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Why we need MG
Milli Gazette is masha-allah doing well and i pray for its success Ameen-here are some of my thoughts with reference to Mohd Zeyaul Haque's article in MG dated feb 1-15 2002 and also the ongoing debate on muslim media. I totally agree with Mohd Zeyaul Haque with his views in his thought provoking article " The Reason why we need Milli Gazette" in MG-FEB 1-15, 2002. 
Apart from a few mainstream publications that published the Muslim viewpoint, most of the media in India have been doing Muslim bashing and Islam bashing on a wholesale basis. It is at time like these the role of the publications run by Muslims comes as a saviour. No doubt the publications run by the community have honourable and noble intentions. The project to start the publication is made with sincere thoughts of serving the community and with scarcity of journalistic talent in our community, human resources also becomes a major problem while recruiting staff-but somehow talent is roped in and the journey towards an unbiased media coverage begins for these publications. But sadly a year later the fund crunch bites and the problems set in. Fund crunch apart most of the community publications too find it hard to market their output-the magazine or paper for reasons as obvious as the fact that we are shy of presenting our paper to the MNCs, the corporates, or even the popular newstands in the country. We want to keep the community paper in 'veil' for circulation only to the select few intellectuals in the community who will do more than nothing but read the paper and present their armchair philosophy. 
The community paper ought to reach those echelons of power whose conscience will be stirred after reading the Muslim viewpoint and some action is initiated. Our community has lot of ideas, brilliant ideas in fact, some have the finance too, what is needed is the zest to market the paper more aggressively so that it reaches a wider target of people.It is painful to see a publication from the community closing down or being kept in wraps just because the marketing was poor or because of fund crunch. Journalists, editors and copy editors in our community have the concern for the community-some journos in our community even extend their services with articles without even getting a decent remuneration for their efforts, as they work from the heart. With this kind of talent available publications like Milli Gazette, Nation and the World and Radiance should be supported with the right marketing effort.
Nigar Ataulla, Bangalore

This refers to Ashok Ramani letter (I do not agree, Milli Gazette, March 1-15). What he meant to say and what he wrote is itself contradictory in the very first line. He proudly say himself 'Hindu Indian' (not Indian Hindu) and referred Muslims as 'Indian Muslim'(scattered around the world) even as the former is confined to certain boundaries. And as far as Muslims' identity is concerned, Islam itself is the best and the magnificent identity and they do not need any regional or linguistic identity above their religion. Although Islam does not prohibit owning any culture or society unless it contradict shariat.
Quamar Ashraf, Nation and the World
A-13, Nizamuddin West, ND- 13

Common Pakistani on MG
First of all I do not agree MG is Muslims leading newspaper, because you are writing against Pakistan like any other Hindu newspaper. If you are honest about your logo, then you should balance your news concerning Pakistan and your friendly countries. Only then we will be able to see a difference between your paper and propaganda in electronic & print media.
Common Pakistani

Impressed but...
I was impressed to see your latest brilliant website. As for Milli Gazette, I wish that it must not be one more stereotype version of Muslim journals around. By talking more about far flung areas and closing eyes for backyard happenings is typical myopic muslim journalism, worldwide. I was disappointed when you preferred to ignore the monstrosity of the religious professionals. May Allah give us strength to decipher whatever is right. Amen.
Iqbal Warakhwala, Dubai

