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BJP breaks all rules on way to elections

Lucknow: No political party in India could claim that it has not misused bureaucracy for its political benefit if it got an opportunity to rule in any state or at the centre but BJP like many unbelievable records to its credit has once again won the championship in this game.

The most recent example of this misuse of bureaucracy by the BJP government in UP is the removal of the name of about 16000 Muslim voters and inclusion of about 22000 Hindu voters in Kotdwara assembly segment in Moradabad district that comes in Rampur Parliamentary constituency. The matter was brought to light by Congress member of Parliament and erstwhile ruler of Rampur Begum Noor Bano . She pleaded the case very successfully and compelled the Election Commission to initiate action against the guilty officers.The commission at her complaint,probed the matter on its own and was astonished to find the complaint to be genuine.It was the first incident before the commission where such large scale tampering in the electoral roll and that too on communal ground, were found..The incident amply proves how desperate saffron brigade is to win the forthcoming assembly election by hook or by crook. It knows very well that all the gimmicks of chief minister Rajnath Singh are not going to come to its rescue because the voters are fed up with the non governance and unlimited corruption and are not going to give it another opportunity to loot the state exchequer.

The BJP government is shamelessly playing communal card to polarise the voters on communal ground, Ban on SIMI and clean chit to VHP,Bajrang Dal and other Hindu militant organisation are steps in this direction.But the tampering of voters list is unparalleled and shows how far this government is ready to go for petty political gains no matter what great loss the nation will suffer.

The Election Commission after finding the complaint genuine not only ordered the rectification of the electoral rolls but also ordered the state government to suspend the then District Magistrate of Moradabad SK Gupta (IAS) DK Sinha the then Tahseeldar of Kotdwara and other senior officers. It is for the first time that an IAS officer and few PCS officers and other government employees are found guilty of tampering with the electoral rolls on communal line and have been punished.

The state government on whose initiative this blatant communal step was taken by the bureaucracy tried its best to save the skin of these officers and even dared the commission to give proof against these officers to initiate action. State chief secretary AP Verma faxed a message to the commission asking for proof

But he was snubbed by the commission which asked him to comply with its order without any ifs and buts. It was only after the strict order of the commission that SK Gupta IAS (now special secretary in Women Welfare Deptt.) and all other officers were suspended by the state government.

The tampering in the electoral rolls that too on communal ground is not new though the number of affected Muslim voters is of course very high and perhaps the first incident of its kind. Begum Noor Bano deserves kudos for her untiring efforts in bringing the culprits to book. But it is just a tip of iceberg. Hardly there will be any constituency where such mischiefs have not been committed by the saffron brigade with the connivance of the ever willing bureaucracy. The need of the hour is that Muslim social organisations should rise to the occasion and ensure that no tampering in voters list should take place because our votes are our only power in this democratic set-up.

After voters list second most important issue is the voters identity card. The Election Commission has clarified that only voters with identity cards will be allowed to cast their votes. Though Mr. Lingdoh the Chief Election Commissioner while speaking to media persons here in Lucknow has assured that even if a voter has got no identity card he will be allowed to cast his vote on presenting other relevant document like ration card etc. But given the mischievous mentality of Hindutva brigade it is hundred percent sure that Muslims not having identity cards will not be allowed to cast their votes by these hot heads and the bureaucracy will help them.

It is therefore the duty of Muslim social activists to ensure that the electoral list is genuinely updated and identity cards are issued to all deserving Muslim voters.

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