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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 December 2000

Delhi protests against Israeli brutality

Muslims protest against police brutality
New Delhi: A delegation of the Nationalist Congress party, Delhi Unit led by Baboo Khan Warsi, met the lieutenant governor of Delhi Vijay Kapoor on 25 October. The delegation tried to seek his attention towards the brutality of the Delhi Police let lose by the enforcers of law. The delegation conveyed to the lieutenant governor the anxieties and concerns of the common people, particularly minority communities towards these incidents of abetting crimes by the police. 
Baboo Khan Warsi, the president of Delhi unit of the NCP, told the lieutenant governor that the trust of the people has been shattered due to the conditions police created for over fifty years. The delegation also told the governor the case of Muhammad Irshad Khan who was killed mercilessly by the Delhi Police on 11 October. 

Assam Minorities Demand protection
Guwahati: Bogged down by three consecutive massacres, the Bihatar Hindi Speaking Coordination Committee has sought adequate protection for their people in the state.
Panic stricken businessmen and the traders of the state staged a sit-in under the banner and registered their protest against three massacres here in a very short period of time. They also submitted a memorandum to the Assam governor Lt. Gen. (Retd) SK Sinha expressing their apprehensions and fear in running their trades in different parts of the state. 
The newly formed organization which is comprised of leading traders and businessmen, also expressed apprehensions that ultras may resort to similar attacks against the Hindi speaking communities in other parts of state too unless stringent measures are taken to discourage them. 

Dowry harassment in Muslim family
New Delhi: Shahzadi, a 28-year-old woman was set ablaze by her in-laws in the Tilak Marg area of new Delhi on 3 November. She sustained 80 percent bun injuries. 
In an apparent case of torture for dowry, her mother in-law Shakila and sister in-law Rukhsana tried to kill her by pouring petrol on her and set her ablaze. Her husband Hashmat Ali was also present at the venue at that time. According to the police, the neighbours who listened her cries for help came and rescued her from her relatives. Her in-laws are absconding and Shahzadi is still in a critical condition.

Muslims to Pay for access to mosque
Agra: Incensed by the decision of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to levy entrance fee to the Taj Mahal and other monuments on Fridays, a large number of Muslims and members of the travel trade protested in front of the monument. 
The demonstrators gathered at the Taj gate in the morning and by afternoon their number had crossed several thousands making it difficult for the police and the administration to take any action against the agitators.
The demonstrators shouted slogans against the ASI and later held a meeting where the speakers who included local BSP and Congress leaders, criticized the move saying that not only Muslims but also all other communities should be allowed to the Taj and other monuments on Fridays.
Later Shabbir Ahmad, who was leading the demonstrators, handed over a memorandum to the ADM (city) opposing the move. A group of the demonstrators also moved towards the Agra Fort and forced the ticket counter to close down.
Conflicting statements have been made by the ASI on the issue. At times it has claimed that no entrance fee was levied on Muslims on Friday for offering Friday prayers in the complex and sometimes refuting it and reiterating that it has levied entrance fee for all for entering the complex.
All leaders of the community including all the political parties have opposed the move and supported Muslims demand for waiving the new fee imposed on believers for entering the Taj Mahal complex on Fridays. 

Maulana Azad remembered
New Delhi: Maulana Azad should be taken not as the leader of the Muslims alone. He was such a great revolutionary leader that if he were alive the country would not have faced the sort of crisis it is facing. These thoughts were expressed by the former governor of Uttar Pradesh Romesh Bhandari.
While talking in the 112th birth anniversary celebrations of Maulana Azad organized by the Educational League of Muslims in India organized at Ghalib Academy, Romesh Bhandari said that we could have done some real great things after the Indian's independence, but unfortunately we did nothing. Bhandari Added that the solution of all miseries the country is facing is possible only through attainment of full literacy in the country. He added that we could not do justice for more than eighty percent of the country's population that also include a considerably large number of the Muslims. 
CM Ibrahim, the guest of honour in the program praised the role of Maulana Azad in the freedom struggle and in the post partition scenario. Ibrahim stressed the role of media in the emerging national scenario and informed the audience that he is going to launch Muslims' own TV channel that will be launched somewhere in coming January. Others who spoke on the occasion included Prof. Shameem Jairajpuri VC of Maulana Azad National University and Arif Usmani chairman Educational League of Muslims in India.

Muslims protest against Israel
New Delhi: Indo-Arab Youth Council went on the streets on 8 November, protesting against brutality and aggression let loose by Israel against Palestine protesters. More than 250 people have been killed by Zionist in the occupied territories.
A large number of people joined the protest against the occupying forces sympathizing with their brethren in the holy land of Palestine. This protest was not alone, a number of protests have been made through sit-ins, demonstrations and several marches organized in the Capital and all the major cities. 
Another large protest was organized on 14 November in Bangalore in which tens of NGO's including PUCL, Janata Dal United, CMA, Jamaat-e-Islami, SIM, MSO, YMD, MFA, SIO and several other organizations participated. They also formed Palestine Sympathizers' Forum. Later the organizers met the governor VS Rama Devi and presented a memorandum to her. The demonstrators urged the government to condemn the killings by Israeli armed forces and bring about pressure on the government of Israel to respect the sanctity of religious places. 

