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It makes me very happy to see that mashallah MG is growing rapidly under your leadership. Congratulations.
If you do not mind, my saying that I have seen that often in the same issue of MG, more than one letters from the same writer are published in the Letter to the Editor page. That looks bad. It may make someone think that MG is simply trying to fill space. Perhaps it has happened due to oversight. I will appreciate it if you will correct the problem.
I am glad to see that you are trying to balance the material in MG by publishing news/articles on various aspects of Muslims, including modern Indian Muslims. Also you are publishing articles written by non-Muslims and non-Indians is a very healthy aspect of MG.
Kaleem Kawaja, Washington DC

Recently I read a copy of Milli Gazette. I felt happiness on seeing an excellent Muslim magazine from our land. I read the magazine from its first page to last page. Writings of Noam Chomsky and others were excellent. Earlier I had read some old issues of Muslim and Arab perspectives. That lead me to feel the urge for the Milli Gazette. Please try to circulate many copies in the state of Kerala.
C S Siddeeque
Pallarimangalam-68667, Kerala

Milli Gazette is a really valuable paper for Muslims. Its price is also very reasonable.
A Baqir Hasil
157-Miyan Bazaar, Gorakhpur-237001

Your journal has been linked in the ISLAMIC WORLD NEWS section of the site
Emam Reza(A.S.) Network, Mashhad, Iran

Some suggestions
I really dont like the idea of you putting "all" the articles of your magazine online on some chosen days. Instead I "strongly" advise you to put 1-5 articles everyday. This in addition to attracting lot more clicks will increase what is called "dynamic content" of the website. 
In most of your articles (online) I tend to see lot of names. Maulana he, mufti she, haji he, and so on. like 15 names. This in addition to confusing readers will make the article sloppy. For example I got so annoyed by the articles this time that I took pain to write this suggestion. I strongly "advise" you "Ummah" or Muslim intelligentsia to favour few individuals and create few good leaders so that younger generation will get inspired. Mentioning of lot of names and lot of organisations wont do any good. Create "ONE" true good Muslim leader for us to follow.
Noorul Ameen Mubarack, Georgia, USA

MG: As far as dynamic content is concerned who will not want it on their site. For this it is obvious that we should have a team of dedicated web designers. And the reality is that we don't afford here even a single full-time web designer. Our designer works for two days per issue. And we have all the article up on those "chosen days".
Actually people coming to our site are in search of free information, be it Muslims, or non-Muslim. No one wants to subscribe or support The Milli Gazette, except a very few. Our intelligent audience on the net just don't click on ads. (These days 80% ads are "pay per sale"!)
And after the sep 11 episode, not a single person from America has subscribed to The Milli Gazette.
So when the web is not generating ANY funds for us, actually we have been pumping money into it, what's the point in daily updating it, serving the same unsupportive visitors again and again.
I think the mission of the website is well served by its very presence. The mission being that the world could hear our side of the story, the real picture, the uncensored stuff etc etc.

Compiling book on Muslim heroes
I am compiling a book in Telugu Language titled INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE : MUSLIM HEROES. Which will carry the life sktechs of those martyrs who laid lives in the struggle against the Britishers for the liberation of our beloved India. Reders can send details of books or Institutions or Intellectuals who can help me by sending required information. This book in Telugu will come out of the press on or before Jan.2002. I am of the opinion that the share of Indian Muslim Society in the sacrifices of Indians should be brought out to the notice of the people in regional languages, so that Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers will come to know very easily about the supreme sacrifices of the Muslims in the INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE .
Syed Naseer Ahamed
D.No. 11-252/A, POLAKAMPADU - 522501,

Imam Bukhari
The imam has the freedom to say what he wants. The choice of words in the title "Bukhari Slams..." connotates that he has the power, he has the authority to slam some one else's authority or proclamations. 
Bukhari doesn't have that Authority. He may represent a segment of the Muslims who pray in the Jama Mosque, but he certainly does not represent the Muslims of India. I wish you exercise judgement in selecting the title of the article. As I gather, your purpose is to communicate the Muslim voice in a positive way and not sensationalize it.
Najma Grouse

POTO safeguards
Among the safeguard proposed by Kapil Sibal, there should be a provision for compensation to victims of misused POTO incarcerations.
As Justice Hospet Suresh has mentioned in his TOI/Bombay Times interview, out 77000 cases of Tada detainees, 72000 were finally released without any conviction. 
That should be enough to prove the wide scale misuse of such draconian legislation. Though all such 72000 were released without conviction, they nevertheless had to undergo long stretches of unjustified imprisonment. In all fairness, they should be fully compensated by the state for having to undergo physical, mental and social traumas, without any fault of their own. 
If POTO at all is considered for legislation, a must condition should be to ensure full compensation to innocent victims and the amount of compensation so granted, should be charged to the prosecuting authority that initiates the original actions. This should a precautionary and deterrent measure against misuse of arbitrary POTO prosecutions, as also to pinpoint accountability. 
The measure of compensating wrongful detention under POTO, will further strengthen the hands of law and order authorities in fending off all or any political interference in the operation of POTO.
The recent case of Nadeem Saifee should be an eye-opener, where less than professional unprejudiced handling as pointed out by British judiciary, had resulted in a huge loss of over Rs. 11 Crores to the national exchequer. 
This is not a small amount that could be squandered by politicians and prosecuting authorities, without fear of any personal accountability involved. 
Another fear that is not yet publicly discussed by the media is the danger of extortion, that will become the chief motivation in the misuse of POTO. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

