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EDITORIAL: 1-15 November 2001

Naked aggression follows Terrorism

American pummeling of Afghanistan has entered its third week. A giant superpower armed to teeth with latest equipment, rockets and planes which cannot be detected by radars, is ruthlessly pounding, day and night, a poor and devastated nation which was already reeling under US-imposed sanctions and three-year-long drought.

Afghanistan, rather the ruling Taliban, and their ‘guests’ Usama & Co have been pronounced ‘guilty’ without offering the world any evidence about their supposed responsibility for manifestly terrorist and coward attacks on targets in the US on 11 September. It is still not clear who is/are really responsible for those dastardly acts.

The culprits may be home-grown terrorists a-la McVeigh, or Israel which has already perpetrated such acts with finesse, like bombing the American Centre in Alexandria and USS Liberty, or criminally-ambitious elements in America’s own military and political establishment who had earlier planned to bomb their own country in order to justify sharp foreign policy turns, or America’s umpteen victims over the last two hundred years in Central and South Americas, Indo-China, Japan, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere whose human and political rights have been systematically crushed in order to manipulate their countries and their wealth for the benefit of America and its greedy allies whose sole aim is to maintain their high life styles at the expense of a naked and hungry world.

It is clear now that America refused to learn the lessons from the Black Tuesday tragedy and has rushed out to create more enemies in its blind quest to subjugate and exploit more people around the world - this time in Central Asia which cannot be controlled and exploited without taking over hapless Afghanistan directly or through all too familiar stooges.

The Taliban had offered to try Osama in their own country or to hand him over to an Islamic or neutral country for trial but all this makes no sense to Uncle Sam who, available evidence suggests, had already planned to attack Afghanistan prior to the tragedy of Black Tuesday.

Since the present attacks are utterly unjustified, for yet unproven guilt, and a whole country with millions of innocent people is being punished for the supposed crime of one man and his small band of supporters. Indeed, this may the first war in history which is being fought to arrest, ‘dead or alive,’ a single man. It is the duty of self-respecting and freedom-loving people all over the world to stand up and help their wronged brothers and sisters in Afghanistan as far as any individual or group can do and the least one can do is to consider this war as unjust and pray to Allah the Almighty to save the victims of this unjust war and punish the transgressors.

The world is seething in rage. Demonstrations are taking place here and there despite the opposition of the ruling classes who have, willy nilly, aligned themselves with the real terrorists who have proclaimed that whosoever is not with them is against them. Our own government for its own compulsions is supporting this injustice against a neighbour ignoring the fact that this bad precedent may be used against us one day - America may someday announce that our government is unacceptable to her majesty and if we don’t do this or that within this or that period, her rockets and bombers will start raining on us or any other Third World country which would be naturally unable to stand up to the aggressor’s might. This precedent of handing over a supposed ‘criminal’ to a foreign power without due legal procedure and the change of government by force by a foreign power is utterly wrong and against the very principles of international legitimacy, under UNO umbrella, which western countries have been selling us all these six decades for the sake of world peace. But when things get tough these very powers are the first to discard their empty slogans of justice, their hollow fair play and their empty human rights. The slogan for us is human rights, for them it is the time-tested rule of ‘might is right.’

Our Ulama have given a call to boycott western goods as a minimum requirement under the present situation and as a token of our rejection of the grave injustice being perpetrated against our defenceless brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. This is the least we can do to register our rejection of the great imperial game being played right now in our backyard by the US-UK combine.

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