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A fitting lesson to the BJP

Muslims have given a befitting reply to the Prime Minister by comprehensively defeating the BJP in UP polls. Obaid Nasir finds out as to how their tactical voting has decimated the BJP in UP.

Muslims have given a befitting reply to the Prime Minister by comprehensively defeating the BJP in UP polls. Their tactical voting has precisely done the job. 

This time Muslims all over the state adopted this tactics and pushed the BJP at the poor third stage. All India Milli Council may draw solace that it has chalked out this strategy but actually it is the collective wisdom of Muslim masses and not on advice from any quarter. Muslims for the last ten years have been helplessly observing that their en mass support to Mulayam Singh Yadav is only helping the BJP as no other community not even Yadavs were so faithfully and loyally supporting him. So at most of places their votes were nullified. 

The net benefit of this strategy can be measured from the result in western UP and Rohilkhand region of the state. BJP in alliance with Rashtriya Lok Dal of Ajit Singh was expecting more than eighty percent seats in areas that went to poll in the first round but it got only half of the seats resulting in the down fall of its government as central UP and Avadh regions that went to poll in second phase and eastern UP and Bundelkhand that went to poll in the final phase were never considered as BJP's stronghold. .Almost all the secular parties were benefited by this strategy. Greatest beneficiary among them is of course Samajvadi Party which has always been their first priority and which got 146 seats. Bahujan Samaj Party also got substantial percentage of Muslim votes that gave it 98, seats almost double of the last assembly. Congress could hardly maintain its last figure but its vote percentage has improved and it is no more an anathema among Muslims. If Congress would have fielded better candidates and projected any aggressive but secular Pandit for the coveted post of chief ministership its political fortune in UP would have definitely improved as Pandits by and large are not satisfied with BJP in general and Rajnath Singh, a Thakur, in particular. As a last resort they went to Bahujan Samaj Party. Thus the old Congress combination of Muslim, Dalits and Pandits went to its benefit and it fought neck and neck with Samajvadi Party obtaining only two percent less than SP. 

This time 47 Muslims have reached the assembly on tickets of different political parties. It is after a long time that the number of Muslims in the assembly has gone substantially upward. It is for the second time that so many Muslim members have won .In sixties only their number was above fifty otherwise every time only thirty to thirty five Muslim members used to reach the assembly and that too on Congress tickets mostly.

The maximum number of Muslim members is of course from Samajvadi Party. It had fielded about fifty Muslim candidates out of which 23 reached the assembly. Bahujan Samaj Party had fielded maximum Muslim candidates numbering about 90 but only 14 could reach the Assembly followed by sixty fielded by Congress but only four could win. Apna Dal a new political outfit has two members only and both of them are Muslims. Its national President Sone Lal Patel too was defeated. Rashtriya Lok Dal of Ajit Singh and Rashtriya Parivartan Dal could only bring one each Muslim member to the state Assembly. 

The performance of Muslim political outfits has been very bad as not only they failed in bringing even one member to house but even could not muster vote percentage in double digit. All of them finished by obtaining one to three percent of popular votes. National Loktantrik Party of Dr. Masood stood first among all Muslims political outfits. 

Atiq Ahmad from Allahabad and Ansar Ahmad from Nawabganj of Allahabad Distt. belong to Apna Dal while Nawab Kaukab Hameed of Lok Dal won from his traditional Baghpat seat. Mahboob Ali won the Amroha seat on Rashtriya Parivartan Dal ticket and Mukhtar Ansari won the Mau seat as an independent candidate.

Muslim members in the 14th assembly

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