The Godhra incident needs unequivocal condemning. This dastardly act demands for the strictest possible action against the perpetrators of the savage brutality in Godhra, but one cannot miss the overall rising communal temperature orchestrated by the VHP. One sadly notices that since the exit polls started giving an indication that BJP is likely to be the loser, its associate VHP raised the level of its hysteric cry around Ayodhya Temple issue. 
Having seen that people in all the states, where elections for assembly took place, comprehensively voted against the politics of temple, have rejected the party (BJP) whose only ideology is to raise emotive issues while putting the basic issues pertaining to the life of people in the cold storage, VHP's aggression has gone up. And though now PM and home minister have 'woken up' and are opposing the moves of their own fraternity, the soft peddling of the issue so far, has emboldened the so-called 'sants' beyond control. Time has come for the NDA allies to rise to the occasion and demand a firm brake on this temple-mosque dispute, which has side-tracked our basic 'agenda for life', from last one decade. Since the Rath yatra by the present Home minister, Mr. L.K.Advani, which left a trail of violence in its wake, we have seen the constant deterioration in the travails of ordinary people. It is high time we realize that Lord Ram and Allah have enough abodes and comforts, the one's who need housing and bread, education and employment, health facilities and clothing are the hungry millions, attention to whose problems is long overdue.
Prof. Ram Puniyani
IIT Qtrs, Powai, Mumbai 400076

Congratulations for putting stuff about the Gujarat riots. You did a commendable job. Keep it up. we're waiting to read something interesting in the next issue. Can you investigate who was behind the attacks on the train? Govt or muslims! It will be a great job. it is important because the incident took place at a time when BJP was routed in four states. There are chances that the govt must have involved in this grisly attack to gain its lost ground or to pressurise vhp to give up its mandir agitation. Looking at its 60 years record (BJP+RSS) anything is possible.
Rashad Sheikh

Raj Mandir
As the Jat leader Chautala has correctly said: Ram Mandir has become Raj Mandir. All the piety and decorum that should have been showered on such an auspicious project, has been robbed of its sanctity and majesty by the peddlers of power and pilf. Sangh Parivar has brought ineffaceable shame to the good name of a catholic religion irreverently characterised as modern-day Hindutva. The tandav dance of death, destruction, fire and bloodshed, cannot absolve the BJP leaders, like Vajpayee, Advani, Narendra Modi and hundreds of thousand of grass-root RSS storm-troopers, raised on a blood-curdling ideology of palpable hate and revenge, from the ignominy of perpetual damnation in the history of Modern India. Public revolt to Sangh Parivar's bloody designs on peaceful India cannot be long in coming. Each convoluted plan of misguided action they are inflicting on the hapless people of a nation, thirsting and dying for peace and prosperity, is bringing them nearer to their own eventual denouement. The world seems to be stunned to silence, over the carnage unleashed in the name of Purshottam Ram. But the repercussions of their wild orgy of religio-politics will not remain confined to the 67 acres of 'undisputed land'.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Well-planned atrocities
Well-concerned & well-planned atrocities being carried out by Sangh parivar fascists whose slogan for achieving positions of power is, so to ask: Why are you Muslims? And if you are Muslims, why you are in India?…. This migration is the beginning of terror…. This report prepared after personal inquiries reveals what happens when even police and prashasan turn into low-level Hindus as observed by the Secretary, CFSJ Mr Valji Bhai Patel, Mr Indu Kumar Jani (Ed., Nayaa Maarg), and Mr Raju Bhai Solanki…. (p.1)
Bajrangi terrorist captured a Dargah, coloured it with saffron colour, dug out graves of Muslims, created a Mandir like dome over Dargah, raised saffron flags, painted slogan ‘Bhaarat Mataki Jai’ all around encircled the Waqf land by a wall. Had not Dalit brothers given protection to Muslims women they would have been dishonoured by sword-wielding BD mobs as was done in Surat (p.8)
Photocopy of the illegal Municipal Resolution giving away the Waqf land to upper class Hindu trust (p.11)
Photo of the Dargah turned into Temple (1st cover) Photo of the terror-stricken young, old, male, female Muslim migrants (last cover page).
S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150

Why, o why...
Why should Advani and Modi live when innocents die. Why fate is so kind to them.. Why should they be allowed to continue, when others in the past for a similar criminal negligence had been asked to stand down. May I ask Mr. KR Narayanan, President of India, as what was he doing when innocent men ,women and children were crying for help. Why didn't he act, and use his especial power when the centre and the state government observed mysterious silence on human destruction in Gujarat.
M.Shahid Kamal, AMU, Aligarh


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