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Rapid development and educational progress in South

Though the best way to find out the all-round specially the educational, progress of Muslims of South India and the method of achieving these is by living among them and seeing for ourselves, another way is by studying their own reports prepared from time to time. We can also get some information through newspapers and in this way a comparison of educational progress of Muslims of North and South India and the methods adopted for this purpose can very well be gauged. For the present we have two famous and widely circulated dailies of Hyderabad viz Munsif and Siyasat.

A review of this progress, based on the news appearing in these papers during the last few day can be very helpful in opening the eyes of Muslims of North India as to how people there are engaged in developmental, particularly educational, activities and what is their methodology and style of thinking. In many cases, single persons and single organizations are running so many institutions and a single institution is performing many types of works and services. It may be remembered that the Urdu newspaper in India with highest circulation is the daily Hind Samachar published from Jullunder in Punjab. Second number is of Mumbai's Inqilab. Hyderabad's Siyasat and Munsif are at No. 3 and 4. Usual issues of Siyasat comprise 12 pages and is priced Rs 2.50. Special issues contain 24 pages and is priced Rs 3.50. Special issues of Munsif contain 20 pages, price being Rs 3.00.

Now that the examinations are over and new academic year is scheduled to start shortly, news related to education, educational institutions, teachers, information advertisements, demands, appeals etc are being published in great numbers in these papers. There was a news item that in order to create interest in higher education and a sense of competition among Muslim students (boys as well as girls), Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust, in cooperation with Indo-British Muslim Educational Foundation, has distributed a scholarship amount of Rs 82,000 among 43 boys and girls students from tenth class upto graduation level. It may be mentioned in this connection that Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust has been founded in the memory of late Abid Ali Khan, former editor of Siyasat.

In a function held in the Golden Jubilee Auditorium of 'Siyasat' for distribution of scholarships, the editor of Siaysat said while addressing the students that this institution (Siyasat) is regularly guiding and helping the young generation of the community in providing opportunities for higher education and is also playing an important role in developing the minds of students. Describing the activities of the Trust he said that arrangements for the coaching of M.Set have been made in cooperation with M.S. Education. M.Set examinations are conducted for admissions to engineering and medical colleges. The Trust is also making arrangements for free coaching for G.U.M. through Mehboob Hussain Jigar Career Guidance. The Trust is also providing guidance for teaching of Urdu to students not knowing Urdu and also for preparing for other examinations. Arrangements have also been made for computer education in Siyasat.

Being very much impressed by the educational activities of the Siyasat. Specially the activities benefiting the boy and girl students of the nation and having faith and trust in it, Dr Fasihuddin Ali Khan, who is residing in London, has decided to award scholarships, in cooperation with this institution, to intelligent and deserving students of the nation with a view to developing educational interest in them. He has already presented a cheque for one lakh rupees. Ten boy and girl students top ranking in M. Set have been awarded Rs ten thousand each. Similarly, boy and girl students receiving education in S.S.C. Intermediate, Computer Science, graduation, B.Ed., B.Tech., B.Pharmacy, journalism, nursing and home science and Sayed Nasiruddin Ansari, who is preparing for IAS, were awarded three thousand rupees each as scholarships. Students joining MBBS and engineering courses were also given scholarships.

There is a news item in the paper which is in fact an advertisement in view of its contents, but seeing its utility and necessity for the general public, the paper published it as a news item, free of cost. This is a fine example of service to the community, its people, public institutions and mutual cooperation among newspapers. Obviously, the paper will recover its cost in some other form at some other time or the institution publishing this news may compensate the newspaper in some other way.

Anyway, it has been stated in this news that in the old city of Hyderabad, Confederation of Voluntary Associations (COVA) is managing almost seventy-five madrasas which assists the schools and madrasas in providing trained, capable, experienced, and also untrained, teachers. Applications are invited for the posts of teachers of all subjects at primary, middle and High School level and also for Physical Educational Trainer (PET), administrator, accountant, computer operator, office boys and girls security staff and 'ayahs' for member schools of COVA. It has also been stated in this news that applications should be forwarded individually by post at COVA address along with details and passport-size photographs.
COVA was set up in 1994 in the form of a confederation of some small organizations. The city of Hyderabad is the cradle of the composite culture and civilization where followers of different religions and faiths live peacefully. But for the last few years some anti-social and fascist elements are regularly spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of the city in the garb of politics and religion for their personal interest. Peace-loving citizens become victims of riots planned by these elements.

In order to control and improve the worsening condition and to take effective steps to promote building, developmental and welfare activities in the city and region and also to impress upon the youth to participate in such promotional activities, a large network has been created by uniting smaller mohalla-level committees and welfare organizations. Special care is taken to see that in this process smaller organizations do not lose their identity. Rather, these should be encouraged and their identity should be maintained. With this end in view, confederation of Voluntary Associations (COVA) was formed in 1994.

COVA is purely a social and welfare association whose objective is to provide economic stability to the people, healthy atmosphere to the youth by involving them in developmental activities like social progress and strengthening social and communal harmony for a peaceful society. 'Subversive activities destroy society and building and developmental activities bring about prosperity in society.' The objective of COVA is to prove the truth of this slogan, for the attainment of which different programmes have been initiated in which work is in progress. For the present, COVA is working in cooperation with about 200 small, local organizations of the old city. In addition to this, it is also engaged in 10 other districts of Andhra Pradesh outside Hyderabad. The strategy of COVA is that it avoids its own involvement in the execution of different programmes but implements the programmes by involving local people and organizations. In this way it tries to awaken in them a sense of responsibility and duty towards other people and also themselves. Programmes for the progress and welfare of children and youth are in progress. In addition to these, programmes like science exhibitions, Women's Day, Youth Festival etc are held every year. One of the annual programmes undertaken is summer camp which is held every year from 1 to 31 May.

This year 40 summer camps were organized in poor localities of the old city in which, according to informed sources, 4000 boys and girls took part every day. Timings of the camps were from 6 to 8 in the morning. The entire responsibility for organizing and running the camps is that of local organizations. This organization appoints a young, capable and active boy or girl as volunteer for every thirty children who help in arranging sports and maintaining discipline in this group. Games and sports like carrom, chess, badminton, volley ball footfall, kabaddi, sketching etc are held in these camps in which boys and girls take part with great enthusiasm. In addition to these, arrangements are made to teach painting, henna designing, hand embroidery etc to girls only in which girls acquire proficiency in a short time.

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