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Maulana Salim’s group represents ‘the continuity of the Mushawarat'

Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasmi as president represents the continuity of the Mushwarat. The splinter group is too small to be called a ‘parallel Mushawarat’ says Ameeduzzaman Kairanwi in his rejoinder to Syed Shahabuddin’s assertion that no parallel Mushawarat exists (The Milli Gazette, 18, 16 October).

Syed Shahabuddin (left) and Maulana Salim

In an interview with him by your esteemed journal, published in its issue dated 16 – 31 October 2000, Mr. Syed Shahabuddin has made some misleading, confusing and self-contradictory assertions. Speaking about Maulana Muhammad. Salim Qasimi, president of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat he said, ‘actually he is not aware of the intricacies of the Mushawarat. I have great respect for him’. We appreciate his great respect for the President of the Mushawarat, but is it not self-contradictory that in spite of that he has shown disrespect to him in every respect. He along with his coterie refused to abide by any of his decisions, especially during the pre-split days. He for instance did not abide by the date fixed for Mushawarat’s crucial meeting. He and his coterie precipitated the date in a futile bid to pre-empt the post of the person for whom he claims to have great respect.

He said, ‘The Mushawarat has not split. If half a dozen disgruntled people walk away of any organization you cannot call it a split… No parallel Mushawarat actually exists as is being claimed’. As far as the first part of his assertion is concerned I think he is not correct because there exists a splinter group led by him. How can he deny the very existence of a group comprising dissidents, which is not headed by a person other than him? Is it a truth emanating from the fact that those who walked away from the organization are only half a dozen disgruntled people according to his own admission. This is not our claim. I did not apply my mind to this aspect and did not count the number of people who walked away with him. What makes us believe that he may be talking of himself and his group is that this does not apply to us because the newly constituted working committee of the Mushawarat itself comprises of at least thirteen members from the previous one, namely Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasimi, Maulana Syed Ahmad Hashmi, Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani, Maulana Syed Khadim Husain, Maulana Faqihuddin, Maulana Fuzailur Rehman Qasimi, Janab Khalid Sabir, Janab Abdul Qadir Advocate, Janab Khaliq Ahmad Advocate.

It is worth mentioning that three of them are founder members. Moreover Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasimi represents the continuity of the Mushawarat, at its highest level, as he has been the President of the same in the previous term as well. Maulana Wali Rahmani the Vice-President has been holding this post for a long time, while Maulana Junaid Ahmad Banarsi, the treasurer, was also holding the same post in the previous term.

There are others who were in the Mushawarat before the recent elections and are still associated with it as its important members. These include Maulana Habib Raihan Nadwi, Janab Sameeullah, Janab Mahboob Ahmad, Janab Azizul Hasan Siddiqui Ghazipuri, Janab Abdus Sattar Ansari, Janab Abdur Rashid Ansari, Janab Hamid Khizar , Janab Qari Muhammad Qasim etc. Some of them have been taken in the working committee.

This does not mean that the rest of the members of the previous working committee or the other members have joined the splinter group. Many of them have opted out to remain neutral; some of them have not been taken this time to accommodate new faces. We agree with Mr Shahabuddin that no parallel Mushawarat actually exists because it will not be fair to describe a small coterie headed by him as a parallel Mushawarat.

His claim about Mr Kalimuddin Shams that he is not with us is incorrect. The Mushawarat has a letter of his consent. Besides he has made many absurd accusations against the general secretary of the Mushawarat, Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasimi. He claimed that he has to return Rs. 5,00,000 to the Mushawarat. The wording is mischievous and confusing as it may lead to misunderstanding that he owes this amount to the Mushawarat, or he has tampered with it. But the following sentence reduces the accusation to an allegation of no significance. He says, ‘He has not furnished the account of this amount he withdrew from the fixed deposit of the Mushawarat, (what for? He himself says:) to meet office expenses (when? Again he himself says:) during his tenure as general secretary (from 1990-1995). It means that Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasimi, according to Mr Shahabuddin, withdrew Rs. 100,000 per year to meet the office expenses of the Mushawarat which is an All India level organization. Is it correct in such a case to say that he has to return Rs. 500,000 to the Mushawarat. Moreover Maulana Qasimi has refuted the allegation that the account of the amount has not been furnished, as baseless. He has records to prove that all accounts have duly been furnished and endorsed as per the procedure of the Mushawarat.

Syed Shahabuddin, according to his claim, respects Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasimi, the president of the Mushawarat. His only reservation against him seems to be that he is not aware of the intricacies of the Mushawarat. Is it a justified ground for him to break away from the organization to head a group of some disgruntled persons? What about Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasimi? Does he also lack the same requirement for holding the post of General Secretary or does he command an extra awareness of the intricacies, which caused apprehensions that prompted Syed Shahabuddin to make such absurd accusations against him.
Mr Shahabuddin alleged that Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasimi approached him to tell him that president of the Mushawarat had suggested to revive the old organization by which he allegedly meant that he should be made the general secretary. But Mr Shahabuddin says that he told him that the Mushawarat has a democratic setup and it will do its job. I think it was not the correct answer. He should have told him that he would oppose him in view of the accusations he has hurled against Maulana Qasimi. It is amazing why he has kept silent throughout this long period. Why did he not ask him to furnish the account earlier? This is sufficient to prove that the flimsy allegations made by the gifted leader against Maulana Qasimi are baseless and irrelevant.

Syed Ubaidur Rehman of The Milli Gazette has described Mr Shahabuddin as one of the very few gifted leaders, the leadership-starved Muslim community has. It is his right to describe him as he wishes. We do not object to it. Nevertheless my opinion is different. Let me say that he is not, as described, a gifted writer, orator or debater. But it is not appropriate to regard him as a gifted leader. A leader must have mass following, which requires many qualities, such as flexibility and magnanimity with firmness, and steadfastness. You will never find supporters and followers let alone the colleagues, around any ambitious person aspiring for leadership who is adamant and arrogant with his stubborn attitude.

Ameeduz Zaman Kairanwi is a member of the Working Committee, All-India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (Salim Qasimi Group)

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