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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 Community 2002

From right to left: PA Inamdar, Suresh Kalmadi, Saiyid Hamid, Munawwar Peerbhoy and AS Nakedar (see ‘Awards’)

Illiteracy among rural Muslim women
New Delhi: In a seminar held in Delhi by Human Advancement and Women Welfare Association (HAWWA) on Muslim Women’s educational condition, it was greatly felt that Muslim women in India and specially in rural areas were deprived of education. The speakers while mentioning Islamic principles and orders regarding education of women emphasized that ways should be paved for education of women. They expressed happiness on the efforts of HAWWA for educational promotion of Muslim women during the past two years and emphasized the need to spread its circle of activities upto remote areas.

Mushwarat on border skirmishes
New Delhi: All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat has expressed deep concern over the skirmishes on Indo-Pak border and has warned that if war takes place between the two countries, there is less chance that the war strategy would remain limited to traditional weapons. Mushwarat President Syed Shahabuddin assured that majority of the people of the Subcontinent did not want war, instead they wanted peace, that is why it was necessary for both the countries to show patience and forbearance.
While strongly condemning the attacks on Parliament on 13 December he demanded quick action against the guilty, be they from India or abroad. He further said that the involved be branded as absconding criminals and if they were from Pakistan or had taken refuge there, the Indian government should put pressure on Pak government to extradite then to India. However, he expressed hope that war could be avoided between the two countries and these purposes could be sought through diplomatic relations.

Modern education in madrasas
New Delhi: Islamic madrasas have played a vital role in promotion of Urdu. This view was expressed by former MP Syed Shahabuddin in a conference on the role of madrasas in promotion of Urdu organized by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. He said while warning government’s interference in madrasas that if modern subjects are taught in madrasas, they would remain neither madrasas nor colleges. He cited the deteriorating condition of Bihar Madrasa Education Board as an example. He further said that changes have been made in 35,000 madrasas of UP where other subjects are also taught upto primary levels. He emphasized on the centralization of madrasas, so that they are united. The contrasting statement came from Syed Hamid, former VC of Aligarh Muslim University as he said while accepting vital role of madrasas that if the syllabus failed in Bihar, it does not mean that it would fail in other places as well. He said that if modern subjects are included, it would strengthen madrasa syllabi. Former president of National Minorities Commission Dr Tahir Mahmood expressed sorrow over the skepticism raised and conspiracies hatched against madrasas while Constitution allowed establishment of madrasas and their education. Maulana Wali Rahmani, former Bihar Assembly Speaker said that the basic task of madrasas was religious education. He further said that most of madrasa students come from poor and illiterate families and there is already a great burden of books on the madrasa students. Putting additional burden of books by introduction of modern education may lead to lack of interest in education. He also said that expecting a Molvi to teach Hadith, Fiqh etc and also modern subjects like Science, Maths, English, Hindi etc is injustice to them. 

Labeling madrasas as terrorists’ dens
Delhi: While strongly reacting to a sensitive news item in a daily Hindi newspaper Mufti Muhammad Mukarram Ahmad, Shahi Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid of Delhi said that it is condemnable to call Islamic madrasas as factories of terrorism and to call Kishangaj district of Bihar a Mini Pakistan. He said that it is baseless to say that Islamic madrasas are spreading terrorism by the money received from Pakistan and other Arab countries. He further said that neither the central nor the state government has any proof that madrasas have produced any terrorist nor anyone form UP or Bihar has ever gone to Afghanistan or Kashmir. He said that it is condemnable to call Kishanganj Mini Pakistan and to link it with terrorism while there was a cabinet minister of BJP from the same area. He said that madrasas are run from public donations and that if government sets up Madrasa boards in every state and it provides monetary help to every madrasa, the madrasas will not have to bear that accusation of taking money from Arab countries. While Muslims were constitutionally allowed to set up their madrasas, why it was objected to and why Muslims were seen with an eye of doubt, he asked. 

Freedom movement and ulama
Meerut: Milli Ta’limi Trust is going to hold a two-day conference on Freedom movement and Indian ulama on 26,27 January in Saharanpur. Speaking about the purpose of the conference Maulana Muhammad Yaqub Bulandshahri, general secretary of Milli Ta’limi Trust said that the role of Muslims and specially of Indian ulama is a brilliant chapter of history. He further said that this is because of their struggle that we are breathing free today. But for the last few years a group of people has been trying to ignore their sacrifices.
The two-day conference will be presided over by Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi and Maulana Salim Qasmi. Former prime ministers Chandar Shekhar and Inder Kumar Gujral are also expected to attend the conference.

It’s risky for women to go to PS
Amroha: In a meeting of Rashtriya Mahila Sansthan held at Nayab Abbasi Girls Degree College, the current position of women was discussed. Speakers said that it was risky for a woman to go to police station whereas they should feel free to go to any government office for solution of their problems. It is shameful that the reports of rape victims are not registered and if they are, they are taken by male officers. It is a matter of concern when the policemen make entry into houses in search of the criminals without any information. They said that the situations may be ameliorated if a ladies cell is set up in every police station. The organization has decided to hold a state-level workshop on the topic in the same college which would be held after 20th January. 

