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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 August 2000

Allahabad: The discriminatory policies of the Allahabad University are discouraging Muslim students to take admission in B. Ed. A per the new policy of the university if combination of subjects taken by students in BA do not correspond with the university’s set combination they will disqualify for admission in B Ed. It means that if a student has taken Urdu, Persian or Arabic in bachelor of arts, he cannot seek admission in bachelor of education (B. Ed). It also means that if a student has done his bachelor in history with Urdu, Arabic or Persian he too will not be eligible for B. Ed. 

This discriminatory policy of the University has angered Muslim students. The University has started B. Ed. course from this year bowing to the pressure of students who for long were demanding it. 
But to the total amazement of the student, when the University announced the resumption of course, its admission policy was highly discriminatory. Though it did not say clearly, but indications were enough to understand that the University wants to discourage students of certain community to get admission in the new course. Muslim students are very angry and demanding that these strings should be removed.

Aligarh: Urdu, the language of Ghalib and Mir, Iqbal and Shauq, Firaq and Shad is the story of development of Indian civilization. The post colonial era has given a new dimension to this great language and has provided new means to flourish it. It will be a sham on the language to accuse that it is a language of Muslims alone. Branding it as a Muslim language on the basis of its script will be total ignorance. It is neither a branch of Arabic or Persian. It was stated by senior Urdu journalist G D Chandan in third Syed Mudabbir Ali Lecture Series organized by Jamia Urdu on the ‘Future of Urdu in India’. 

He said that the partition not only divided geographical boundaries but also affected society, people and even tradition. And Urdu suffered most in this division. He further said that though there were other languages involved in the struggle of two nation theory, but Urdu became the easy target of new establishment in the country. Urdu was driven out from colleges, schools, offices and even our daily life. Though the Constitution has asked to provide basic education in students’ mother tongue, but due to step-motherly treatment of the government it was not done with Urdu. And consequently it became minority language in every state.

Chandan said that to make Urdu a success it is imperative that a new and improved syllabi is prepared for Urdu medium schools.

Jaipur: Chief minister of Rajasthan has accused BJP and its leaders of jeopardizing communal harmony for electoral gains in the state. In a statement the chief minister said that its cadres and leaders were trying to instigate communal tension in Malpura and Tonk where communal violence broke out recently. By organizing fasts and sit-ins BJP leaders are not allowing normalcy to return to this tense district.

He said that his government has taken every possible step to provide relief to affected people and punish the guilty. He said that his government is taking every possible step in order to ensure normalization in Malpura where 12 people were killed in communal violence. 

Mubarakpur (Azamgarh): Maulana Tahir Madani, principal of Jamiatul Falah has appreciated the role played by Haj Sewa Samiti in seeking justice for aggrieved Indian Hajis. He said that he has spent ten years in Saudi Arabia and has made several visits after his stay so he is well aware of their grievances.
The Maulana said that in ordinary situation people going to Jeddah pay anywhere between Rs 16000 to 21000 as air-fare and if their aircraft is delayed by more than 4 hours they are provided accommodation in five star hotels. But the same Air India charges Rs 31400 as air fare from a Haji. He also said that AI uses outdated aircraft for ferrying Hajis and provides no facility when it is delayed. He further said that the demand of Samiti to recognize Hajis as international passengers is justified and should be accepted.

Ulama Pension expanded 
Chennai: Muslims who have served as mujavirs in dargahs are eligible to avail of ulama pension, if they are otherwise eligible under the pension scheme, according to a Tamil Nadu state Government announcement. The pension of Rs. 500 per month is given under the Ulema Pension (Tamil Nadu) Scheme of 1981.

New Delhi: Ahmad Bukhari, Naib Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi, has blamed Congress-I and BJP for plight of Muslims in the country. He also blamed the union government for the prevailing unprecedented communal atmosphere in the country.

The BJP and its frontal organizations are creating terror for Muslims and forcing them to live in miserable conditions, he said. He further said that VHP leaders are at liberty to threaten Muslims openly and Muslims are being booked in trumped up cases. He also criticized all political parties and their leaders in misleading the community.

He said that Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party were equally responsible for the current mess in the country. He added that both the parties are creating communal terror between Hindus and Muslims. He also criticized Mulayam Singh Yadav for not opposing the UP religious places bill and said that all those politicians who were claiming to be the well-wishers of Muslims have now joined the BJP.