What is the motto
Behind the POTO?
Do you want a permanent peace?
Then make injustice to see
If aim is overall tranquility
Then we must ensure total equality
Any undue arrogance
Must always end in violence
Human nature takes this road
Be it inland or abroad
It’s a permanent demand of nature
Never submit to any wild vulture
Take up an stick or an iron road
No difference if Faith is in only one God
S Akhtar Khanpur Deh-392150

Apropos of ‘POTO’ (MG issue 16-30 November 2001, page 6,7 & 17), it is most unfortunate with Indian citizens that India despite being declared a welfare state, democratic, secular, socialist Republic with an exhaustive written constitution as a custodian of the rights of the Indian people through various Laws, Acts and Provisions and legal network, they are put to various sorts of unconstitutional restrictions every now and then. It is mostly because of the corrupt implementary machinery of Law, Administration and judicial process of Rule of Law and its defective, biased, partial and prejudicial procedural faults and flaws.
The already existing Acts and Laws as IPC and relative Acts are too exhaustive to control Law and order. The intention of the political wing in power at centre and state is to cause a failure of democratic system that may hinder the growth of a particular section, group, community, religion and linguistic society that can claim share of power. 
S Shafiq Ahmad, Advocate

Concentration Camps
I am very upset about recent actions in the US. Muslim citizens are being arrested, and detained without any hope of getting a trail. The US government announced today (20 Nov). that it would limit the use of lawyers in this process, and that's just for the few they have actually charged. The rest are stuck in these modern day concentration camps. The FBI will not release any names, or the exact number they have in custody. They have already announced that they plan to use torture on these individuals. I have written every Islamic group in America, and except for Amnesty and few others no one cares what is happening to these 1100+ people. Today I wrote to every member of the Congress (The House/The senate). There are many innocent people who are in danger, and are being tortured because of their religious beliefs. I beg you to help these people. I feel that if I quit trying to get them released then I am turning my back on them, which I could never do. I have learned much about the Islamic faith in recent months, and believe it is based on love and brotherhood. I am now seeing the terrible damage that Israel and the United States have inflicted on the Islamic people. I have a true pain in my heart for these Islamic citizens that are being detained, there are times that I am in tears because I feel that I am not doing enough to help
Melissa Williams, Marietta, Ga., USA

What has happened to the Muslim establishments in Mumbai to display a senseless attitude? There is nothing in this world today that you can separate it out as pure and exclusive. Everything is owned by every one of us... the stock of Coca Cola and Pepsi is owned by Muslims all over the world, a whole lot of it or some of it may be owned directly or indirectly. The Airplanes we fly, the very use of these computers, the technology... the list goes on endlessly to show, how much the world is interdependent and inter connected. The only way these naive "businessmen" can live a "pure" "untouched" life is perhaps go to an Island, never inhabited before. Virtually every product we consume, breathe, medicate, drink... has connections with America, England, India... the entire world.
Mike Ghouse, Dallas, Texas

Liberty, prosperity and justice for all
While it may be possible for the Americans and their allies to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden and finish his Al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan in near future, the important question which still remains is whether this success in one part of the world will stop or prevent future terrorist attacks elswhere. What will happen afterwards? We must be well aware that without first paying heed to the symptoms, the decease will never be cured. As long as people are prepared to die for a cause by becoming human bombs and ready to turn aeroplanes into deadly surface-to-surface missiles, terrorism will continue to usher worldwide. One simple fact, which the world leaders and the governments forget easily, is that only when the perceived injustice and inequalities are removed from every field of social life, will acts of terror stop. In addition to engaging in military retaliation, surely, American government needs to do some introspection and find fair and universally acceptable solutions to the humanitarian disasters caused by its present arrogant policies in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention it’s past historic blunders, as accepted by none other than the former American president Bill Clinton very recently.
As such, it seems that a permanent resolution of terror problem will never be achieved with the help of the barrel of a gun. "Liberty, prosperity and justice for all" isn't supposed to be the prerogative of the US citizens alone. Until that important ideal is extended globally with equal zeal, the consequences will continue to be felt locally by the Americans.
M Aslam Chougle, Mumbai

American Terrorism and Human genocide
American barbarous bombing of innocent Afghanistan is more hateful and recent bombings over Iraq are nothing but madness and violation of all peace canons and human rights. World over people are protesting against America. George Shame on America for sending cruze missiles to hit innocents.
Manzur Elahi, Karimganj, Assam-788729

Boycot of US products
After the ban on US products like Coca Cola and Pepsi, the choice to ban US/UK drugs is most appropriate in as much as both US and UK, with their onerous patent regimes have been fleecing the rest of the world in an unimaginable rapacious manner. It is the taxes paid by pharmaceutical giants to their respective governments, that finances bombings on innocents abroad. As there is no viable defence to such highhanded and arbitrary actions of big powers, the move to undercut their finances, even on a token basis, should be the only viable and legal recourse available to the defenceless people of the world. In the context of India, boycott measures have been honoured legacy and tradition of our past struggle against colonial powers. 
Those who are monitoring US backlash on the firm holding patent for CIPRO, the antibiotic for anthrax attacks, will note how when the big powers are victims of their own rules and regulations, they feel no qualms at changing the whole gamut of rules of the game. At the instant of India, they now have to consider the case of patents and intellectual property rights, when health of third world poor is threatened. American drug giants have no mercy for the poor Africans suffering of aids, when they had been aggressively marketing their costly prescription. The rapacious nature of western monopoly pricing mechanism was fully exposed by none other than an Indian firm, CIPLA, by offering alternatives as remarkably affordable rates.
Ghulam Muhammed , Mumbai


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