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Jamia Urdu follow-up
Labour commissioner gives
breather to starving staff
By SU Rahman

And finally some good news for Jamia Urdu employees who have not been paid their salaries since January this year. The district administration has sealed five bank accounts of the Jamia in different banks following orders from Labour Commissioner Agra where Jamia Urdu Employees Union had petitioned against the Jamia administration.

VK Sharma, Labour Commissioner, Agra, who had earlier tried to resolve the issue amicably following the petition, was forced to take this extreme step following rigid stand taken by the Jamia Registrar Anwar Saeed who is facing numerous fraud and corruption charges. The labour commission had asked the Jamia Urdu registrar to pay RS 1.91 million to the employees as payment. The commission ordered sealing of five bank accounts only after the Jamia failed to comply with the order and the employees re-petitioned before the commissioner. The court order of recovery of the said amount has been complied by the local administration by sealing five bank accounts of the Jamia.

Jamia Urdu is in the thick of controversies and financial mismanagement for last more than three years when Anwar Saeed illegally restructured Jamia administration to suit himself. He has been occupying the two important posts of secretary and registrar of the leading Urdu institute in the country and doing everything unlawful with impunity. He has drained funds upto the tune of Rs 60-80 million within last three years. Jamia has suffered unimaginable losses and has completely lost credibility in academic circles where Jamia degrees were given considerable importance.
It is only Jamia Urdu Employees Union that has been fighting the registrar over non-payment of salaries and other grievances of the Jamia staff. The order of the Labour Commissioner of Agra is a big success for the Jamia Union. But unfortunately it is not going to be of much help for the starving staff of the Jamia Urdu as it is believed that most of the fund from account has already been siphoned off by the registrar, Anwar Saeed.

Ejaz Tirmizi, vice president of the employees union says that though it is a big win for us but employees are not going to get anything substantial out of it. He says that Anwar Saeed has siphoned off most of the money from Jamia accounts.

Tirmizi says that a large number of Jamia employees are actually starving for quite some time due to non-payment of their salaries by Anwar Saeed. He says that he is not exaggerating anything but only telling what is true to his knowledge. Tirmizi says that the poor employees of Jamia are in precarious situation due to non-payment of their salaries for last ten months.

When asked about the Jamia Urdu Bazyabi Committee launched more than a month ago by Syed Shahabuddin, he says he is not actually aware of anything done by the committee. He says that though he has not much idea of what the Committee is doing, but it has given us a moral boost. When asked as to whether he has been approached by the Committee or has heard of any activity being carried out by this Bazyabi Committee, he says that he has neither received anything nor heard anything regarding its activities.

Tirmizi says that the order of the Labour Commission has given a big sigh of relief to all Jamia Employees and has exposed Anwar Saeed who has always misguided common people.

Tirmizi and several other Jamia Urdu Employees Union office bearers were axed by Anwar Saeed over their efforts to expose him and their struggle for payment of salaries to common employees of Jamia. But it was of not much impact as these people had already got the union registered.

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