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Taleban Letters...

We are outraged...
...We beg to differ
I want to express my anger at the actions of the Taliban. The destruction of the statues shows utter disregard to the values that we all hold dear and is not conducive to peace and harmony in our already traumatized World.
As an Indian and a Muslim I condemn it and find no justification for it. This is a flagrant violation of the tenets of Islam which unequivocally states that there is no compulsion in religion and which automatically implies that those not members of the Islamic faith should not only be left alone and without harm but actually protected from harm. Actions such as this will only add fuel to other such forces around the world and create further chaos in the lives of the innocent. The VHP in Ajmer has already issued threats indicating that they will respond with vengeance, and although they have not specified against whom, the implications are apparent.
Every right-minded individual, irrespective of his/her belief should condemn it. The Taliban, in indulging in such a behaviour has only written its own death warrant! There is no place for fundamentalism of this sort and of any other sort, and the sooner the people realize this the better for all us. Governments or leaders the World over who encourage fundamentalist thinking and actions in order to achieve their short-term goals should be aware that such actions will come back to haunt them eventually.
Dr.Jawaid Quddus, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

I'm shocked and dismayed by the destruction of the statues. I can't believe that in our day and age such insensitive and callous things can happen. I don't think, it's the matter of what religion these beautiful artifacts belong to; they are the heritage of all mankind.
Kanta Singh Luthra

Your statement is perfectly alright. It is purely in line with Islam.We also condemn the happening in Afghanistan. We totally support your statement.
Prof.Ahmad Sajjad,
Chairman, Markaz-E-Adab-O-Science,
& Tarique Sajjad,Secretary,Trust
2K/3,Bariatu Housing Colony, Ranchi-834009

I totally agree with your statement on the Taliban. Their terrible act is damaging the image of Islam and the Muslims. The ignorance of the Taliban must be strongly condemned by Muslims all over the world.
Nawab Khan, Athens, Greece

The announced act of Taliban for the destruction of these international heritage must be condemned by all religious and socially-conscious persons.
Zafar Iqbal, Ph.D., Washington

We as Muslims are required to respect other religions and must set a good example by showing compassion and understanding towards others.
Qutub Ghulamali

I admire you for taking this important initiative against the unjust acts of the Taleban administration in destroying the cultural heritage of humankind. The demolition of the Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan is a blatant attack on the humanity and must be immediately stopped. Islam stands for constructive and universal ideals and not for parochial destruction.
Dr. Munawar A. Anees
May I ask the ‘Muslim intellectual forum,’ led by Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, to try to know the reality behind this demolition from its original source, i.e. Afghanistan itself? Why the Taliban are doing it now? Did you ever make an effort or such a world wide campaign to solve their problem or at least bothered to understand what really the problem in Afghanistan is?
Did you feel pain ever on the inhuman sanctions, bombing over Afghanistan by the "Father" of the world. No! it was not your mission, nor mine, then why should we cry now over a "dead crow". Let us be as we were, silent and ever silent. Can our campaign will be of any use to protect those historical monuments- No, not at all. Yes, we will be "crowned" perhaps. I am not at all, favouring what Taliban are doing with the historical heritage of the world, but I bother: who did lead them to this way?
MB Qasmi

Uncle Sam, fascist government of our country and you are very alarmed at the act of Taliban Militia, According to you " They are destroying a common heritage which belongs to the whole humanity " I am sorry to inform you that "But" (idols) do not belong to any Muslim. Please do not attach your belongingness to every body.
May I ask you what did Hazrat Ibrahim do to the idols of Ka’batullah? Did he do right or wrong ? What was the mission of Muhammad (SAW)? Please do not term their act as an un-Islamic, Every body is doing what he likes in his own country, and they too are no exception. Do you have the courage to ask US and UK to stop bombarding Iraq? Can you give a piece of land to Palestinians who are constantly butchered since very long? What the so-called world community has given to Afghanistan except making it the battle field of cold war era?
If you are alarmed because Uncle Sam and fascists are alarmed then it is alright, but you must remember that those who are very much alarmed of idols’ pain, are not alarmed at all when human lives are butchered in Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq and Palestine. They do not feel shy when they destroy the historical structure in their own country, rather they call it structure of national shame. Those who are engaged in mass mobilization against Taliban government are very those who felt proud after destroying minorities structure in their own country.
Shariq Nisar
As far as I am concerned it is just no big deal. Why the world is making such hue and cry to preseve the stones (well you might say I am uncultured and do not know the value of cultural heritage etc. etc.) Why they are dumb at the plight of Afghans by the sanctions imposed on them? Children and women and men of old age are dying not just the Talibans. Where are the so- called intellectuals when the Americans and others are punishing Afghans for not surrendering "Osama".
These are trying times for everyone. If anyone is out to please the kuffars, then they will learn their lessons soon. What a pity the Prophet s.a.w. did not spare Lat and Uzza as world's cultural heritage! If he did not make that "blunder", the latest happening that concerns Muslims is that of the demolishing of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan by the Taliban. In addition to the uproar raised by non-Muslims, some Muslims have also criticized and denounced this action by the Taliban and have stated that this action is against the teachings of Islam.
Hj Koya, Kualalumpur

The Taliban have not demolished Buddhist temples or monasteries. No place of worship has been harmed. Nor have they entered homes of non-Muslims and compelled them to accept or practice Islam. Only statues in public places are being demolished. Thus, the Taliban are following the injunctions of the Qur'an (109: 126 as well as 2:256).
Idol Ban


Zafar sahib, I am sorry to say that but it is a bitter fact that Muslims in India particularly have suffered more because of "pseudo-educated" Muslims, because they are neither masters of their subject and nor have they fully understood Islam. They flow with the tide and do what their non-Muslim "aaqas" ask them to do... because they have no faith in Allah and His messenger.
Zafar sahib, what humanity and heritage are you talking about??... the humanity based on "But-Parasti"?? The heritage which revolves around Idols?? You should be ashamed of calling yourself a "Musalman"... and intellectual (on what basis do you categorize yourself to be an intellectual??) and then condemning what the Muslims are doing??? "Naoozo-Billah" one day you will condemn the "Sahabas" and "Hazrat Ali" who destroyed the "Idols" that were kept in "Kaaba".
"Wallah" if you were in front of me and then asked me to sign your "Idiotic" petition, I would have slapped you so hard that your seven generations would have remembered me.....
Sameet Khan

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