New business opportunities
Aligarh: Addressing a three-day conference on economy held at Aligarh Muslim University, Hamid Ansari, vice chancellor of AMU said that since beginning of the universe human beings have been transacting with one another and that with change of life values the civilized society has also been progressing and that there have been new opportunities in the field of business and new changes in the economic system of the country.
Sirajuddin Quraishi, managing director of Hind Agro Industries said in his key-note address that for the progress of any country economic system is as necessary as education. He said that resources are needed more than education for a country and that our country was lacking far behind in resources as there was not a single road of the international standard in our country. He suggested to students to look for self-employment instead of running after governmental jobs. He also said that a big amount is not necessary to start a business. He further appealed to students to opt for information technology for their career.

Bazm-e-Saaz-o-Adab announces awards
New Delhi: Bezm-e-Saaz-o-Adab, Delhi is an active organization. One of its objectives is to laud and appreciate the services of Urdu litterateurs and encouragement of journalists.
For this purpose the organization has decided to confer Sihar Rampuri Awards on Urdu poet Abrar Karatpuri for poetry and on Ahmad Mustafa Rahi Siddiqui, editor of Huda for Urdu journalism. The award ceremony would be held at Ghalib Academy, New Delhi on 20 January in which Abrar Karatpuri’s book Ghazawat would also be released by Maulana Syed As’ad Madani. The function would be followed by an All India Mushaira (poetic symposium). 

MP Urdu Academy announces award
Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy has fulfilled the long-cherished dream of the people of MP and specially of Bhopal by announcing one more award for creative literature after the ghazal poet Basit Bhopali. With this new Basit Bhopali Award, the number of such awards given by MP Urdu Academy has reached 13.
A cash prize of Rs 10,000, a shawl and a memento would be given every year to creative litterateurs under this award.

BSF jawan burns Kashmiri youth
Srinagar: An 18-year-old Kashmiri boy Nazir Ahmad Bhat of Baramullah district was allegedly set on fire by a BSF jawan. The victim received 60 percent burns.
Gorakh Nath, a 22year-old jawan of the 88 battalion has been absconding ever since the incident took place. BSF personnel have launched a massive search campaign to nab the accused who is said to have burnt his uniform, bullet-proof vest and some arms in order to mislead the authorities.
The BSF jawan picked up Nazir for investigation and dragged him upstairs from where Nazir was seen jumping off a window in flames. Nazir is now struggling for life in a hospital.

Interest free bank set up in Kerala
Kochi: With an authorized capital of rupees 5 crore an interest-free bank Alternative Investment and Credit Limited (AICL) has been set up in Kerala. The bank will provide interest-free loans to small businessmen and industrialists in the beginning. The company will invest its deposits in profitable projects whose income will be divided among depositors. The purpose of the bank is to save people from the clutches of usury and exploitation. Prof KA Siddique Hasan, Amir-e-Jama’at-e-Islami of Kerala is the head of the 11-member board of directors.
While inaugurating the company Kerala Chief Minister AK Antony said that usury is a hurdle in progress and that the government and public are trapped in its net.

UP government under mafia pressure
Moradabad: Moradabad Coolie Union held its annual meeting under chairmanship of Comrade Abdul Hamid and Jamna Prasad. While inaugurating the meeting labour leader Comrade Ram Kirpal Sharma said that BJP chief ministers have been the worst of all the UP CMs who led the state from Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant. While accusing Rajnath Singh he said that law and order situation has ended in his tenure. He further said that his government makes false announcements as Rajnath made announcement of a scheme of Rs 4 thousand crore but not even one crore rupees have been spent. He further said that if government publishes the list of STF police force, dozens of them would be in jails. While accusing the government of working under pressure of mafia lobbies he appealed to the public to dethrone his government. He also demanded uniforms for Roadways workers like Railway coolies.
Several local leaders participated in the meeting and a 21-member executive committee was also formed. Comrade Abdul Hamid was elected president of the committee.

Minorities stage dharna against atrocities
Ahmedabad: Dalits, tribals and minorities staged a dharna against the alleged atrocities on the weaker sections in the state. They also expressed concern over the appointment of a RSS member Narendra Modi as the chief minister of the state. While referring to the re-enacted POTO the speakers criticized the BJP government in the state saying that the minorities were living under constant fear as they were being ousted from their homes and driven to forests by extremist elements.
It should be noted that the state topped the record of attacks on Christians and other minorities in the state last year. A Christian woman Markebin was allegedly gang-raped and her body was left hanging on a tree on 30 September last year. But the police has so far not taken any notice of the case. All India Christian Council’s joint secretary Samson Christian claimed that since 1999 there have been 714 cases of attacks on Christians in which 33 persons were killed and 203 were seriously injured.

Milli Council resolutions
New Delhi: In view of the current situations of the world The All India Milli Council held a meeting in New Delhi on 1 January. The meeting expressed deep concern over Parliament attacks on 13 December. It also expressed concern over the central government’s effort to re-implement POTO despite nation-wide protest from almost every corner. The meeting also demanded both the state and central governments to stop any further move against madrasas in the name of searching terrorists. It said that the past of madrasas has been magnificent and that they were harbingers of peace and harmony. It further expressed concern over Indo-Pakistan’s deteriorating bilateral relations and suspension of train and bus services between the two countries which caused great difficulties for people of both the countries.
The meeting was presided over by Maulana Abdullah Mughisi and conducted by the Council’s general secretary Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi.


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