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INTERVIEW: Col. Mu’ammar Al-Qaddafi
‘Why there is veto on oil prices only’... 

Col. Mu'ammar Al-QaddafiCol Al-Qaddafi says that he believes US President-elect George W. Bush ‘will be nice... and does not have world ambitions’. In an interview with reporters in Tripoli, broadcast by Tripoli TV on 4 January, he warned against the implications of globalization and new ‘transmitted viruses’. Al-Qaddafi regretted the recent attacks against African nationals in Libya which he said were carried out by ‘dirty hands.’ Excerpts:


The world map has been shaped by World Wars I and II, as well as by the invasions of Alexander the Great and Napoleon before that. Now the world map is different. From the 18th and 19th century, there has been a new map which is not that of empires or kingdoms but it is the map of the nation state... What is the fate of the states which are not part of today's blocs? I can identify them. Where is Iran going to be? There is a question mark about the future of Iran. There is a question mark about the future of Iraq, the Gulf states, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon etc... 

Conventional armies should be abolished 
From now on we must be careful about the Barcelona process. This is very serious because it is based on a scenario presented by a number of strategists. They say there are states with no future, so we must link them to Europe, to Israel and to the Mediterranean. Why do they want to link them to these blocs? For their own interests. So that they will exploit these states and make them markets for their products and [military] bases. 

The other means of defence is armed people and not [conventional] armies. Armies must be abolished because they have no future. Their case is like that of the nation-state. They are burdens on societies which are facing economic crises. Today, these armies are a burden and they are among the things which would destroy the nation-state. 

If somebody fires at you a missile, fire a missile back at him. If somebody invades your soil he will be faced by armed people, not with a tank or mortar just a riffle, a bomb, a gun and small weapons are enough. But the whole people must be trained and able to fight. Conventional national armies must be abolished as they have no meaning and no role to play... 

US imperialism, new era 
Science has created globalization which, in its turn, created this climate which forced peoples to rally in groupings because they could not survive.

America wants, up to this very moment, with its imperialist policy to impose its imperialism on the world, because the world, in America's view, is made of national entities. America is capable of agreeing with the leaders to have their countries handed over to it. How many traitors, Arabs and non-Arabs in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and elsewhere, have handed over their countries to imperialism.

There will be an international rebellion that no one can control. Rebellion will start from within America. The dollar, American companies and American minorities will start rebellion. Who will America be able to face up to? It will not be able to do that. 

Now there is a new development - peoples, who feel deceived, who are angry and in the face of injustice, are against the West in general without any differentiation between Europe and America... 

This will lead to a series of explosions which will be difficult to control. There will not be countries like Libya to impose an air embargo on, or countries like Yugoslavia, Korea, Iraq or Sudan to impose a blockade on. All this is very easy. When a western power deals with one country, it is easy for it to have a Security Council resolution, based on Article 7, issued to impose sanctions against that country which will be forced to pay the price in a state of humiliation. 

In future, confrontation will not be with nation- states, but with unconventional and unidentified forces. It will be with unidentified individuals who will be forging the dollar. This job will be done so well that machines will not detect the forgery, with the consequence of the collapse of America. If we start dealing with trillions of billions of forged dollars, what would be the state of the world? It will collapse. 

You cannot scorn Arabs and say they breed camels and come from the desert and just set the Israelis upon them and they would discipline them - and Israel is enough as it sorts them out and terrorizes them - and we get their oil. You cannot scorn Arabs as one Arab can destroy Israel with a virus or an electron. These predictions are not imaginary, they are real facts and scientific data which exist now. 

How come oil is not sold at its fair price and the price of a pair of jeans must increase and must not have a ceiling?... How come there is a veto on oil and there is none on all the manufactured goods which we buy from oil revenues? This is an injustice and oil producers will learn tomorrow and will destroy expensive goods. 

The UN
Let us now deal with the UN: It is inevitable that the powers of the UN Security Council will be transferred to the UN General Assembly one day. Failure to do this, unfairness in the world will grow. Its growth will create problems leading to revolutions in which sophisticated and out of control weapons will be used. 

American aircraft, Cruise missiles and even nuclear bombs will not be enough. There will be something else that is very, very small and can only be seen by the microscope: the biological virus, also known as the electronic virus, money counterfeiting or cloning. American aircraft carriers and missile will not be able to fight off these new things which are more dangerous. Viruses today are much more stronger than cruise [missiles]. 

What I want to say here is that imperialist forces believe that they have the upper hand over us, that they can get away with their contempt for us, that they can tell us what to do, like ordering us to reduce our oil, cacao, cola and cotton prices, and that they can tell us that we must, whether we like or not, accept their will otherwise they would torture us, look down at us, put up prices of their products, order the IMF to refrain from furnishing us with its facilities. We would like to tell them here: Your policies will backfire; your very weapons will backfire. You must show us respect; you must see us as equal peers and that we need each other. A balance between us must be created. Justice must be restored. 

The veto is a sham measure which must come to an end otherwise there will a rebellion. The rebellion has already started. The siege against Libya ended thanks to a rebellion by African nations; by peoples everywhere; by the rebellion of Arab peoples. When America was planning to strike against Al-Rabitah pharmaceutical plant, like the plant which it hit in Khartoum, Arab peoples revolted - Arab pharmacists and doctors came from everywhere and staged a sitting-in inside the plant. That was enough. They said if America was to hit this plant let it do so without hitting Arab pharmacists and doctors. 

Middle East, Palestinian problem 
All the current talk about a solution for the Palestinian problem, about a meeting in Sharm al-Shaykh and a meeting in Camp David, is nothing but inane prattle. There is only one solution to this problem: the same solution that was implemented in South Africa - seven million Palestinians to be allowed to return to Palestine, elections to be held under the UN aegis, the creation of Palestinian state and no more talks about Israel and [a Palestinian state] in the West Bank. There will only be a democratic Palestinian state following free elections. Nuclear, biological and nuclear weapons must be eliminated like what happened in South Africa when the whites were deprived of their weapons. 



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