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I went through the MG 1-15 October 2001. It has come out exceptionally well. Here in Mangalore I have always tried to promote this magazine among my friends and will continue to do so.
Abdussalam Puthige
Maadhyama Communications P Ltd
Mangalore 575011

I appreciate but...
I happened to read few articles in your magazine. I find them interesting. Somehow I feel it is not explicit. Take for example the article on Movie Gadar. I know it is third rate movie and hardly of any substance, the subject is more delicate and subtle. If you know some of the movies made by Mr. Sharma earlier, you would not waste column on it.
Last but not least, I appreciate your good work, and wish you good luck in making a world better place. Secondly how you are planning to reach many others who need to be introduced to these views but

Uttam Saha, London

Why no MG in Mumbai?
Mumbai without M.G.? One fails to understand why Milli Gazette is not available in Mumbai? I am dead sure it should sell in thousands if appropriately displayed at newspaper stalls in Muslim areas. Its non-availability in Bombay is a loss to milli intelligentsia.
S. Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

India's desperation to join the US-led coalition, to push its own agenda of punishing Pakistan for its relentless scheming to export jehadis across the border into Kashmir as freedom fighters, has some Israel connection, as far as methodology is concerned. Long back, when when Egypt's Nasser nationalised Suez Canal in 'retaliation' for the US cancelation of its financial commitment to fund the building of Aswan dam, the British and French, part promoters, builders and owners of Suez Canal, invited Israel aboard to jointly attack Egypt and forcibly occupy Egyptian territory. Israel offered to provide logistics and wanted Sinai for itself. The coalition worked perfectly, except for the fact the President Eisenhour, the Republican leader was not playing along. At one point, Communist Russia rattled rockets, and US President has to order halt to all joint UK-France-Israeli misadventure and pull out. This time around, even though the piggy-backing strategy is Israeli, Indian leaders have missed the fact that it is the Republicans who are incharge of the US and they are not always tuned to Israel's plannings. They prefer to hold their own counsels, choose their own strategies, timings, partners and last but not the least, priorities. BJP leaders who are currently incharge of India's foreign policy should have realised that there is a marked difference between Republican Party and Democratic Party, even though they both profess to be non-partisan at the time of national crises. Bush is different from Clinton, who was more near to the socialist Prime Minister Ehud Barak and had a distinct soft corner for Jewish causes and money. I remember a letter that sent out to all newspapers, warning our Prime Minister not to be too closely identified with Democrats, lest we become a pariah when Republicans come in. It is time that our policy makers salvage India's pride and its credibility by controlling their misplaced obsession with Pakistan and rising above their communal tunnel vision to value the true worth of India and its place in the comity of nations. BJP's past record does not offer any promise and it will be in the interest in the interest of the country, that they be changed and replaced with more mature and pragmatic leadership. It is in India's interest to engage Pakistan, not in a war but in a dailogue to settle Kashmir problem, with or without US intermediary. India's destiny is not through Israeli strategies of war and destruction.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai

Go to Afghanistan!
I was going through your website and was extremely impressed by it. I want to express my sympathy about the horrors and injustices perpetrated against you and our ilk in India. Did it ever happened to you and fellow Islam brothers to move to Pakistan, or better yet to Afghanistan? Our Muslim brothers in Afghanistan, Taleban are taking Islam to new heights. I hope you will leave India soon and will move soon to Afghanistan!!

Anonymous, by email on 8 Oct.

Fringe hijackers
A galaxy of Red/liberal fringe Muslims gathered in Delhi last week, trying to hijack `Muslim leadership' from Shahi Imam by exhorting the media to give them the legitimacy denied to them by Muslim masses themselves. One is surprised how those who are against the very concept of organized religion per se should be posing as more `loyal than the King' in their efforts to pass themselves as the true torch-bearers of `Islam in danger'. Shabana Azmi took inherited poetic licence to suggest Shahi Imam should be dropped on Kandahar, to help solve his problem as well as India's. If Mullah Omer can get into the argument, it will not be uncharacteristic of him to suggest hanging Shabana from Qutub Minar, the way Taliban hanged Najibullah in Kabul. All these catchy sloganeering will get everybody media coverage, but will not solve the problem facing Muslims of India. While Muslims in India, by and large, together with majority of their compatriots lament that innocent civilians are dying in Afghanistan in US bombing and leftists are rejoicing in India, with the thought that those who have routed Soviet Russia out of Afghanistan, should be now getting their just deserts at the hands of their former allies, for whom they had sacrificed the cream of their full generation. This is the true face of their professed humanism.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai

