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Failing the community
By Syed Ubaidur Rahman

The Muslim leadership has failed the community. Though it is true most of the time, but manifestation was more evident during the current Babri imbroglio. Not only they were unable to take a united stand on the issue but their hollow voices remained disunited during this crucial time too. 

They remained divided and no effort was made by any of these organizations to take a united stand. Speaking in different voices they took no concrete step to reach out to the community on the issue of Babri Masjid during the last one month. 

When the Sangh outfits are talking in unison on the issue of construction of the Ram Mandir and planning to announce a final date for the construction of the Ram temple on the site, after completing the basic formalities-news reports say that work for the first floor is almost complete, the Muslim leadership is just banking on tall promises. 

Leaders like Zafaryab Jilani who talked of bloodshed if any attempt is made to construct the Ram mandir on the site of Babri Masjid, has made a fortune following the Ram mandir issue. He, who is talking of bloodshed on the issue can not simply collect a thousand heads to be counted on any given date on any issue.

Azam Khan is another such beneficiary. He is now out of reckoning. Not only that with the eclipse of the Ayodhya issue he is unable to talk in the same rabble rousing way, he also lost his assembly seat from a constituency like Rampur where most of electorate are Muslims. He is again trying to talk tough, but it can not arouse the people any more. The simple reason is because the people have seen him. 

The Hindutva brigade has made a fortune over the Ram Mandir issue, no doubt, but these leaders too have been benefited no less from the Babri Masjid issue. It is commonly argued among Muslim intelligentsia that the Masjid would have never been demolished, had these leaders not talked in such reckless manner. They are again talking tough, to get most out of this issue, but Muslims are not responding in the similar fashion as they did during the initial Babri conflict. Muslims are now totally banking on the verdict of the court. They are sure that the court verdict will be in their favour. Now the Muslim community sees towards leaders who do not just make tall claims but work surreptitiously for them. They hope that these leaders will be able to do something for the community. 

The leadership has made the Muslims so much disillusioned that now they do not seem to be much bothered about the important issues like the construction of the mosque on the Babri land. Instead of inspiring the common people they have bewildered them. During the last more than a month when the issue was in the forefront they did not show any enthusiasm on Babri. They refused to come on the road.

It is not because they have forgotten the Babri Masjid. Muslims in India can never forget the historical masjid, its loss is still tormenting their memories. But they are simply not prepared to play again in the hands of the so called leaders, who made fortunes on the debris of the mosque and simply did nothing for people at large. 

People's lack of reaction on sensitive issues is due to the bad impression the people have had with our so-called leaders. It is not that people have lost the track on the development of the Babri issue. They are very much interested but they simply do not want to play in the hands of these people. 

These so called leaders will certainly claim that the VHP and the RSS have deferred the announcement of the date for the construction of the Ram temple at the site. But these leaders have nothing to do with this deferment of the date. The simple reason for not announcing a date for the construction of the Ram temple is because they are not ready to construct the temple at the same site. Construction of such a grand temple as proposed by the VHP is simply not possible on a short notice. They have taken two years because they plan to complete the formalities for the construction during this period. 


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