He expressed sympathy for Amarnath Yatris who were killed in Pahalgam but he blamed the government that despite threats by the VHP to take revenge for the Pahalgam massacre, no action has been taken against it. Regarding the treason charges against him and his father, he said that if demanding and raising voice for rights and justice for oppressed and depressed people is a crime, then we are ready to face any punishment for this crime. 

Phulwari Sharif: If Muslims follow the religion of Almighty Allah truly and follow its moral ethics with full devotion, they can never go wrong and prosperity will never desert them. It was stated by famous alim and well-known mufassir of the Holy Quran Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh while addressing select gathering at Imarat-e Shariyah. 

He said that deterioration came in our society because we have started flouting the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He said that we have stopped giving rightful inheritance to our women. We should give their due share. He further said that nikah unites man and woman, we should continue our this relation till death befall upon us. We should avoid divorce as it is worst halal act. When we ensure that a fearing alim does the proceedings of nikah we should also ensure that the same is done in the case of talaq. He emphasized that we should give rightful inheritance to our women and pay them mahr.

The amir of Imarat-e-Shariyah Maulana Syed Nizamuddin also emphasized the same and said that the world is waiting for us to give light, we should ensure that the light of iman reaches them through us.

New Delhi: Union home minister LK Advani has announced that the government will take action against Deendar Anjuman which is alleged to be involved in anti Christian activities. He said it in the Lok Sabha while answering the questions on increasing number of cases of minority harassment in the country. He said that 36 members of this group have already been arrested and 60 more have been identified. He informed the House that central government has consulted the state government where this organization is said to be active.

Deendar Anjuman is accused to be responsible for masterminding bomb blasts in different Churches in Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka. The union home minister further said that he has ordered state home secretaries and police directors in these states to complete inquiries as soon as possible so that guilty should be brought to book soon. 

New Delhi: The Delhi high court recently issued notices to the ministry of health and family welfare and the Union Public Service Commission on a petition seeking constitutional requirement of reservation in filling posts of medical and research Unani officers.

Justice CM Nayar and MS Siddiqui also said that announcement made now will be subject to outcome of the main petition filed by the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations. The notices were returnable by 22 Aug.

Petitioner’s counsel Jog Singh said a minimum of five to six posts are legally earmarked for Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe candidate. But there is only one SC candidate appointed in the country. He further said that there is no examination, preliminary or otherwise, held to shortlist the candidates for interviews.
The court had issued notices on December last year on the main petition but the government failed to file replies.

UP sunni waqf board
Rampur: Dr Sha'airullah Khan the president of Rohelkhand Literary Society said that UP Sunni Waqf Board is facing financial crunch for a long time and this has been an open secret. He said that it is a welcoming step that now the Waqf Board has planned to improve its financial condition by taking several steps in this direction. Now the Waqf Board has started surveying all its property in the whole state. It is also planning to rationalize the rent of its property in the whole state. Waqf properties are given on rent on very negligible amount and in most cases it is several times below the normal market rate. 
Dr Khan has welcomed this step and has asked the mutawallis of the waqf properties that they should help Waqf Board in this direction so it could help improve the condition of Waqf Board and institutions run under it. He said that properties that are in business centres too are given on rent on as low as fifty rupees or hundred rupees a month whereas their market rate is no less than Rs 5000. He said that we should help to change the miserable condition of the UP Waqf Board. 

New Delhi: A book of Urdu poetry, Andaz Apna Apna, was released by deputy chairperson of Rajya Sabha, Najma Heptullah at a function on 20 August. 
The book compiled by the managing director of The Times of India Ramesh Chandra, includes works of Ghalib, Mir, Adam, Tulsidas and Chan. It describes the emotions of life, beauty and the burdens of Urdu.
Former Sadr-e Riyasat of J&K, Karan Singh, known for his interest in poetry, presided over the function, which was attended by several poets and writers.
Dinesh Mishra, honourary director of Bhartiya Janpith said, Urdu poetry is versatile and is related to life. Chandraji’s efforts have displayed his true identity as a literature lover.
While releasing the book, Heptullah said Chandra had selected the best of Urdu poetry to enable the common man to read it. Chandra in turn said that in this fast changing world, every human being needed an outlet like poetry or painting to express his or her emotions. 

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