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EDITORIAL: 16-31 December 2000


Before we could know it we are a year old!.. A humble effort to put the community on the media map has become a strong voice heard all over the world. Indeed, we can claim today that we are now the world’s number one Muslim newspaper in English.. If the world’s largest Muslim minority needs a voice of its own in the language understood by the elite and educated all over the world, the whole Ummah of Islam, of which we are an integral part, requires a powerful media voice to put across the whole Ummah’s news, views, achievements, concerns and reactions.

We originally started to place the 200-million Muslim community on the media map in the country simply because this large group had no medium which could convey to the elite and the powers that be. This is still our goal but at the same time we remain committed to our larger Muslim family all over the world who share our joy and sorrow just as we feel theirs. We are also committed to highlight the issues of the oppressed communities and groups in our own country and beyond and to speak openly and fearlessly against the ‘global’ imperialism which is taking new forms across the world to continue the exploitation of our labour and resources. They have come a long way from the Britton Wood sisters to GATT and WTO. Globalization is the beginning of a new form of indirect slavery in which all rules are made for the benefit of the west and the US in particular.

Looking back at the past issues of the MG we are satisfied that despite our meagre resources we were able to break a number of stories and tell the truth. We have tried to give first-hand accounts of the happenings at home and a number of places around the world including Palestine which remains a major concern of the Ummah since the Islam-West conflict is in its sharpest focus here: West has and continues to perpetrate a great historical injustice to our Palestinian brothers and sisters whose lands were stolen and who were thrown out of their homes and made refugees in order to make way for aliens to take over their lands and homes. 

Sailing through rough and fair weather, the MG journey has not been quite smooth. The reader response has been extremely and consistently encouraging and satisfying but we have ruffled many feathers too in the process and have received verbal threats from time to time. We have taken these threats in our stride and will continue to do so insha Allah. Hardships came in our way. Obstacles stare us in the face but we are still around belying the pundits who wrote our obituary after a few issues. Despite our limited resources we were able to build an image of a free and just medium during this small span of one year. As we look back we feel satisfied and feel ready for the challenges of the long journey ahead. Our readers feedback gives us courage to sail further and strive for still better and more. 

Since we are not attached to any state, outfit or group, in order to retain our independence, it is for you, the reader of the MG, to step forward to strengthen the newspaper and place it on a strong footing to be more effective and dynamic in the years to come. With your moral support and financial sponsorship we can and should greatly step up our efforts, make the MG more timely, more readable and more visible, and overall expand it to have a far greater impact than we have been able to have so far, and to turn it into a weekly as we very much desire but cannot take the plunge with our current resources. 

To expand and place the MG on a stronger footing we requires your active help and support, rather a partnership; and now is the time. You can imagine that the powers that be, and the various client organizations, all do what they can to push MG under and prevent our reaching more and more people with the ‘realities’ of what is happening in our country, the World of Islam and the world in general. 

It's time to expand our efforts much further; and you can chip in by taking out new and gift subscriptions, placing ads in the newspaper and promoting it in your area. If you would like to help and support the MG in any way please write or email us now at Thank you.

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