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Muslim introspection in U.P.
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

Political unity among Muslims is as much the need of the hour as the religious unity’ said the renowned Shia ‘alim Maulana Kalbe Jawwad in a Muslim political awakening convention held here in Ganga Prasad Memorial Hall organized by the All-India Muslim Forum.

The Maulana said ‘if there are some fissures in the ranks of any community it cannot emerge as a homogeneous force politically and no community that is politically weak can lead a dignified life.’

The convention demanded a ban on Hindu extremist organizations, particularly VHP and Bajrang Dal, for their open threats to construct Ram Temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya violating the court orders.

Muslim Forum's national president Mr. Nehaluddin in his inaugural address emphasized the need of unity among different political outfits of Muslims so that they could emerge as strong political force. He said that Muslims are the second largest community in the country and no party could come to power without their votes but the so-called secular parties have taken them for granted. They are only interested in furthering their political fortunes with the help of Muslim votes and do not hesitate to sacrifice Muslim interests for their petty political considerations. He said that Congress, Samajwadi Party (S P), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and DMK etc. all have enjoyed power on the basis of Muslim votes and have shamelessly sacrificed our interests whenever this suited them.

He added that unless and until Muslims are united to become a political entity nothing could be achieved. The so-called secular parties are never interested in giving us a share in power. That is why Muslim representation in Parliament and state assemblies is going down after every election. Muslim political unity could only be achieved if all Muslim political parties shun their petty political considerations and unite under one umbrella to make the Muslim community a homogeneous political force. He said that all Muslim political parties should endeavour to consolidate Muslim votes under an independent banner and form a lasting alliance with genuine secular parties which are ready to give us our due share in economy, education and politics. He said that the Muslim community should be so politically strong that it could bargain strongly with other political parties at the time of elections and is not ditched by political sharks afterwards. He said that law is equal for all. If extremist Hindu organizations started the construction of the ‘Ram Temple’ at the disputed site, it will be very difficult to stop the Muslim youths from forcibly opposing it. This will bring them face to face with the communal elements and the country will pay a heavy price for this misadventure. It is therefore obligatory upon the central as well as state governments to ensure that such an ugly situation does not arise.

Mr Akhilendra Pratap Singh, the state secretary of CPI (ML), said that the BJP government at the centre is doubly dangerous. On one hand it is creating fissures among different sections of society to make India a Hindu Rashtra and on the other it is selling the nation to multi-national corporations. Thus the unity integrity and political as well as economic independence of the nation is in danger. He said the economic policies of this government. are dangerous for all communities but are more dangerous for Muslims as most of them are artisans and the WTO is a great threat to indigenous industries. He said be it the sarees of Benaras, chikan of Lucknow, brasswares of Moradabad, woodcraft of Saharanpur, all are facing threat due to the new economic policy. He called upon the Muslim political parties to unite and give a befitting reply to these forces.

Mr. Naeemullah Ansari President of All India Momin Conference said that Muslim politicians and Muslim political parties should introspect, shun their petty political considerations and unite under one umbrella to ensure social, political, economic and educational upliftment of the community. Mr. Ansari added that the Muslim political front is the need of the hour so that our political and social interests are not auctioned by political sharks in different political parties.

It was also decided that the representatives of Indian Muslim Political Conference, Momin Conference, National Loktantrik Party Muslim Majlis, Insaf Party and All India Muslim Forum will meet on 20 March to chalk out a strategy for the formation of a unified Muslim political front. According to informed sources the Muslim League has however, rejected the idea. q

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