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‘Hindus let Muslims hold high posts’

With reference to the news item regarding vandalizing of Hindu temples in Bangladesh, I must say that this news is not at all surprising. Everyday we read about such atrocities and state-sponsored oppression of minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in our Muslim neighbourhoods, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The minorities in these countries have no voice and live under constant threat of religious persecution and have absolutely no opportunities for advancement.

No wonder we never hear of any member of the minority community ever holding any position of importance in these countries. And, even though at the time of partition the present area which is Pakistan had close to a 60% Hindu majority, which dwindled to about 6% after partition and is close to less than 1%. In India, however, this is not the case with Muslims.

The above anomaly is even more glaring, when we see that Bangladesh has over 12% Hindu population, roughly the same ratio of Muslims is presently in India. 

In contrast, Hindus in India have let Muslims hold high and nationally important positions as the President, Chief Ministers of many states, Air Chief, Head of the missile program, captain of our cricket and hockey teams, CEOs of many leading companies (public and otherwise) and of course mega heroes and heroines of our tinsel world… to name just a few.

Again, viewed in the backdrop of these population ratios, we never hear of even feeble protests from Hindus in Bangladesh in response to these atrocities, in contrast to the large scale killings, rampage indulged by Muslims in India. Also, many well respected studies have shown that in over 95% of the cases communal violence have been started by the minority Muslim community in India. It is anybody’ wonder what would happen if a ghastly crime like the Godhra train carnage or Akshardham were ever to be perpetuated in any of these countries by the Hindus... the Hindu community will be exterminated from the face of these countries. 

Those of us in the US have seen Americans like John Walker Lynn being persecuted for collaborating with the Taliban and plotting to harm America. We know any number of Muslims in India who are deeply involved in grave acts of terrorism against their own country, all in the name of their religion.

If a free society like America can curtail basic human rights to track down and persecute not only or potential perpetrators but even sympathizers, we in India respect and honor Muslims who openly incite acts of treason against the homeland. 

Against this backdrop, the silence from the civilized world and our own pseudo-secularists who readily attack Hindus for acts of self defense is deafening. Possibly this is a price the majority community pays to nurture the militancy of an extremist religious minority in any civilized Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish country.

This must be an eye opener for all Muslims in India. Hope they behave and make efforts to be loyal, peace loving citizens of India and the adopted countries wherever they live in.

R Gokare

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