah Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil preferred to be sent to the gallows for the sake of this country’s independence.

One needs to understand the point that the merchants of communalism and hatred spread all over the country are the favourites of our deputy prime minister. They did not shed even a drop of their sweat (not to talk of blood) for the independence of the country but they have neither any hesitation nor grief over shedding the blood of innocent human beings. Praveen Togadia says that they will turn the whole country into Gujarat if Ram Mandir is not allowed to be built. Acharya Giri Raj Kishore says that if they are prevented from building Ram Mandirs they will make Ayodhya of every district of the country. Ashok Singhal says that courts have no right to interfere in matters of faith, though all his acts are against Hindu faiths and beliefs. Murli Manohar Joshi says that all Indian Muslims are ‘Muhammadi Hindus’. What is all this, after all? 

If someone criticises or defames the religious leaders of any one, he violates the principals and teachings of his own religion. Good and bad people are found in every community and class, among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, but it does not mean that because of a few hundred or thousand misguided people, their entire community or nation should be considered criminals or culprits. But, of course, it is the responsibility of the whole community that such elements should not be allowed to prosper and multiply. Today Advani is committing this sin. He has made up his mind to stigmatise his whole community for the sake of power. It is the duty of entire nation to prevent him from doing so.

Advani’s ideological mentor, K.C. Sudarshan says that if Muslims want to live in India, they will have to Indianise their religion. Murli Manohar Joshi says that Hindu Rashta is the basic culture of this country and that cultural nationalism itself is Hindutva. The fact, however, is that culture and civilisation are subject to, and offshoot of respective religions of people but they all have one national objective i.e. welfare and well-being of the country. If any religion enjoins its followers to keep away from loyalty to his country, to my mind that religion is unacceptable. The interesting thing is that Hinduism never allow its followers to indulge in anti-national activities while living in his own country nor does Islam permit such things. Prophet of Islam has clearly said that love for one’s country is a part of faith. This means that according to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), if some one calls himself a Muslim but is not loyal to his country, his faith is not true or perfect. Similarly, a person cannot be a true Hindu who promote and preaches ideas which may inevitably lead to danger to the security of the country.

Today thousands of activists of VHP, Bajrang Dal and other such organisations are preaching hatred in villages, towns and cities of the country. Who after all is backing and sponsoring them? The credit for this hateful activity goes to Lal Krishna Advani when he had started his rath yatra and when he had drawn a thick blood line throughout his route. Today the guardians of all secular values and traditions need to stand up against this trend and situation. (Translated from Urdu)

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