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Educationists mourn the death of Prof Fariq
Khurshid Ahmad - self-portrait

‘The renowned Arabic teacher, scholar, writer and former head of the Department of Arabic, Delhi University, Prof. Dr Khurshid Ahmad Fariq departed from us for good on 6 November. He was the compiler of many prestigious books and a winner of Indian Republic’s Presidential award. His name tops the list of modern Indian history of Arabic language and literature. His death has left the entire educational world in mourning’.

These are the words expressed by Prof. Shafeeq Ahmad Khan Nadwi, head of the Deptt. of Arabic, Jamia Millia Islamia, in a condolence meeting held in the Jamia. He said that if someone can be called the patron of the new generation in the field of Arabic education, language and literature, it is Prof. Khurshid Ahmad Fariq alone. He was born in Bareilly (UP) in 1916. His father, Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan, who accomplished his education from Deoband, was an Arabic-Persian lecturer in Government Inter College, Etawa. He received his early education from his father. After doing his BA, MA and PhD from the Aligarh Muslim University, he became associated with Delhi University and retired as professor and head of the department of Arabic. He received the award of the President for services of a high order. He spent 13 months in Cairo around 1956. He devoted his whole life in the compilation and writing like his illustrious teacher, Allama Abdul Aziz Memoni. His death leaves a vacuum which will never be filled. 

Khurshid Ahmad - self-portrait
Born in 1916 in Bareilly’s Mohalla Shahabad
Father: (Late) Mahmood Hasan.
Graduated from Darul Uloom Deoband.
Lecturer in Arabic & Persian, Government College, Etawa.
Received education in Arabic & Persian from my father.
High School : First division
BA (AMU) : First division MA (Arabic) (AMU) : First division
PhD : 1944
Lecturer (Arabic) (1943) : Anglo-Arabic
Reader (Arabic) : Delhi Uni
Professor (Arabic) : Delhi Uni

Visited Cairo for 13 months (circa 1956) for collecting research materials.

1. Official Letters of Abu Bakr – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
2. Official Letters of Umar Farooq – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
3. Official Letters of Usman Ghani – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
4. Economic Analysis of Orthodox Caliphate – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
5. Ancient India in Arabic Literature – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
6. Islamic World in the Tenth Century AD – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
7. New Light on Indian History - from an Arabic manuscript – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
8. Letters of Umar bin Khattab – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Arabic)
9. A statesman of the First Century – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
10. History of Ridda – Nadwatul Musannifeen, Delhi (Urdu)
11. History of Al-Ridda – Institute of Islamic Studies, Hamdard (Arabic)
12. Munammaq – Darul Ma’arif, Hyderabad
13. Ziad Ibn Abih – Delhi University
14. History of Arabic Literature (Part 1) – Institute of Islamic Studies, Hamdard, Delhi (English)
15. History of Arabic Literature (Part II) – Institute of Islamic Studies, Hamdard, Delhi (English)
16. History of Islam (published at personal expense)
17. Ja’ize (reviews) (18 Volumes) (published at personal expense)

All the Jaize (reviews) have been adopted and derived from the books of authoritative scholars, jurists, Qazis etc of the first, second, third and fourth centuries (Hijri). Under the title of each review, its sources have been given in parentheses. In the beginning of each review, a brief introduction of the authors of books from where extracts have been taken and detailed introduction of reviews have been offered. Years of publication, editors, pages and volume of the book, texts, vowel points, presence or absence of diacritics etc have been explained. Urdu translations of important extracts and books from where the extracts have been taken are also given in each review. The reviews cover 250 to 700 pages of unique texts alongwith Urdu translations. The reviews, however, have either been given to different people or have been sent to different libraries. I do not have any thing left with me.

From an autobiographical note hand-written by Prof. Khurshid Ahmad Fariq on 23 April 1999 (photocopy provided to MG by Prof. Fariq’s son Prof. Rafi’ul-’Imad Fainan)

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