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Muslim killing season inaugurated in Bihar
By Afsar Ali, Jamshedpur 

Laloo and Rabri Devi have been ruling Bihar with the help of Muslim vote because Muslims in Bihar kicked Congress (I) due to the Bhagalpur communal riots and have kept them selves aloof from other political parties on account of their anti-Muslim policy. The slogan ‘M-Y’ (Muslims+Yadavs) won the hearts of Muslims who believed that Yadavs would treat them as their own brethren and save them from the scourge of communal riots. 

In an apparent retaliatory strike, five members of a Muslim family have been slaughtered on 16 October at Ansari Tola of Tahira Village under Muffasil Police Station in Siwan District (Bihar). Satish Pandey led the marauders. This Yadav group started killing Muslims after 1990. The recent events are seen as a jolt to Laloo's ‘M-Y’ mantra in Bihar. 

It is a fact that on 13 October 11 persons belonging to the Yadav community were killed due to a running feud over the control of the property of Dhanauti Muth. Common Muslims were not involved in in the Yadavs assassination. But in a quick counter retaliation 5 Muslims, including a 5-year-old boy, were slaughtered at Tahira Village about 7 km away, barely four days after the Mujahidpur massacre. 

According to reports after 70 hours. of the Yadavs assassination in Mujahidpur, nearly 30 gunmen attacked the Tahira village opening fire from automatic weapons to terrorize the inhabitants. Ansari Tola of Tahira Village consists of only 12 houses and all are poor labourers. They had no enmity with others. God knows why and how did the gunmen killed these innocent Muslims. It was 8.00 p.m when the gunmen attacked Ansari Tola, caught 60 years Muhammad Hadis Ansari and slaughtered him with a sharp sword near a tree. Later the gunmen brought Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Rustam and Qayyoom out of their houses and slaughtered them in a nearby field. After that the gunmen caught 20-year-old Muhammad Alam from a neighboring house and snatched five-year-old Afroz while he was sucking at his mothers breast in her lap. Luckily Alam escaped having seen with his own eyes how his nephew was thrown to the ground and slaughtered. Hazara Khatun, the mother of 5-year-old Afroz, is stunned at the brutal murder of her innocent son. Even today she asks people why was her son killed by the gunmen? Her husband works outside Siwan and Afroz was being brought up by his mother.

The state administration apprehends that the first incident, involving a dispute over a Muth and the killing of Yadavs at Mujahidpur and the retaliation against Muslims at Tahira village has all the potential to communalize the situation. 

Muslims assassination in Siwan has raised some important questions: have Muslims been killed to effect a breach in Muslims-Yadav unity? Had communal forces prepared the background of Yadavs first and later committed Muslims assassination in order to malign the present chief minister Rabri Devi's secular character? Have politicians themselves encouraged the gunmen to kill the innocent Muslims? 

Muslims assassination in Siwan has created a trouble for the RJD govt. in Bihar because they compared Laloo-Rabri to their own ‘Messiah’. Common Muslims think that Yadavs have deliberately killed their brethren. They also think that Muslims did not kill Yadavs, while their brethren were killed by Yadavs. They say that if the former Mahant of the Muth, Garbhu Gosain, was forcibly evicted allegedly at the behest of Shahabudhin (RJD MP) and Shiv Kumar Gosain was installed in his place, why didn't the state govt. accuse him directly and include his name in the FIR lodged with the police in connection with the Yadavs assassination. Villagers at Mujahidpur refused to accept that Shahabuddin was guilty of Yadavs assassination.

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