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An Appeal by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan 
Editor, The Milli Gazette, New Delhi
How to help

Gujarat, which had yet to recover from the killer earthquake only a year ago, has now undergone through hell - the worst anti-Muslim pogroms witnessed since Partition in 1947. The official count of victims has crossed 700 while unofficial estimates put them at around five thousand. Most of the innocent victims have been roasted alive with the active connivance of the state BJP administration which shirked its constitutional responsibilities and gave green light to the rioters to exact justice from
innocents. About three thousand crore rupees (over US$ 600 million) worth of properties, houses, shops and factories have been torched.

Hundreds of mosques, Islamic madrasas and dargahs have been burnt down or damaged. In Ahmedabad alone about 30 mosques have been vandalised and Hanuman idols have been installed therein. Many monuments and Muslim areas have been wiped off the face of the earth; their debris have been transported overnight and new roads have come up. About one hundred thousand Muslim men, women and chilren have taken shelter away from their homes and have nowhere to go as their homes have been burnt down or are not safe to return. Even these shelters are now being attacked by the blind extremists. There are hundreds of orphans who have lost one or both parents.There is no hope that the majority of these victims will be able to return to their homes or resume normal life in the near future. 

Almost all the victims are Muslims who were targeted by the extremist criminals only because of their faith. It is your responsibility to come forward right away to help your brothers in their hour of need. There is a reliable Muslim relief agency in Gujarat which has been active in the earthquake relief with distinction. This agency is the 'Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat'.

Cheques/bank drafts should be made in the following manner payable at any of the two banks named below:

1. The Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat, A/c No. 9118, Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank, Khanpur Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This account has permission to receive foreign contributions. The current permission is valid upto 31 March 2002. Donations should be sent directly to this account or vide bank draft payable in India and sent by registered mail/courier to the addresses given below.

2. Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat-A/c 5039, Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank, Relief Road branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat; 

3. Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat-A/c SBI-C&I-19, State Bank of India, Vasna branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Cheques/drafts should be sent by registered post/courier to:
Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat
Dawat Manzil, Kumbhar Gali, Kalupur Tower
Ahmedabad 380 001, Gujarat, India


Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat
Karishma Complex,
B-Block, 4th Floor, Behind APMC
132 Ft. Ring Road, Juhapura
Ahmedabad 380 055, Gujarat, India
Tel. (+91-79) 2121679, 2131507, 2163710
Fax: (+91-79) 682 0828,
Fax (temporary): (+91-79) 682 1724
Mobile: (+91) 9825067315 / 9825037718

Chairman of the Islami Relief Committee-Gujarat: Muhammad Shafi Madani

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