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By Shanaz Begum

The new millennium was welcomed with great fanfare and unprecedented enthusiasm. Twenty first century came, but made no difference for the fare sex. Rather, we have receded in some planes so miserably that we stand confounded and confused as to whether we can ever look at women, and their talent beyond sex?

In the wake of recent events leading to high level of teenage pregnancies in Europe, we may at best say that the west has a bizarre way of sparking a crisis till it reaches a point of no return, and then fumbling for remedies which are far removed from the real problem. Where much is being debated on how to minimize teenage pregnancies, the whole attention is being concentrated on how best to benefit consumerists. What other explanation is there to the fact that it is being strongly advocated that teenagers be provided with pregnancy test facilities, and after ‘careful counselling’ made accessible to contraceptives and condoms? Any attention to raising the moral sense of young girls is only a secondary concern for Europe. Girls may be given some sort of advice on raising their self esteem in the hope that it will deter them from engaging in casual sex. (The Independent, September 3, 1999). 

The morbid obsession of the west in projecting sex as the single most important human activity is an example of its cultural bankruptcy. Naturally, there has been an unimaginable spurt in sexual perversity and sex-related crimes. Women are the worst sufferers as they have to face hatred and prejudice everywhere. They are forced to gulp down shouted insults, abuse, mutilation and rape without a murmur and all in the name of emancipation. The New Women of the twenty first century seems all set to emulate the single role-model-Madonna in all her provocations.

The west is the least perturbed about the steep rise in extra-marital sex and its outcome. When shown this hypocritical behaviour in its true colors, it refuses to accept reason. It is amazing how the same west creates so much brouhaha over restoring women their equality and dignity and championing human rights, when it is almost immune to the fact that morals is of any importance in the construction of society. It strongly pleads for excessive liberties for free indulgence in sex without any restraint, all the while pretending that it is part of our personal freedom. This is just as foolish as negating the natural ability of fire to burn or water to submerge if left uncontrolled. 

With this mentality working fast on young people, the west unleashes barbarism to have its natural toll on culture and respectability. It encourages mankind to go back to the dark ages and teaches young and old alike to rely wholly on their animal instincts. 

The trend of disregard for restraint in sex is fast spreading in other parts of the world where everything western is idolized. The result is disaster. It stares at our faces mocking at out tall claims of justice and fair play. The institution of marriage first received a jolt in the west and is fast acquiring unpopularity even elsewhere, which reflects far more complicated consequences. The society stinks under decay. Increased cases of abortion show the apathy of human beings to the sanctity of human life. Increasing number of illegal children deserted by the ashamed mothers are being left uncared, unattached and unwanted creating a generation, starved physically, mentally and spiritually of parental love and protection. Moreover, en masse fetal destruction exposes our women to unlimited health hazards. The west states that the solution lies in providing facilities for ‘safe sex’ which can prevent conception, thus opening wide the door to illegal physical intimacy and sexual assaults.

The problem receives abatement with the fast increase in permissiveness, nudity, open and vulgar show of sexual activity leading to allurement for promiscuity. Obsessive pre-occupation with sex freaks and tireless exposure of the female body through pornography on celluloid, on small screen and in real life is enhancing the libido particularly among the younger generation, making them converge harshly towards brutality, sadistic outbursts and sheer disregard for women. Faced with rape, mutilation and inhuman insults, a woman has become today, a hate object. One writer--- Yasmin Ali Bhai Brown is loathsome about the present obsession of the television about sex to remark: "I do think there are serious consequences for a society which is force fed so much sex without life of personality. Our children are growing up in an excessively sexualized world. It is infantile to deny the role of TV in this." And further ruminates: ‘Is there a connection, I wonder, between declining interest in politics and our obsessive, mindless interest in personal relationship, ‘lifestyles’, and now sex?’ (The Independent) The hazards to our young generation is going to prove disastrous. 

The western hoax about suavity and culture is hypocritical, depraved and distorted. Its abhorrence of everything decent in other systems of life reflects its perversion even more. In its enthusiasm for savage sexism it refuses to see reason. While the west would acknowledge that the safety of a house depends upon how strongly fortified and barricaded it is to deep it protected from poachers, intruders and burglars, it would vehemently deny that women be safeguarded against rape and sexual abuse with certain precautionary boundaries. While it prescribes for men the acquisition of the highest intellectual and mental ability, it suggests that women spend all their time in trimming and grooming their bodies to look more alluring. It calls for women to allow their dresses to appear more alluring, their faces to look as elegant and attractive as possible. With this background grooming for women, it aims to step into twenty first century and seems quite satisfied with its success. It claims to endow emancipation to women, but is it really emancipation? This freedom from the home and family leading to terrifying results------ is it really freedom? Or are not women being plunged headlong to the worst kind of slavery behind this attractive cover? The benefactors, no doubt, are the capitalists who flourish in their business while women live in a fool’s paradise.

The extent of dehumanization gets further impetus from the disregard of their bodies by women themselves. The easy surrender to the whims of a male-dominated society debases them all the more. The problems is going to continue unabated all the while, as long as women themselves wish it. Over-exposure and excessive nudity over a span of time tends to even reduce the natural attraction towards the opposite sex, and it is clearly noticeable in the western society. Women are facing the problem of extreme devaluation, and so, they are to a great extent losing their value now even as a sex object. Thus frustrated, they search frantically for other avenues of perversion, which is spreading, fast like a disease in the western environment. 

Women are shown their image by the west under glamorous covers. Captions like ‘woman of substance’, ‘the twenty first century women’, the emancipated woman’ and so on (the line is endless) greet our eyes above nude, seminude figures of beautiful nymphs. The trend is catchy, for our own media keenly reproduce them for bloating eyes. What we fail to realize is that ruination cannot be avoided under beautiful epithets. The downfall in women’s status is a world phenomenon, but it gets its substance chiefly from the west. Our ostrich-like attitude cannot conceal the hideousness of the situation. If civilization is to be saved from ruination, the lessons of morality, decorum, propriety and respect must be learnt at all costs. The foundation has to be laid for a peaceful and amicable society, so that the twenty first century dawns with a clear note of justice to the fair sex. A certain line of demarcation between the two sex is a must and has to be realized if we wish to give a balanced lifestyle to the world.

The lesson of constraint cannot be ignored. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Why risk society first to procure the disease and then try to find the remedy? Freedom is undoubtedly a cherished hope for mankind, but what kind of freedom? One which debases and disregards the self, which corrupts body and soul? Or one, which guarantees peaceful co-existence with true, regards for self-respect and esteem for each other? It is all the more important that women realize the value of their self-esteem and put it above everything, to be cherished and safeguarded at all costs, since this alone can give them their due place and restore their status. It is high time they realize how surrendering meekly to the tastes of men has debased them. Better equip their intellectual abilities, realize their true aims and prepare to face the new century fully protected and aimed. Let us hope that sanity may descend at last on planet earth and ensure a positive future to women for the next century.


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