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Kashmir: An option
By Dr Abdul Jabbar

Kashmir, the paradise on earth, has turned into hell due to the so-called freedom struggle. What is the religious importance of this Jihad-e-Azadi and what would be its result? Alas, will leaders of Hurriyat Conference give it a thought? A believer who believes in God, in revelation and in the life Hereafter should do his job sincerely. And if there is any probability that any of his actions could jeopardize the interests of community and nation he should be extra careful. If it comes to his knowledge that his act is unlawful and is not in accordance with the teachings of Allah and his Prophet he should immediately retreat. 

We should consider the problem of J&K in the light of Prophet’s teachings. The Prophet says that ‘It is not lawful for a believer to insult himself.’ The companions asked how one could insult himself? The Prophet answered that he entangles with a power which he can not face’ (Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja, Baihaqi). 

This Jihad-e Azadi has caused severe damage to the people of Kashmir. Thousands of youth have shed their lives in the name of Jihad. So many villages were burnt, many virgins stigmated, many houses demolished. Who is responsible for this? Alas! Only if these liberty seekers could think!

What are the prospects for mujahidin to succeed in this war can be concluded on the basis of the casualties inflicted on both sides. On one side there is a well-trained army of half a million Indian troops, whereas on the other side it is a small bunch of hoodlums. The Almighty at one place says that if someone kills a life on purpose he kills the whole humanity. The Prophet says that ‘the life of one believer is more precious than the whole world.’ Any idea how many innocent people have been killed by both the mujahidin and the army? 

There is another dangerous aspect of this Jihad-e-Azadi and it is even more dangerous than the loss of lives and property. Its expiation is not possible even if the goal is achieved. It is deviation from one’s real mission, to forget the raison d’etre of one’s life. It is the responsibility of a believer to keep high the Din of Allah and make it a mission of his life. Sometimes it may become necessary to change ones modus operandi, but forgetting the real mission and striving for other ambitions will bring only humiliation in this life and in the Hereafter. Inspite of being under the control of a batil regime there is complete freedom for the propagation of Islam in the Kashmir Valley and there is more freedom there than the so-called Islamic countries. Rather, I will claim that Allah (SWT) provided unparalelled freedom in this respect to Kashmir. Here tourists come from all corners of the world and go back just having the memories of its arts and crafts. Had the Kashmiris presented the teachings of Islam by their behaviour, the tourists would have gone back not only carrying photographs of beautiful scenes and some other memories, but would have also carried with them the message of Islam. And in turn the message of Islam would have spread all over the world. But this Jihad-e-Azadi has inflicted great harm to it. There was always a possibility and this possibility still exists that if the environment gets favourable, then through elections we can create a favourable environment to usher a pious leadership. It may seem difficult but it is not impossible. This leadership, by amending un-Islamic laws can remove impediments from the establishment of an Islamic system. 

O tormentors of Kashmir! Think over the consequences of your struggle and think about the survival of your race. It has reached the brink of extinction. Is this jihad in accordance with Allah’s (SWT) teachings? Is it difficult to follow Islam in the Valley? If it is so then you can continue your struggle, and if it is not, as is the case, then give your actions a thought. 
(Translated from Zindagi-e Nau, New Delhi)


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