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By Fakhre Alam, Delhi University

At the height of the Kosovo conflict, a resourceful Kosovar Muslim girl used her computer to write hundreds of e-mails to inform the outside world of the atrocities that were being committed near her village by the Serbian paramilitary goons. Over 50 years ago the co-religionists of the same girl in Palestine were driven out of their homes and innumerous atrocities were committed against them by the zionist thugs but the news of that wanton violence were not disseminated effectively at the time because the victims lacked modern information technology then in vogue in order to inform and enlighten the world public about the barbarity of the children of Israel against their Semitic cousins.

One can imagine that there were many Muslim girls in Deir Yasin, the village whose inhabitants were massacred in Palestine shortly before the inauspicious birth of the Zionist entity, and yet those young girls were unable to inform the world public of their plight, because the resources were lacking.

The new technology at the disposal of Muslims poses a challenge because the same technology can be used by the enemies of divine religions to provide the most profane subjects and images to Muslim youths. It is an opportunity because at no time before have the Muslims been blessed with a chance to close the ranks among themselves, to inform one another, to communicate and overcome age old prejudices and biases among the Umma and to present the message of Islam to the world.

Half of a century divided the little helpless Muslim girl in Deir Yassin from the computer literate Muslim girl in the Kosovo village who tapped away at the Keyboard with her little fingers to inform the world about the atrocities while they unfolded.

During the past half a century, the world has rapidly and drastically changed, ours has become a world of information super light ways and information technology in contending viewpoints via against one another which billions of e-mails are exchanged on a regular basis. In the 21st century, we are provided with a new challenge presented to us by the modern technology. It is through this new technology that potentially the Muslim Umma can rise above centuries can potentially create a global Islamic village in which all residents, the followers of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, are in touch with each others plights as well as challenges.

The new information super-light ways can potentially create a world in which Muslim are constantly in touch with each other, a new world in which Muslim are no longer victims, but the masters of their own destiny.

Muslims can face this challenge if they start to realize exactly in which they live, and fully comprehend their historic mission. If the schemers and leaders of the Islamic societies make a resolution to use the new technology to improve the lot of the Muslims around the world, they would fulfill their historic responsibility.

The new technology has opened a vast vista before us, a new challenge, and it is certain that Muslims who created great civilizations in the past will rise to the occasion in the 21st century and once again prove to the world that the followers of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah can adapt themselves to the exigencies of their time. Muslims can and must fully and rationally succeed in their bid to lay the foundation for yet another Islamic civilization in the modern era.

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