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Chota Rajan a nationalist?
By S Ubaidur Rahman

If you are an underworld don, a petty extortionist or a killer for supari [contract killing], you are the right person and our intelligence agencies are searching for you. No it is not for arresting you and letting you die a slow death in a four-feet small prison cell. You are mistaken if you think so. The intelligence agencies are searching for you to collaborate with them in order to fight the menace of the ISI and Dawood Ibrahim in the country. And this is common news now that our topnotch intelligence agencies worked with Chota Rajan. And if it can be he, why not you?

Chota Rajan is still in the news. The mafia don who was attacked by some assailants, alleged to be henchmen of Dawood Ibrahim, an underworld don, continues to be given undue exposure by the media. Every activity and smallest action of his are being covered by both the electronic and print media. 

The don who sustained severe injuries in Bangkok on 15 September is being highlighted as a great warrior, saviour of the country and a patriot. And there are continuous speculations about his supposed return to the country. Several news channels that include the government's very own Doordarshan, have deputed their correspondents to cover this 'great' news from the Thai capital. Big pictures of the don are flashed on TV screens before and after every newscast just as they adorn the front pages of the mainstream print media. For sure we have not missed any single news of the don since he was injured. 

The media is bent on projecting and portraying him as one who is fighting the holy war for the country. And if the media reports are to be believed this petty mafiosi who kills people for supari (contract murder) and survives on drug trafficking and money extorted from businessmen, works hand in gloves with our security agencies including the high profile RAW (our CIA) and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). These prestigious and frontline intelligence agencies are banking on this petty drug trafficker and extortionist to fight the menace of the ISI, that has supposedly spread all over the country. News reports credit this underworld don to be behind the killing of Mirza Dilshad Beg, a member of the Nepali parliament, with the assistance of our intelligence agencies. And if these reports are to be believed, he is also working on several other 'projects' with our intelligence agencies, that include liquidating Dawood Ibrahim and his underworld supremacy. People were skeptical of news reports that he was being protected by the Shiv Sena government which was earlier in power in Maharashtra and his gang was being given unannounced amnesty by the state government. It was also totally unbelievable for a number of people that the police under the Shiv shahi was assisting the Chota Rajan group to eliminate Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel gangs from the Mumbai underworld. 

It will not be inappropriate to remind ourselves that our union home minister did not hesitate to inform the press regarding the well being of the mafioso shortly after his injury in Thailand. It was the job of police officers in Mumbai and Bangkok to handle this issue. Home minister's statement did not fail to amuse the common man. Advani has not enough time to give attention to the spiralling crime and terrorism graph in the country and issues that concern the common people. 

It will be a horrifying news for a number of people to know that Thai authorities complain that no Indian official approached them for the extradition of Chota Rajan! Now the latest news is that Rajan has left Thailand for an unknown destination while our police was yet to get its acts together. This may be due to the fact that we hate to have a patriotic criminal behind bars here.
Newspapers are abuzz with reports from Thailand that this don wants to return to India. No comments have been heard so far from our politicians as to what is going to be his fate if he returns to India. It seems that the media is projecting him as a Hindu nationalist working for the country. Dawood may also someday claim that he is working for the welfare of the Muslims!

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