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From majoritarianism to electoral terrorism
By Obaid Nasir

Lucknow: After religious majoritarianism BJP is now resorting to electoral terrorism in its bid to again capture power in the crucial state of UP which will ensure the stability of the Union government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The BJP is desperate and jittery with the looming defeat in UP assembly elections and its aftermath and therefore, is leaving no stone unturned to divert the tide in its favour. For this end it is adopting all the fair and foul means to win the election.

Chief Minister Rajnath Singh is adopting all the possible tricks for this purpose. Most dangerous among all his tricks is the tampering of electoral rolls. The Thakurdwara assembly case which the MG has reported in detail was just a tip of iceberg. More such cases are coming to fore and a pandora’s box has been opened which is putting the entire electoral exercise at stake

In Thakurdwara assembly segment names of 16 thousand Muslim voters were deleted from the electoral list and the names of about 21 thousand Hindu voters were added. The matter was brought to light by Begum Noor Bano and the Election Commission after thorough probe had ordered the suspension of one senior IAS ,3 PCS and two revenue officers. It was the first ever case of tampering the voters list on communal lines. And on such a big scale! Now another case has been brought to light by former defence minister and Samajwadi party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav this time in Ayodhya in Faizabad district, the nerve centre of Ram Mandir movement and the birth place of Lord Rama.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has disclosed that about 85000 additional voters have been added in the electoral list of Ayodhya assembly constituency. All these voters belong to Hindu community. Even Raja Ram Chandra (Lord Rama) has also been made a voter in his birth place. Mulayam Singh Yadav produced a photo copy of voters list of Ayodhya which shows several houses having 1718, 1314, 2279 and 1711 voters!

There has been an abnormal increase in the voters list of Faizabad assembly segment too and ninety percent increase has been registered in the number of Hindu voters whereas the Muslim population in Faizabad city is more than thirty percent. According to the details provided by Mulayam Singh Yadav to the press while Ayodhya has registered an increase of 84650 voters, Bikapur has registered an increase of 23740 voters, Sohawal 33292 and Milkipur 32448 voters in the last eight years. Here too the proportion of Hindu voters is much higher than Muslim voters. In Faizabad assembly segment 20 polling stations have registered an increase of 17500 voters out of which only 690 are Muslims. Mr Yadav has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission and has provided all the necessary documentary proofs to the commission which has ordered an enquiry by an officer of OSD rank.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has charged that Rajnath Singh is resorting to fudging of electoral list as a last ditch effort to save his government as all his tricks have failed. Rajnath Singh on the basis of this mass scale tampering in the electoral list is making the tall claims that BJP will come back to power after next election, Mr Yadav said.

On the other hand Mr. Ram Sharan Das the state President of Samajwadi party and Mr. Ahmad Hasan leader of opposition (Samajwadi Party) in the Legislative Council have alleged that the government has resorted to mass scale tampering in the electoral list in Sultanpur district also, a city bordering Faizabad. According to the list provided by these two leaders there are some voters whose name and father’s name is zero and their age is 125 years and in another case it is 115 years. This is the latest technique perfected by Rajnath Singh to win his losing electoral battle in the coming assembly polls. Mr. Ahmad Hasan said that after his MBC card recruitment drive and communal agenda has flopped Rajnath Singh is resorting to such petty political game but he cannot save his party from rout as people have seen their ugly face. This matter has also been referred to the Election Commission by both these leaders.

On the complaint of Samajwadi Party the Election Commission of India has ordered a probe which will be conducted by CM Misra an OSD in the UP Election Directorate. The Commission has assured that if the complaint is found to be genuine action will be taken against the guilty officers as in case of Thakurdwara.

Another example of electoral terrorism was when the photographs for Electoral Identity Card in Muslim dominated areas of Lucknow were taken the very next day five Muslims were gunned down in Lucknow. Naturally most Muslims could not get their photo identity cards.

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