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Taking Stock
Ideologies that faltered
By Rizwan Ullah

Rizwan UllahThe past century witnessed the failure of more than a couple of ideologies proclaimed and experimented with, to be the basis of a modern state. Only after going through the history of those failures and after having analyzed its causes, it can be concluded whether any of them or a similar ideology should be adopted for similar purposes anymore, anywhere, least of all in Indian circumstances where cultures, races and religions abound. Falsification of proven facts will be tantamount to a repetition of the processes that people had to undergo, time and money were wasted, generations lived a purpose-less life, died for no sense and were used like guinea pigs in political experimentation.

Communism had a bloody introduction in Europe. People lived a life full of hardships and agony under the domination of dictators in the garb of harbingers of equality for all. For almost three quarters of the past century the unfortunate people of what formed the erstwhile Soviet Union suffered all the pains and deprivations that the experiment could impose upon them until the failure of the system was proven. But by that time it had already wrought havoc on its weaker and smaller neighbours and in its wake it did provide enough opportunity for the war industry in the Western world to survive and flourish which would have withered after the end of the Second World War. 

The argument that communism still survives in China, Korea and Vietnam does not hold good for what has survived in those countries is not an incarnation of communism but the homogeneity of races. With the disintegration of the erstwhile Soviet Union they have become free from the hold of the over-lordship or its influence which they were compelled to bear with and they are opening up more and more towards the rest of the world including their past enemies. The phenomenon in Cuba is a different one. It is a dictatorship surviving at the mercy of a powerful neighbour, left to linger as long as it can until its natural end.

As for the racialism, it had two prominent manifestations: one in pre-war Germany and the other in South Africa till the final victory of the Nelson Mandela effect. In the former case one single race declared itself to be the purest and hence supreme. It did not like to see others besides themselves even to be governed, and wanted their society to be thoroughly cleansed of all polluting elements. They did their best to achieve that objective but collapsed at last. In the latter case the racists had outcast others but accepted them as slaves to be governed. The past century saw the down fall of both forms of racialism.

As for the state of Israel, it is true that it was established on the basis of Jewish racism but it is also true that it did not come into being on its own, it is not surviving either on its own. It was pegged into the bosom of Arabs by the most shrewd global planners and still it is not standing on its own, it is supported and held in place by the banyan like aerial roots of the Jewish diaspora in the United States and elsewhere in Europe. Moreover, it is too early to see the result of an international conspiracy which could not have been hatched to maturity without the help of betraying Arabs.

The theory of Pan-Islamism too could not go much farther. Several experiments in that direction failed within the span of the past century. It is doubtful that enough thought has been given to the causes of its failure. It sounds as if there is some inherent weakness in the Islamic political conceptualization. But the fact of the matter is just the otherwise. The pro-founder of Pan-Islamism forgot that Islam had clearly and unequivocally declared the existence of clans and tribes, that is people in present day political parlance, for the sake of their identification. What was inherent in that declaration was the emphasis on equality for all and that there should not be any discrimination on the basis of colour, race or tribe in-spite of the fact of their being in existence. How could the concept of Pan-Islamism work when Arabs were quarrelling among themselves and axing out for superiority over others? Every attempted union of Muslim countries failed. The latest example is the breaking up of Pakistan within a quarter century of its existence. The faith as such has failed to prove as uniting force.

These examples should be eye opener for those who are vigorously working for an utopian Hindu state and see India as a purely Hindu society even without assigning a definition of ‘Hindu’. When the perceptions about the society and the manner of the administration of its affairs are not clear the related actions will naturally be haphazard and the obvious result will be chaos which is manifesting itself in all sections of the masses and in every walk of life. Be it agitations and suicides of the peasants on the one hand and rotting piles of grains on the other, the direction-less education system resulting into growing unemployment or the instances of youth marching on war path, sprawling war groups with various nomenclatures, all of these and similar other manifestations are only symptoms and they must be seen as warnings about the events to come in not too distant future. These are writings on the wall. The people sitting at the fences will be well advised to have mercy for the ignorant masses and work for improving the lot of the poorest among them who have lost their voice in the dreadful din raised by the forces of darkness.

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