Darain Shahidi
It was a pleasure visiting your site . It is so full of valuable information . Finding a mention about myself in newsmaker 1 to 15 august was an eyebrow raiser . But unfortunately it has some incorrect information neither did I ever study in mass communication research center jamia nor planned to go into films . And the fact that I rejected the idea of going into films because of not having an ideal face is incorrect . I am wondering where did you get this information from . I would be happy if you remove the piece from the site .And if you want to publish something on me in future I would be glad if you get in touch with me before you publish it .I am available on for any info you want from me .
Darain, Singapore

Is it their country alone?
The Hindu zealots brand SIMI of being antinational because it says that if indian constitution comes in the way of shari'at they are not bound to follow it. What about VHP which says whatever the court verdict be they will construct the Ram Mandir at the same place? Is not it violation of Indian constitution? In fact they have already violated the constitution by
demolishing Babri Masjid. Moreover they say that SIMI's involvement is suspected in some cases of violence, but Shivsena's involvement in 92 Bombay riots has been proved by The Shri Krishna Ayog. What about that Mr. Advani? And last but not the least, why Bajrang Dal is giving arms' training to its caders? Against whom they are being prepared? If they cause harm to the minorities then it is not an anti-national activity but if someone is even suspected of causing a harm to majority community then he is anti-national element. Why is it so? Is the country theirs alone??

Tauheed Ahmad
Bundelkhand Institute of Engg. & Tech., Jhansi

He was really a naseebdaar
May the Most Merciful Allah brighten the grave of Haji Ahmad Noor Ali Muhammad Attarwala (Bombay). He was really naseebdaar (lucky = dhu hazz) as he had regarded the God-given wealth as a trust and was ever happily ready to part with the right of the needy slaves of Allah. May his grave remain ever fragrant.
Sultan A Patel
Khanpur Deh-392150

Certainly, the scholars heading MOEMIN have taken the right decision to choose you as the Gen. Secretary of this august body. I, in person, and on behalf the Law Academic Council congratulate you for adorning this chair. No ray of doubt exists about your efficient and courageous efforts for the cause of Millat. This body has to perform a great task and it involve Himalayan responsibilities in the present scenario, particularly the recent trend emerging out of the US moves.
S Shafiq Ahmad, MA, LLM
Legal Consultant, Meerut

Black Tuesday
I see reports in the newspapers that leaders of Muslim countries are asking for bombing of Afghanistan to stop before the month of Ramadhan. What does this mean? Do they want the bombing to go on until the eve of Ramadhan which is on 15th of November? Then what will be left in Afghanistan to observe Ramadhan or celebrate Eid ul Fitr? Bombing must stop immediately. What justice is this that to find one man entire nation is being bombed? Can any other country having a similar grouse or grievance against another country allowed to bombard the other country? Has uncontrolled rage achieved anything in the history of the world? How well has someone said "We, to fight for kindness, must ourselves be both wise and kind."
M.Z.Chida, Chennai

Price of Afghans: $40
News item appeared that "Pakistan is all set to get about $800 million cash support from western countries this fiscal year ending into June to offset the massive loss to its economy due to the current crisis." In flagrant disregard to the hadith of the Prophet (saaws) that "Muslim is the brother of Muslim, he neither oppresses him nor abandons him", the rulers of Pakistan have abandoned 20 million muslims of Afghanistan for a mere $40 a piece. Whereas the prophet (saaws) declared the life of a muslim more precious than the Ka'aba, one wonders what will be the price of Ka'aba for the rulers.
Mohammed Johar

