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EDITORIAL: 16-31 August 2000

Jerusalem is not for sale

If our reading of Camp David II is correct, a deal has already been struck between the usurper zionists and Yasir Arafat on behalf of the victims of zion. Arafat’s recent tours around the world, followed by Israeli emissaries, aim at selling the sell-out. A kind of dubious ‘sovereignty’ concept has been devised, a usual phenomenon in the zionist strategies since the inception of the zionist programme to usurp Palestine about a century ago. Under this arrangement, Palestinians will hold ‘administrative’ sovereignty over East, i.e., Arab or Muslim, Jerusalem while the Israelis, or Jews, will hold the political, or real sovereignty. This concept is seen in action on any entry point into the Palestinian bantustan where an Israeli army officer is the final judge of who may and may not enter the Palestinian Authority areas. 
As part of this dubious sovereignty concept the overground part of the Haram Sharif, one of Islam’s three holy shrines (after Ka’ba in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah), will be owned by Muslims while the underground part will be subject to the usurper Israelis who intend to build a grand underground synagogue there! They have already wrecked havoc to the holy shrine through illegal excavations underneath and have already built a small illegal synagogue there. 
Arafat, known for his theatrics, will demonstrate to the world how he managed to snatch victory from the jaws of the cruel zionists in Camp David III. He will not be allowed to locate his government offices in any part of the historic city of Jerusalem. His parliament will not stand there either. Instead, the village of Abu Dees to the east of Jerusalem has already been chosen for the purpose and the construction of the Palestinian parliament and presidential palace are already in full swing there. Through a stroke of Talmudic widsom, that sleepy West Bank village has been made part of Jerusalem thanks to a little gerry-mandering through which the village has been made part of the Jerusalem municipality!
Jerusalem remains occupied territory. No country in the world, including Israel’s god-father, the US, recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied holy city. Moreover, the whole world of Islam is united in demanding the return of Jerusalem to Muslim sovereignty because it is a Muslim territory in the first place and Jews cannot be trusted to administer a piece of land sacred to all the three great Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Only Muslims may be trusted to run this land in a proper and trustworthy manner since Muslims alone respect both Judaism and Christianity while these two faith do not respect each other or Islam. Israelis have already tried to destroy the Aqsa Mosque on 21 August 1969. Jewish gangs routinely demonstrate in front of the holy mosque demanding its destruction and rebuilding their temple on the site. (Their temple was finally destroyed by the Roman general Titus in 70 CE.) On many occasions, risking riots, they have tried to force their way into the mosque complex which leads to scuffles with the guards of the mosque and Jerusalem Muslims. Jewish plans for a substitute Jewish Temple on the Dome of the Rock are ready in place with all the required paraphernalia and trained clergy. Prayers are on, day and night, for the destruction of the holy edifice so that the Temple could be erected on the site. Many Protestant organizations are partners in this unholy plan.
Ulama from all parts of the world of Islam have declared that the return of Jerusalem in its totality to Muslims is a precondition for any acceptable peace in the Middle East (in addition to satisfying other Palestinian demands of the return of occupied lands, return of refugees to their homes etc). Jerusalem’s Authority of Scholars & Propagators said in a statement on 6 August that ‘Jerusalem is not for sale or bargaining.’ Jerusalem's mufti, Shaikh Ikrema Sabri, has said that this is a ‘criminal proposal, a direct invitation to war.’ He added that ‘these criminal intentions could set the entire region on fire because Muslims are not going to sit idle while their holy places are taken away from them.’ Hamas founder and leader, Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, has warned that ‘the destruction of Al-Aqsa mosque would lead to the destruction of Israel.’
Arafat, or anyone else for that matter, has no authority whatsover to hand over Jerusalem, which is a Muslim waqf, to the Jews in whatever legal wrapping the sell-out may be. Any such deal will be null and void and will not be recognized by the world of Islam which will continue its struggle to regain it by all legitimate means including liberation through resistance which is universally recognized in international law as legal and legitimate means to regain usurped lands and rights. Any bargain on Jerusalem will nullify all the other arrangements which Arafat may conclude with the usurpers of Palestine.

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