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Kalbe Abid awards
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

This year's prestigious Maulana Kalbe Abid awards were given to Professor AR Kidwai (former governor of Bihar and Orissa, chairman of Bombay Mercantile Bank and a member of Rajya Sabha), CM Ibrahim (former union minister) Akhtar Husain Rizvi (prominent builder and member of the Rajya Sabha) and Mukhtar Anis (former member of Parliament) for their outstanding contributions in the upliftment of the community in education, business and other fields. The awards were given under the auspices of Tanzeem Pasdarane Husain, a social organisation founded by Maulana Kalbe Jawad, the renowned cleric in a glittering function named as Jashne Eid aur Jalsae Ittehad(function of Eid and unity) held at the historical Madarsa Sultanul Madaris.

The speakers emphasised the need of unity among all sects of Muslim community and to strictly follow the path shown by Prophet.The speakers came down heavily on Zionists,imperialists and communal propaganda equating Islam with terrorism.They quoted the historical facts to prove that Islam was spread not by sword but by the good moral character of its followers and rulers as per the teachings of Prophet Mohammad. 

The Vice President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and renowned Shia Cleric Maulana Dr. Kalbe Sadiq in his inaugural address said that Muslims are the best community(Ummah)who have been sent to this world for the service of humanity. Quoting verses from holy Qur'an Maulana Sadiq advised Muslims to lead their lives according to its(Qur'an) instructions. He said that Maulana Kalbe Jawad has been organising this function for the last two years to promote Shia-Sunni unity. The need of the hour is that such functions are organised to strengthen the Hindu-Muslim unity also.

Addressing the distinguished gathering Professor Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai emphasised the need to follow the teachings of equality (Musawat) and self dependence. He said that Islam was the first religion to teach equality among human beings and rejected all sorts of discriminations. He asked Muslim youths to get expertise in technology and scientific advancements as only technologically advanced communities will march ahead. He also emphasised the need of unity not only among Muslims but among other communities also.

Former Union minister CM Ibrahim took to task those elements who equate Islam with terrorism and argue that Islam spread through sword. He said that Muslims ruled over India for more than 800 years, still their population is hardly 20 percent which is the ample proof that Muslim rulers never resorted to forced conversion otherwise their population would have increased many fold. He said that problem arises when injustice is committed either in the family or in the society. If justice is done to every member of the family or every section of the society there will not be any chance of violence or violation of law. He said Islam spread not through sword but by the teachings of Prophet and sacrifices of Ahle Bait.Reciting the verse: "wa'tasimu bihablillahi jamee'an" he advised Muslims to maintain unity at all cost. He said the Shia Sunni conflict of Lucknow has always pained and surprised him. In Karnataka we have ensured that one Shia member is included in every committee or organisation of Muslims.

Prominent builder of Bombay and member of Rajya Sabha Mr. Akhtar Husain Rizvi came down heavily on those unscrupulous elements of the society who are wasting all their time and energy in painting Islam as a religion propagating terrorism. "If some people of any particular religion are indulging in unlawful activities the whole community and its religion should not be blamed. This is a conspiracy against Islam hatched by anti-Islamic forces of the world" asserted Dr. Rizvi. He emphasised the need of spreading education among Muslims particularly among the less fortunate and for this he appealed to the well-off members of the community to render all possible help to such children whose parents are not in a position to bear the expenses of their children's education. 

Professor MK Sherwani of All India Muslim Forum said that the sectarian differences among Muslims are not new and they cannot be done away with. The need of the hour is that we adopt the policy of peaceful co- existence and strengthen the Ittehad bainul Muslemeen (unity among Muslims)

Suhaib Ilyasi of 'India Most Wanted' fame attended the function as a chief guest. He emphasised the need of national unity and asked all the dignitaries attending the function to pledge themselves for the security of the nation.

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