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EDITORIAL: 16-31 April 2001

Zionists build new facts,
Americans protect,
Arabs ignore...

The game has gone on for decades. The Israelis twist and turn, delay and obfuscate, build and flout, abuse and disregard, while pushing forward their expansionist and hegemonist plans all the while. The Americans pretend to be 'honest' brokers while fully supporting each and every Israeli violation. And when going gets tough they provide a little criticism of Israel for the consumption of the Arab media but still go on supporting Israel by vetoes in the UN, international arms-twisting and providing vital military and economic aid that keeps the zionist state afloat.

The Israelis have gone away with occupying most of Palestine, keeping the majority of Palestinians in refugee camps for over half a century, attacking Arab states left, right and centre, taking over more arab territories in 'preventive' strikes and still keeping some of them, annexing Jerusalem and calling it the eternal capital of their temporary state, making promises at Camp David and reneging on them before the ink dried, making same arrangements with the Palestinians at Oslo a decade later, and still, after the passage of another decade, haggling and re-negotiating the elaborate clauses which were a surrender in the first place. And when a frustated population under long and brutal occupation decides to protest by throwing stones, they start shooting the young protesters and destroying their homes and placing the whole of PA areas under an economic blockade as the world watches in disbelief and helplessness.

With the war criminal Sharon at the helm, the game has now progressed to attacking Palestinian Authority personnel and administration buildings at random and firing even on a Palestinian delegation which was returning after negotiating with the Israelis about security arrangements under US pressure and presence. An Israeli minster has even threatened to bomb Arafat’s own house to send him a message. Gangsters, no doubt, are calling the shots in the zionist state which brags to be the only democracy in the Middle East, which, incidentally, remains the only occupation power in the world in the 21st century... Israel has drawn a list of 100 Palestinian activists who are to be eliminated in cold blood by striking at their homes and cars from overflying US-supplied-helicopters or using other clandestine methods its secret agency, Mossad, has perfected over the years.

The latest is that despite the whole world's opposition, Israel has decided to build more settlements and expand the existing ones despite a world consensus that these utterly illegal settlements are a serious impediment to peace and clear violation of international law. Even this activity will be funded by the Americans who under the new dispensation are showing an ever-increasing eagerness to outdo previous administrations in supporting whatever Israel does. Some 200,000 Jews already live in 145 illegal settlements scattered among more than three million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, causing a daily friction and violence.

The Arab reaction as usual is lacklustre. Loud condemnations do not get translated into solid action, not only against Israel but against its protector and sugar daddy, the US. Unless US interests are harmed, the situation on the ground will not change. The US must be reminded through concerted popular and official reaction that if you have interests in this vital region, we too have interests which are vital for our existence and survival. Survival of the Arab regimes itself will be at risk if they fail to rise to this challenge. And until this message is effectively received in Washington the theatre of the absurd will continue in the Middle East.

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