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Victory Day on Dec. 6 amounts to contempt of Constitution: Yechuri

New Delhi: Senior member of CPI(M) politbureau, Sitaram Yechuri has said that the demolition of Babri Masjid was not an isolated act of a violent mob, but was part of a well-thought-out strategy to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra.

Talking to Milli Gazette on the 10th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition Yechuri said that Hindu Rashtra was nothing but a contemptible fascistic construct, an anachronism for modern civilisation. 

On the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s decision to celebrate the 10th anniversary of demolition of Babri Masjid as vijay divas (victory day), Yechuri said it was an attempt to rouse communal passions in the run-up to the Gujarat elections next month. 

"For them, winning elections in Gujarat is essential in the march to usher in a fascist Hindu Rashtra. On the basis of such a victory, it would replicate Gujarat genocide in other states and reap electoral benefit from the communal fires that would kill and maim thousands of people.” 

It was reprehensible that destruction of Babri Masjid, and with that the serious challenge posed to the secular, democratic, republican character of India, was to be celebrated as the "glory" of Hindus, he observed.

This proved that they held the modern Indian nation and its Constitution in utter contempt. "They have once again reiterated their eternal quest to convert this modern nation into a rabidly intolerant, communal, fascist nation," He added.

The communalists had adopted a two-pronged strategy–on the one hand they asked to generate a monolithic unity amongst a vast diversity within the community of Indians embracing Hinduism, and on the other, they generated hate against people outside the Hindu faith. 

Though the RSS and its progeny never tired of accusing all modern elements, particularly the secularists, of having borrowed Western concepts, they forgot that they were running a over state power in a system of parliamentary democracy borrowed from the West, Yechuri pointed out. 

The BJP can no longer convince anybody that its actions are independent of those of the VHP or Bajrang Dal. "The Sangh Parivar is like an octopus with numerous tentacles. Maybe these tentacles appear to be operating independently, but the same brain guides them all. The nerve-centre is the RSS". 

The occasional tears of remorse that are shed by some leaders, including the prime minister, and the deputy prime minister are only acts of hypocrisy. "While the former claims to have composed poetry when the Babri Masjid was being demolished by his cronies, the latter wrote obfuscating articles, with words like ‘regret’ thrown in, to mislead certain sections of the people," Yechuri said. 

One would be living in a fool’s paradise, if one were to consider the BJP as anything else but the political arm of the RSS. He however hoped that BJP losing the election in Gujarat would at once apply the brakes to halt the march of the communal juggernaut. “Defeat of the communal forces in Gujarat will mark the people's reassertion that they uphold the secular, democratic character of the republic", he asserted.

¯ Andalib Akhter 

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