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The Bali bomb blast

Every act of terror is not only depolrable but must be condemned (no matter who perpetrates it - an individual or a state). Unfortunately the media's flood lights are blinding the vision of the public to ask the question: "What is the cause of all this terror?" Did so many people who have been waging terror for many years right here in America all go to "Al-Qaeda Academy of Terror." 
Terror is part of human nature. It's easy to blame but not so easy to do the soul searching as to what leads to such actions. Even today's psychologists or psychiatrists have not been able to take a hard look at the causes. As a physicist, I believe that for any action to occur there has to be an agent serving as a cause for this action. And even the famous third law of Newton says: "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This law is not only valid in Physics but also it applies to human behavior (a challenge to psychologists to study physics). One thing that is good in open society in today's world is that there exist conscientious people who do a lot of research related to historical events and records, which a scientist calls historically observed data. For a scientist who is trained to analyse and see the patterns to draw conclusions and sometimes extrapolate the data to predict future events (which we frequently do in weather forecasting, stock market trends and other happenings in life). Lately some conscientious people have sifted through history and written books based upon government reports and declassified data, and other fact finding techniques (which some people refuse to acknowledge). In the light of the following references, the incident in Bali may be related to OIL. Indonesia is very rich in oil and other resources. 

Already there are two hot spots that we have been observing to simmer in that area: (1) Timor Island, and (2) Aceh, both in the OIL zone. It's very likely that this incident may have been created through paid agents by experts engaged in state terrorism. And by creating such an incident this may provide incentive for the stationing of American troops in that region, like it has happened for the last ten or fiteen years in the Middle East, and Balkans. The proponents of the New World Order have their eyes set on the resources of the developing nations before someone else tries to get them under their control. Thus today, the use of force and acquisition of military bases have become a norm of prime importance to safeguard the interests of Muti-National Coporations, of which the OIL industry is a major segment. The above conclusion is not a "conspiracy theory" but is based upon the study of historical data and the pattern contained in it.

B. Syed
Member, Union of Concerned Scientists

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