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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-28 February 2002

Demonstration in Kolkata against Chief Minister Bhattacharjee’s irresponsible claims about Madrasahs (see p. 1)

Whom to vote?
New Delhi: Muslims should think before casting their votes. Leaders of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said during a press conference that political parties and their leaders promise to solve Muslims’ problems but they forget everything when they assume power. Muslims should support parties which think about public and country’s interest and do justice to them. They told clearly that the patriotism of Muslims cannot be doubted and that they have done great services for the country and have sacrificed a lot in the past.

Mosque attacked
Armoor: Some unknown mischief-mongers have damaged the pulpit and walls of a mosque situated in the compound of Baban Sahab Pahari Dargah in the outskirts of Nizamabad city. The police had been on alert after the incident. The news has created tension among the Muslims of the town. However, situations have been under control now.
Later on, local Muslim leaders reached the spot along with senior police officers. Members of the Aman (peace) Committee have demanded strong action against the culprits. A social worker Muhammad Habib Ahmad has promised to allot Rs 50,000 from Rajya Sabha member M Khan’s MP’s fund for the damage caused and to build a compound wall.

Police terrorize Muslims
New Delhi: Police threat has aired the anger of the people of Tughlaqabad village regarding repair of an old mosque.
According to sources repair work of the Tughlaqabad old jama mosque was on progress when Neeraj Kumar, Kulbir Singh and one more constable of Okhla Industrial Area Phase I arrived there. The trio not only stopped the work but also misbehaved with the masjid trustee Nooruddin Khan and said to him, ‘You are trying to be Maulana Bukhari, now will make you Laden. We will demolish the mosque for sure and your house as well and we will put you in jail under POTO, labeling you as Islamic terrorist. The entire family of the mosque trustee is terrified and people are angry and they are demanding security for the trustee and his family. They have also demanded action against the guilty. A report of police terrorism has been registered in the office of the DCP of Hauz Khas Police Station. But no action has been taken so far.

Education for all: PWB
New Delhi: Punjab Waqf Board, a legal institution under the ministry of social justice and empowerment, is the richest Waqf Board in the country. It made a record income of Rs 15.09 crore in the year 2000-01. It is a joint board covering three states: Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh which is run under one centre and manages 36 thousand landed properties in Chandigarh territory. The income derived from these properties is spent on charitable and welfare activities and also to look after the Waqf properties. The Board spent Rs 4.18 crore in the year 2000-01 on welfare, educational and developmental schemes. But more emphasis is laid on education as the Board itself runs 11 schools, 4 computer centres and 9 vocational and IIT centres. Under the scheme ‘Education for all’, the Board will open several pre-schools to enable Muslim children to get admission into 1st class of mainstream schools. 

Demand for female attendant
Bhopal: M Idris Khan, general secretary of Congress’ Minorities Department has demanded Chief Minister Digvijay Singh for a female attendant to look after the women Hajis. During his meeting with the CM, Khan said that four thousand people go to Mecca every year through Madhya Pradesh Haj Committee which include about eight to nine hundred female hajis. He further said that the Committee sends male attendants for the hajis while there is no female attendant and that many women get lost and separated from their families and cannot tell others about their problems because they observe purdah. Any woman can go for Haj with her husband, father of brother. If MP sends husband and wife together as attendants, it will be the first decision of its kind in the country, Khan said.

Waywardness is not freedom
New Delhi: The need is to understand the difference between a free and liberated life and a life restrained under the boundaries of humanity and morals. Islam and Qur’an give true freedom to human beings but do not call waywardness and irresponsibility a freedom.
These views were expressed by Maulana Abdullah Tariq during a Qur’anic gathering at a mosque in Azad Market of Delhi. The Maulana further said that freedom is of two kinds- one freedom is that which stray animals enjoy. They can put their mouth in any fruit and vegetable seller’s stall and hit any wayfarer but true freedom is that which a shepherd gives to his cattle. They can eat the grass from anywhere in the pasture and walk wherever they wish but he always sees to it that they do not enter any other’s field, graze its meadow and damage its harvest and that they do not fight with each other and injure themselves. Islam advocates the latter type of freedom, he added.

Islam is universal
Aligarh: Inaugurating the two-day seminar on Islamic culture, present and future, Muhammad Hamid Ansari, Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University said that people now understand the basic message of Islam and that there is enough scope in Islam as a religion and culture and it is accepted throughout the globe. He further said that if Islamic atmosphere were only Arabic, it would have been limited to Arab world. But it is the beauty of Islam that we observe its culture and civilization in Arab, Indian, African, European and other non-Arab countries, he said.
Prof Dr Muhammad Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui, director of Idara Uloom-e-Islamia, said that historical concurrence of centuries and its various cultures, civilizations, their nature and sub-consciousness, come into being by their historical interaction more than the cultural attempts and that they are so deeply instilled in human psyche that they become second nature of human beings.

