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UP govt accused of ‘state terrorism’
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

UP government has been blamed for spreading state terrorism targeting innocent Muslim youths in the name of curbing ISI activities at a recent convention on ‘Terrorism: what and why’ organized by the Minorities Forum of India, an organization headed by Azam Khan, Rajya Sabha member of Samajwadi Party. 

The special task force of UP Police was specially taken to task by the speakers for harassing, torturing and defaming Muslim youths through their pet media just to please their political bosses, i.e., BJP.

Samajwadi Party president Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav presided over the convention and left no stone unturned to project himself as the messiah of Muslims and to criticize the Sangh Parivar.

Mulayam Singh Yadav termed the shishu mandirs as the breeding ground of terrorists where bigotry and fanaticism are included in the syllabus. He said that those who demolished Babri Masjid were the dreaded terrorists. He advocated good neighbourly relations with Pakistan and said that terrorism could not be contained without the friendship between the two countries. However, no one has forgotten his suggestion of storming the terrorist training camps in Pakistan. 

He also made a meaningful observation: that cross border terrorism could not be contained without taking Muslims into confidence.

The rector of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema, Maulana Rabey Nadwi, was the star attraction of the seminar. Maulana regretted that the goal of national integration could not be achieved even after fifty years of independence. He specially mentioned the ‘Islamic terrorism number’ of RSS sponsored Hindi magazine Vishwa Sanvad Kendra which did not spare even Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and branded him as the first Muslim terrorist (Nauzbillah). Such attempts only create misunderstanding and distrust among different sections of our society which is very harmful to the nation, he observed. 

Maulana said that such things are not going to harm Muslims since two hundred million Muslims of this country cannot be thrown into the Indian Ocean. However, if they retaliated violently, Muslims and Islam should not be held responsible for such an eventuality. He said that injustice, discrimination and deprivation have been the root cause behind all the civil wars in history.

The fire-brand Rajya Sabha member of Samajwadi Party, Azam Khan, said that Dr. Abdul Mubeen, the student arrested by STF from Aligarh Muslim University, is innocent. And if his confession before the police has any value hand over Advaniji to us and with in half an hour we will get his confessional statement that he is an ISI agent. 

The chairman of the reception committee Muhammad Suleman said that Kashmir is the integral part of India and the Indian Muslims have got nothing to do with Pakistan. 

Convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee, Zafaryab Jilani, requested media to be impartial and objective. He recited few verses from Holy Qur'an to prove that terrorism has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, the religion of peace and brotherhood. Lok Dal legislature party leader Nawab Kaukab Hameed came out heavily on communal and divisive forces and branded them not only anti-national but terrorist also. 

In the resolutions that were passed all sections of Indian society were warned that the BJP government of UP is trying to polarize the voters on communal lines and this attempt should be foiled by one and all. It was also demanded that the attempt to link Islam with terrorism should be stopped forthwith and the cases of all those Muslim boys who have been arrested on charges of subversive activities should be expedited in time bound manner to clear the doubts.

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