Rubbed the wrong way
It is doubtful if Bush government has informed American public about the real reason why Afghanistan is being bombed and why America wants Taliban to surrender power. As Hamid Mir, editor of Ausaf Urdu Daily, and biographer of Osama bin Laden, writes in This Week magazine (Oct 21,2001 issue- page:38): " The mullah (Omer) had already rubbed the Americans the wrong way when he refused to oblige their oil company, Unocal, which wanted to set up a $5 billion gas pipe line project from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. He was offered big money. Angered, Omer signed an MOU with an Argentinean company, Bridas. Americans now used both Pakistani and Saudi contacts to convince the Mulla to hand Osama over. In 1998, chief of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki, visited Omar with the offer to reconstruct Afghanistan in exchange for Osama. " You are pimps of Americans," Omar raged, "I know they want their military bases in my country; they want to enter here under the cover of construction companies; they want to plunder the natural resources of Afghanistan. Get lost, don't try to meet me again." Omar's differences with the Nawaz Sharif government began soon after this. Islamabad blamed the Taliban for mid-1999 sectarian violence. Today the Taliban perceives that General Pervez Musharraf is using the same language against it as Nawaz Sharif did two years ago, cementing Omar's long-held view that if the Pakistanis could ditch Hekmatyar, it could ditch Taliban too." It is shocking that a Texan President, indebted up to his neck to Oil companies for his election funding, is exploiting the total human, psychological and material resources of American public to carry out the private agenda of an oil company called UNOCAL. He is not averse to spin the great story that 7000 dead in New York attack owe their death to Osama and Taliban. This is sheer fraud not only on American people, but the people of whole world. America is proving to be much more ruthless and dangerous to his own country as well as to the defenseless people of the world, than a bunch of terrorist can ever be. President Bush should be personally condemned for his lawless armed action against innocent civilians and should be hauled before international court of justice to account for his murderous war crimes.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Bush & CO will lose
The American attack on on innocent Afghan peoples stands against the America's own theory of terrorism. If killing of American people on Sep 11 is an act of grave terrrorism; what should one call the killing of nearly 300 innocent Afghan civilians (which will further increase) since the 7th of October. Is not it another act of terrorism? Mr. Bush and his supporters should realize that terrorism always finds its seeds in some kind of oppression and its solution lies in the redressal of that root cause. The might of power can mum the voice of suppresed for the time being but not forever. America can devastate the Afghanistan by use of force but the growing worldwide protest against US-led terror compaign clearly indicates that Bush & Co. will lose the long term battle of world order.
Tauheed Ahmad,

Imperialist Terrorism
The unilateral attacks launched against Afghanistan by US and Britain are cynical moves to extend imperialist military hegemony over the globe. The indiscriminate bombing of an already war-ravaged country, in total violation of international law and in total disregard of the UN, cannot bring the criminals of September 11 to justice ­ rather the result of these attacks will be a loss of innocent civilian lives and the destruction of basic civilian infrastructure as happened in Iraq, where hundreds of thousands of civilians including children have lost their lives as a result of military attacks and economic sanction. But the imperialist war Machine, just like terrorist, pays little heed to this “collateral damage” in the pursuit of its sinister ends. The BJP government at the centre has reacted with abject servility to the US declaration of war. It was lucky for the people of India that the initial unconditional offer of access to military bases and other facilities was not accepted. However, the refueling facility that has been made available to US and Japanese military aircraft in itself contrary to India’s maintained position in favour of international law and marks a serious threat to our national security. The way in which a number of students arrested just because they were distributing pamphlets critical of the US aggression shows to what extant the ruling dispensation in our country in ready to go in order to be in the good books of the imperialist countries.
Terrorism and religious fundamentalism are grave threat to all peace loving people of the world today. In our country we feel this threat with particular acuteness, not the least because it is religious chauvinist force which is in power at the centre. However, this threat can be countered only through forging a unity of the people of the world, and imperialism which is premised on breaking this unity is part of the challenge we face, rather being the solution.

Mohammad Ajmal, Kishanganj

Wake up, Americans!
O Americans! Let not the dazzle of your material worldly wealth and prosperity dazzle your eyes making you blind from seeing the fact that your arrogant Zion-controlled administration has terribly and desperately antagonised the poor masses of almost every country of the world because of the extremely selfish, disruptive, corruptive and oppressive mischievious interferences carried out through CIA and from realising the Truth that every religion of the world (including Christianity and Judaism) emphatically orders its followers to forcefully fight the oppressors at any cost including life even if they be the their own blood-relatives because the Divine wrath is far more catastrophic and devastating than any man-made bomb!
Sultan A Patel
Khanpur Deh-392150

Hey Hey USA, how many Muslims
did you murder today!?

"And the rocket's red glare,
the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that the American murderers was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the stupid and the home of the cowards?"


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