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Dateline: Jamshedpur
ISI agent Shiv Shankar Sahu arrested
By Afsar Ali

A large number of Muslims have been suspected of being ISI agents and have been tortured in police custody. But the arrest of Shiv Shankar Sahu as an ISI agent in Bihar is enough to prove that ISI agents may belong to members of any community who prefer riches to national interest. Yet only Muslims are projected as ‘ISI agents’ and communal forces deliberately use this propaganda to question the patriotism of the whole community.

According to the sources the police have claimed to arrest Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI agent Shiv Shankar Sahu under Town police station in Sitamarhi district (Bihar). Mr. Alok Raj, the SP, has reported to the the press that the police has arrested this ISI agent on the basis of confidential information. Fake 21,000 notes have been recovered from Shiv Shankar. All notes belong to OCB series. The notes of these series have been earlier recovered from 11 arrested Kashmiris in Sitamarhi. Mr. Alok Raj hopes to collect some other information regarding the activity of ISI agents in Sitamarhi. Mr. Sahu; the ISI agent is the resident of ‘Zerazor’ village under Raj police Station of Muzzafarpur District, Bihar. During police interrogation, he has accepted that those notes have been supplied to him by Kedar Sahu; the resident of ‘Mahnapur’ village under Pirarhi Police Station of Shivhar District. In Bihar. It is to be noted that the police have arrested two trained Pakistani Agents with explosive RDX in Sitamarhi. Sitamarhi police have achieved success by arresting ISI agent Shiv Shankar Sahu with fake notes it is said that there may be some other ISI agent in Sitamarhi attached with Mr. Sahu.

The sources say that some of the Naxalite organizations (not belonging to Muslims) have been reported to have a link with ISI Pakistani Intelligence. But the Govt. of Bihar has not yet drawn any kind of serious attention of the union home ministry. 

Some of the cases of selling daughters by their poor fathers have come to light in Bihar. According to the sources Zameer Ansari, resident of Barmo (Bokaro), has further sold his innocent 15-year-old-daughter Neha Taj due to poverty. For 20 decimal lands her father had sold her earlier too. When her father failed to acquire the promised land her daughter was compelled to get talaq from her husband. It seems as if Neha Taj were destined to be sold from one man to another. 

It is said that a large number of girls have been sold by exploiting the Islamic ritual of Nikah in Barmo, but district administration, political parties, social organizations and public leaders have failed to uproot this social evil. 

According to confidential sources Zameer Ansari of Kurko village under Kasmar block of Barmo sub-division had earlier married off his daughter Neha Taj to 24-year-old Muqim Ansari of Bijnor (U.P.) who was physically handicapped. For this the bridegroom gave him Rs. 4000 four years ago. She was earlier married to 40-years-old Shakil Ahmad of Orissa for 20 decimal lands. But when Taj’s father did not get the promised land, she was forcibly compelled to have talaq from her husband. When it was planned to sell her again local youths under the leadership of Shakur Ansari, secretary of Awami Welfare Society Barmo, started their protest. But Taj’s father Zameer Ansari told the people that he was too poor to marry off his daughter and it was too difficult to cater the needs of his livelihood. In such a situation he had no other way to get money expect by selling his daughter. 

Sources said handicapped Muqim Ansari of Bijinor, in search of teenaged girls, had at first made a contact with broker Aftab Ansari in Kasmar (Bokaro). Aftab arranged Taj’s Nikah and she was thus sold to Muqim Ansari for Rs. 4000. When the villagers protested against this, the Nikah was postponed for some days. Later Taj’s parents, along with the broker Aftab, went to Bijinor and sold their daughter under the guise of an Islamic Nikah. It is noteworthy here that the weaving profession has been disrupted in the areas. As a result, Zameer’s economic condition has worsened. He has two sons and three daughters. 

Sources say that Ishaq Mian of Surjudih village has also asked his 17-year-old daughter Reshma to perform Nikah with Abdul Zahir Razzaque, a 55-years-old Maldivian, in return for some money. 

It is reported that more than 100 Muslim girls have been sold within a decade for money. In order to satisfy morbid desires, bridegrooms pay money to the girls’ parents and later on leave such girls in the lurch. Such girls are then married again to someone as they are considered ‘divorced wives’ and Islam allows marrying such divorced women. Parents of such girls are exploiting this Islamic law by selling their daughters in the name of Nikah..

Ruling RJD government of Bihar is playing hide and seek since 1994 with the rehabilitation of more than 100 Muslim shopkeepers at Dhatkidih in Jamshedpur. Dhatkidih market association president, Feroz Khan, who is himself East Singhbum district secretary of RJD, has approached RJD supremo Laloo Parsad Yadav, Rabri Devi, CM, Tasleemuddin, housing minister, and Jabir Hussain, chairman, Bihar legislative council, to solve this problem. He has also met administration officials dozens of times for the redressal of the their grievances but all efforts have proved futile since the problem concerns only Muslim victims. 

When the shopkeepers at Sakchi were displaced during an encroachment drive, the district administration had made an alternate arrangements for them known as Sanjay Market, Daily Market and and Shalini Market. But nothing of this sort ever materialized for the displaced Muslim shopkeepers of Dhaktdih who became the victim of encroachment drive on 2 September 1994.

In order to get shops , the shopkeepers have staged demonstrations on 3 June, 4 September 1996, 21 January, 3 March, 5 June, 2 September 1997, 2 August 1998, 15 May, 17 July 1999. Their leader Feroz Khan sat on fast unto death to compel the DC, East Singhbhum, to allot shops to the displaced shopkeepers of Dhaktdih. Mr. Khan has always been assured that the district administration will soon allot them shops. But these assurances have always proved false. 

The eviction of those shopkeepers has brought in a lot of misery and suffering to their family.

According to sources, in response to Mr.Firoz Khan’s letter, Mr. Jabir Hussain has asked the district administration to take interest in the rehabilitation of these shopkeepers. Prof Sohail Ahmad Khan , chairman of minority commission Bihar, has also sent a letter to the DC East Singhbhum in this connection. Earlier Taslimudiddin, MP, had written a letter to Laloo Prasad Yadav in 1997 saying that if it is proper to displace someone, it is also necessary to rehabilitate him. Minority Welfare State minister Javed Iqbal Ansari had also assured the shopkeepers of Dhatkidih that their problems will be solved. Despite this the local administration has till now turned a deaf ear to this problem. It is said that Rabri Devi CM Bihar, has recently directed DC East Singhbhum to solve the problem but the shopkeepers are yet to see any results.

It is worth noting here that Dhatkidih Market Association President Mr. Firoz Khan has been threatened on various occasions by unknown figures to drop the struggle or face the consequences. Talking to The Milli Gazette Mr. Firoz Khan said he would continue his agitation and demonstrations for the rehabilitation of the displaced shopkeepers till the last moment of his life.

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