Science training camp ends
Aligarh: Prof Sirajur Rahman, dean of the Faculty of Science, Aligarh Muslim University, presented certificates and books on science to teachers at the end of Science training programme for Muslim-managed secondary school teachers, organized by Centre for Promotion of Science, AMU.
The director of the Centre Prof Abdul Hashim Rizvi said that the basic purpose of the Centre is to provide education in science subjects and to bring home the importance of scientific knowledge and research to the Indian Muslims, so that they get their lost heritage back and to help religious madrasas in starting science education and provide better chances to raise their educational standard.
He further said that this is first time when science books in Urdu under title of Nannhe Sainsdaan (young scientists) have been compiled upto six standard, so that the subject could be popularized in Urdu schools. These books have been written in a novel style; keeping in mind the curiosity of the children. Some of them are in the final stage of printing, he said. 

TN Muslims float new party
Chennai: A group of Muslims in Tamil Nadu has floated a new party All India Muslim League which has announced its support to AIADMK. Party President Rafiq Ahamd told newspersons that minorities in India are safe in the rule of NDA government. He has claimed that in earlier governments, communal riots were common, but they do not occur now. The party has welcomed the fight of the BJP government against terrorism. Rafiq said that the party has not been formed only for welfare of Muslims but for communal amity as well. 

No Terrorism in Madrasas
Lucknow: Madrasas are places where religious education is imparted, religious books are taught and lessons on morality are given. Accusing them of terrorism is wrong and baseless. Maulana Salman Hasani Nadwi, teacher of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow expressed there views. While talking to newspersons he said that those hurling blames on madrasas should see Shishu Mandirs and RSS camps where people are taught to hate. Be it India or Pakistan, there are no terrorists in madrasas and the view of Pak President General Musharraf is 100 percent wrong. He said that it is after Musharraf’s statements that the Indian government looks at madrasas with suspicion. These statements and accusations are baseless, he added. 

Aaj kal closure
Patna: Government’s decision to close some magazines including Urdu monthly Aajkal has incurred the anger of Bihar Urdu Council. The magazine is published by government. The reason given for closing the periodical is that this is done due to tight budget. Bihar Urdu Council has expressed great anger and has called it an anti-Urdu policy of the central government. 

Azam Khan Youth Brigade dissolved
New Delhi: According to Muhammad Azam Khan, MP and national general secretary of Samajwadi Party, Azam Khan Youth Brigade has been dissolved. Khan has asked his activists to join SP and work for it. In a statement Khan said that the fight against communal forces cannot be fought by separate organizations. That is why we have to work unitedly to strengthen secular forces, he added.

Khwaja Model School founded
Ajmer: Laying the foundation-stone of Khwaja Model School in Dargah complex situated in civil lines area, Abdul Ma’bud Khan, president of the Dargah Committee said that we are going to fulfill our long-cherished dream by starting the foundation work. He assured that the Committee will complete the construction work and that the school will be elevated to senior secondary level. 

BJP is Ram’s merchant
Ambedkarnagar: Maharashtra minister Syed Ahmad has said that BJP is Ram’s merchant. It has forgotten Ram after assuming power in his name. Despite assurance of support form every party in its war against terrorism it has failed to curb it. BJP is avoiding to take any effective measure at the instance of foreign powers. He was addressing a meeting of the Congress activist. All India Congress secretary Irshad Mirza said that the BJP-led NDA government is involved in various scandals. Ministers are also involved in taking commission in coffin dealings. Their activities have been exposed and they have been scandalized at international level and now they are trying to win elections by spreading hatred. But the public will not fall prey to their tricks, he said. 

Who provided safe haven to Masood Azhar..
Moradabad: Addressing an election rally in a Moradabad constituency in support of the local Samajwadi Party (SPA) candidate, the film star MP, Raj Babbar said that Muslims of India are not traitors but traitors are those who are presently occupying the seats of power and who provided a safe haven to Masood Azhar in Afghanistan. Asking Muslims to prove their loyalty and patriotism is in fact an insult to them who have sacrificed their lives in every war against the country, latest example of which is the Kargil war in which 144 Muslim soldiers were martyred. He added slogan for a do-or-die war is only to hoodwink the people and to win the elections. A war is fought by brave people and if brave people would have been occupying seats of power, there would not have been Kargil war.
Describing POTO as a black law, he said that it is not only against terrorists but also against journalists, students and to gag opposition’s voice against the government and that to his last breath, he will oppose this law which was introduced by the killers of Mahatma Gandhi and British stooges. He further said that BJP government is an utter failure but is dreaming of forming the government in UP again by dividing the people on communal lines.

Five times daily 'namaaz' good for health
Saharanpur: The famous Yogi, Maneesh Vardhan, who imparts training for Yoga Aasan, while speaking about the utility and necessity of Yoga Aasan, said that if a man regularly offers namaz five times a day in the way as prescribed by Islam, from Yoga point of view, he can never fall sick. He said that man offering namaaz five times daily remains healthy.
A Yoga camp was recently organized at Saharanpur by ‘Jagriti Yog’ organisation. Speaking in this camp, Yogi Maneesh Vardhan explained in detail, with reference to Yoga Aasan, the useful effects of different postures and angles of ‘namaaz’. He said that right from the beginning till the end, including ‘rukoo’ (bending), standing, ‘sajda’ (prostrating) etc, different angles of the body are essential for man’s health from ‘Yoga’ point of view.
He said that we should not feel any hesitation in admitting that daily prayers for five times protect man from many ailments and diseases.

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