Political parties woo Muslims
Agra: All eyes are set on Agra municipal polls scheduled to be held shortly. It is the first time when the BJP is fighting other secular parties like SP, BSP and Congress after Bangaru Laxman's ascendancy to the helm. The BJP has been claiming that Bangaru's overtures to the community will prove beneficial for the party in days to come.
Predominantly Muslim Agra is politically crucial to all parties as it serves as a window to Hindi heart-belt, specially Uttar Pradesh which has the largest number of parliamentary constituencies and holds the key to power at the centre.
Given the high stakes all parties are ensuring that they do not slacken their pressure on the Muslim community in the run up to the polls. The BSP has fielded the maximum numbers of Muslim candidates (6 out of ten). The new Shahi Imam Abdullah Bukhari has urged the Muslims to vote unitedly for the BSP. 
This election is very crucial for the BJP government in the state as it is going to decide the fate of the BJP government in the state. The secular parties are thus fighting to clinch the highest number of votes of the Muslim electorates.

Jamia Husainiya a model for other madrasas
Bhopal: Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, that was called Shiraz-e-Hind in the years bygone still maintains an umbilical chord with the past days. A number of institutions imparting religious education are still functioning in the city. These institutions have over the years tried to change and overhaul their syllabus. Darul Uloom Tajul Masajid Bhopal, Darul Uloom Jamia Arabia Islamia and Jamia Husainiya Khairul Uloom are a few among the several institution that have made a phenomenal changes over the years. Munshi Hussain Khan Technical Institute is one example where religious Muslims institutions have helped develop institutions for technical education.
In a program in Jamia Husainia organized on 7 November, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh appreciated the role being played by this madrasa in imparting the value education to the students. 
The chief minister said that religious education should be mixed with modern education so that it could serve the nation in more effective ways. He said that Jamia Husainia is fulfilling those needs. The chief minister added that his government is solidly behind the efforts of upgrading madrasas and his help in this process is assured.

Historical mosque on the brink of extinction
Calcutta: Once upon a time, Lake Mosque stood on an island in Rabindra Sarovar. A century after it was built, the mosque today is the island.
Not for long. The hungry lake is almost done with the banks of the island. People in the neighbourhood fear it is only a matter of time before the waters start eroding the mosque too. Muslim leaders who surveyed the extent of erosion are concerned by the findings. One of the architects who surveyed the spot says that the mosque will subside unless immediate steps are taken to check erosion on the western side. The mosque is not the only structure crying for attention, the bridge leading to it is also in tatters. 
The trustee looking after the mosque feels it is Calcutta Improvement Trust that should do something about it. The CIT is responsible for the upkeep of the surroundings. Every one knows that the land is subsiding along a part of the mosque. But before we make any changes, we need CIT's permission which is not always forthcoming. 
The mosque was built over four generations ago and has been able to withstand the pressure for more than two hundred years. 

Muhajir leaders of Pak should not interfere
Aligarh: The Organizational Secretary of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), Dr Ariful Islam, has said in a signed press release that IUML considers recent statements of Pakistan’s Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) leaders as interference in the internal affairs of Indian Muslims. He has taken special exception to Dr Siddiqui’s statement that Pakistan was created for all Muslims of the sub-continent, which clearly proves his ignorance of history. If his statement is accepted, Indian Muslims will not be having any legal rights in this country and their status will be of second class citizens.
It has been further stated in the release that Dr Siddiqui should know that Muslim League had neither fought for a separate homeland nor Pakistan was created as a homeland. In the 1940 Resolution for Pakistan, demand was raised only for converting Muslim majority areas into independent and self-governing states. Another important demand was that Hindu and Muslim minorities in Muslim and Hindu majority areas should be given equal fundamental rights. The problem of Urdu speaking Mohajireen is Pakistan’s internal matter.
Reacting to Dr Siddiqui’s statement that Mr Altaf Hussain wants to address Indian Muslims, Dr Islam said that IUML requests Indian government never to allow foreigners to interfere in interval affairs of India. Indian Muslims do not need any advice from any Pakistani, Iranian or Arabian leaders. They are capable of solving their problems themselves.

United Muslim of India Meeting 
New Delhi: A General Body meeting of United Muslim of India (Delhi Branch) was held at Shaheed Ashfaque Ahmad Khan Park under the chairmanship of Maulana Mohammad Furqan Qasmi in which foreign influence on Muslim society was reviewed.

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